Do a good job in nurse, introduce talents, create talent growth ecology

Artificial intelligence reading: Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao District, Shenzhen First Demonstration Zone "Double District" driver, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen First Demonstration Zone "Double District" overlapping, Shenzhen From "first test" to "first demonstration", brave The first "assault boat" of the great revival of the Chinese nation.

Five lakes, four seas, gathered, eight squares, Jie Xingpeng City, in the new road of the new test, when building a new blueprint in the "Shuangcheng three circles" Bay Area, the work is well, the work is wide, "" all-round cultivation, introduction, use "Good talent", continuously improve talent growth ecology, build a new highlands, struggling to hand over the excellent answer from the new journey.

Yan Xiu Chengze, cultivated "breeding talent" fertile soil. Shenzhen continues to promote the cooperation of high-level universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, the comprehensive national science center, Pengcheng Laboratory, Guangming Science City, Hengcheng Laboratory, Guangming Science City, Xili Lake International Science and Education City, etc. There are 6 laboratory, 4 provincial laboratories, 12 basic research institutions, 11 Nobi Labs, which is a high-level composite, rich in all aspects of innovative potential.

China International Talent Exchange Conference, Shenzhen Global Innovation Talent Forum, etc. is to plant international exchange platforms in Shenzhen and grow in Shenzhen and develop in Shenzhen. Since this year, Shenzhen has formed a policies of Peacock Program and Pengcheng Talents Plan "One Leading".

In Luohu District, Hong Kong talents in Shenzhen, "Half-hour Life Circle" can optimize the growth of "soft environment", and build a "soft environment", such as Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau Bay District Youth Development Summit Forum, Bay Area Youth Round Table Dialogue, Talent Seminar Official "Great Stage", stimulating the "New Vitality" of the Official Entrepreneurship. In the high-quality talent growth ecology, Hong Kong youth "North Entrepreneurship" is thriving.

The four-way spokes, innovation "quotation" initiatives. At the Central Talent Work Conference held from September 27 to 28, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech and emphasized that he would adhere to the party management talent.

From the date of establishment from the SAR, Shenzhen always adheres to the principle of party management talent, unswervingly implementing the priority development strategy of talents, and continues to innovate the development system mechanism, introduce the "Shenzhen Special Zone Talent Work Regulations" on Strengthening the Party’s Talent Work The Leading of the Party ‘s Talent Principles "" "Some Measures on Promoting Talents" and related supporting documents.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, Shenzhen introduces more than 1.87 million people since they are deep entrepreneurship.

Luohu District precisely targeted the "quotation" policy, the bright spots and advantages of the institutional mechanism have attracted the full-time academician, national talent program experts, introduced 92 financial, life and health, modern service industries, Luo. Sub-industrial sector, support the development of key industries.

Luohu District is about to launch the "Elite Talents" talents administration, revolving the "1 + 4 + 2" industrial system and education, the health industry in the field of health industry introduction policy, accurate targeted positioning, accurately match the needs of talents and industries, continuously focused Provide high-precision talent resources. It is to learn from it, good governance "use only". Continuously inspire the innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, optimize innovation and entrepreneurship, and the foothold of talent work is "smart talents full of flow".

Being good governance "use talent" to achieve the maximum value of talents in promoting and leading the development of new era. In Shenzhen, the beginning of the reform and opening up, the first-term implementation of labor contract system is the first to implement structure wage system; in the rapid development process of nearly 20 years, it is further limited to the introduction of talents, regions, departments, and all system, further broadening enterprises. " Use a person "space; in recent years, it has continued to carry forward the spirit of" dare to trial, dare to be a priority ", which is deeply promoted to the reform of talents development system, and actively decentralize the main body of employers. The precision targeting system mechanism in Luohu District is closely built to absorb talents, focusing industrial needs, strengthening industrial space support, strengthening the headquarters economy to settle, optimizing talent business services, and promoting the high advice of enterprises, talents and cities. For example, in response to the status quo of there is no large e-commerce platform in Luohu District, when driving an e-commerce headquarters project settled in Luohu, the introduction of head e-commerce talents, accurately matching the two-way demand of enterprises and talents, promoting the development of Luohu Industrial Development and Industry Transformation and Upgrade , Build a more complete talent service ecology. (Zhang Wei).