People’s Network Review: Do a good job in key information infrastructure security

Original title: People’s Network Review: Doing a good job in key information infrastructure safety protection is the premise of development, development is safe guarantee.

Recently, the State Council announced the "Regulations on the Security Protection of Key Information Infrastructure" (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations)," Regulations "define and standardize in key information infrastructure, operator responsibility obligations, guarantee and promotion, legal responsibility, etc. It will be implemented on September 1, 2021. Guarantee key information infrastructure security, which maintains national network space sovereignty and national security, ensuring economic and social health development, and maintaining significance for public interests and legitimate rights and interests of citizens.

Currently, the technology change has fly, and the network development will be new. However, with the development of the times, there is also an increasingly prominent network security threat and risk, and is increasingly transmitted to political, economic, cultural, social, ecological, defense.

In particular, the national key information infrastructure is facing a large risk hazard. "Physical isolation" line can be acceded by cross-network, the power distribution instruction can be maliciously tampered with, financial transaction information can be stolen … These problems can be said to prevent causing, with great destruction Sex and killing. Because of this, the safety protection work of key information infrastructure will accelerate the security capacity of key information infrastructure. It is necessary to respond to increasingly severe network attacks, eliminating the need for susceptibility in accidents. Key information infrastructure in the fields of financial, energy, electricity, communications, and transportation is the nerve center of economic and social, is the weight of network security. It may be a piece of data, perhaps a computer, or a device … Every link is slightly inadvertent, it is possible to become a hidden danger of threat network security. Fully understand the importance and urgency of the key information infrastructure safety protection, further improve the key information infrastructure safety protection legal system system, in order to provide strong rule of law for the safety protection work of critical information infrastructure security.

One point deployment, nine points.

Establish a specialized protection system, clarify the responsibilities of the parties, and put forward the promotion of promotion, and to accelerate the key information infrastructure security system, and do a good job in the safety protection of national key information infrastructure safety. For a long time, key information infrastructure safety protection work has unexperitative system, weak working base, dispersion of resources, and lack of technical industries. The "Regulations" have been implemented, and these short boards and vulnerabilities have been made to the network department, the public security department, the competent department of the NetCC department, and the competent department of their respective responsibilities; in operation, setup Special security management agencies, prior prior purchase of security and credible network products and services; in terms of legal, it has developed penalties for implementing illegal intrusion, interference, and destroying key information infrastructure and other behaviors. Adhere to comprehensive coordination, responsibility, and protect according to law , Strengthen and implement key information infrastructure operators’ subject responsibility, give full play to the role of government and society, and key information infrastructure safety will have no problems.

There is no national security without online security. Remembering the requirements of key information infrastructure security in your heart, the responsibility is on the shoulders, and the measures fall into the action, it will be able to provide a strong backing for maintenance network security, and build a solid foundation for maintenance of national security.

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