Overseas Media Focus: The CCP announced the "milestone" new historical resolution (2)

According to the report, the Plenary Publication Pulsen is summarized by the summary of history, and the keywords of China’s next century-old goals are given: comprehensive deepening reform and opening up, promote common prosperity, promote science and technology self-improvement, and it is also equivalent to the second A hundred years of mobilization order.

The report pointed out that in the history of the Chinese Communist Party, there were only two historical resolutions. The first is the "resolution on several historical issues" adopted by the Seventh Plenary Session of the June 1945, the second is the "number of historical issues of the party since June 11, 1981" resolution". Two resolutions are completed in major historical junctions.

According to the Bloomberg News Site reported on November 16, the Chinese Communist Party issued a milestone document that will determine the process of the second largest economy in the world. The official Xinhua News Agency released the full text of this document on Tuesday.

In addition, according to November 16, Taiwan, November 16, Xinhua News Agency announced the "resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China on the 16th", which pointing, to solve the Taiwan problem, realize unity, It is a historical task of the CPC. The resolution says that Xi Jinping puts forward a series of important concepts and major policies to form a series of important philosophy, and form a new era party to solve the overall part of the Taiwan issue.

The resolution pointed out: Since 2016, the Taiwan authorities have stepped up a splitting activities, resulting in a serious impact on the peaceful development of both strait relations. We insist on a Chinese principle and the 1992 consensus, resolutely oppose the division of the site, and resolutely oppose external forces interference, firmly grasp the leading and initial rights of cross-strait relations. When the motherland is completely unified, it is always on our side.