Qin Gang urges the US to abide by a Chinese principle that the police guard against Taiwan causing China and the United States conflict against conflict

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, November 13, China Ambassador Qin Gang urged the United States to adhere to a Chinese principle and commitment to China, cautiously handled Taiwan issues, causing Taiwan problems to lead to Chinese and American conflicts and confrontation.

  The United States China Peaceful Rehabilitation Promotion Association Federation was held in San Francisco, USA, and Qin Gang would be resisted by video.

He is fully affirmed in the speech that the meeting has long been to contain and oppose the "Taiwan independence" split activities, maintaining the positive contributions of peace development between cross-strait relations and promoting China’s unity.

  Qin Gang pointed out that at present, the Taiwan Democracy Party authorities incited two-shore opposition, lingering external forces, continuously making "unique" provocative, step by step, putting the Taiwanese people on the "Taiwan independence" chariot.

These acts seriously damage the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and the interests of Taiwan compatriots, which seriously harms the peace and stability of Taiwan Sea.

We are willing to double strive to promote cross-strait integration development, but will never promise to give up the use of force and reserve options to take all necessary measures. The US constantly fought Taiwan issues, and attempted to "Take Taibu", it will have to move the stone to his own feet.

Editor in charge: Zhang Meixia.