China Enterprise Interview with Social Technology Founder Li Xianwei: Digital Employment Human Resources Sports Talent Innovation Vitality

Currently, digital wave is in the like. For traditional industries, digital transformations use digital technology to perform all-round, multi-angle, and all-chain transformation process. By deepening digital technology in production, operation, management, and marketing, many aspects of various links, etc. The Industrial Realization Quality Change, Efficiency Reform, and Important Ways of Dynamic Reform.

Recently, the digital change of the human resources industry, "China Enterprise News" interviewed the founder of the industry’s excellent enterprise social treasure technology, CEO Li Xianwei, talk about the road of industry transformation.

The following is an interview record: What are the active promotion of digital human resources on the strategy of science and technology? Li Xianwei: Divided into two levels of governments and companies. The government level, September Central Talent Work Conference specially mentioned that the high-level talent highland, then Beijing, Shanghai and other places will match a large number of talent policies.

In terms of enterprise, digital human services provided by Meitao Technology, help companies, research institutes, universities and other units to handle the policy application, declaration, payment, file, archives, social security, salary, taxation, etc. in employment; Talents can help employee’s health, insurance. What is the difference between digital human resources and traditional human resources? Li Xianwei: Digital manpower will make the entire organization more flexible, and the social treasure technology can combine online underline, through digitization, information, information, workflow, approval process isometrically, digitally brings a lot of convenience , Flexibility, make small groups, organizations, companies, greater energy, 20 people’s small teams, can do 200 people can do.

At the same time, digital manpower can perform data analysis, empower people, allowing individual energy of everyone in the organization to maximize. A HR, which can only manage 50 employees, salary, tax, but with a digit of digital means, he can manage thousands of employees. For example, HR is handled for employees, and it is necessary to print the table, copy ID card, now, the digital manpower of the social treasure technology can achieve scanning code to upload ID card, online form, you can also verify, academic authentication Direct electronic storage. Digital manpower makes efficiency, making the group more powerful and more powerful.

Digital manpower is based on traditional manpower, much higher than traditional manpower, more durable.

Which stage is currently developing in the future? What is the development trend in the future? Li Xianwei: China’s human resources development began marketization from the 1980s and 1990s, and talent can flow.

In the past ten years of mobile Internet generation, nearly five years of big data, cloud computing, and SaaS, the digital manager enters the primary stage, the government department’s gold tax system, the human system, and the medical insurance system began to go online. At the stage, HR is in the process, the basic service of the bank, the insurance terminal, etc. is all linen, and the digitization is relatively fast. From the next 5-10 years, the 140 million population can bring huge production capacity through digital manpower, assuming that 500 million workers can be born with 1 billion, 2 billion work efficiency, then we GDP will flies generally.

What changes caused by digital human resources for social employment and talent training? Li Xianwei: China is facing problems such as aging, urbanization, low fertility rate, and the employment population is decreasing.

In the report of McKinsey, it also mentioned that by 2030, the original position of 800 million people in the world will disappear, but because of digitalization, many new industries and positions were born. As in front, the carriage was replaced by car, Must unemployed After birth, the driver was born, so the digitization did not disappear, but the post was converted, and it changed.

How does digital human resources empower enterprise digital transformation? Li Xianwei: We believe that all companies in China are doing digital transformation.

One is a digital native enterprise, for such companies, there is no business model without digitization; the other is a digital reincarnation company, like a restaurant, the hotel industry, because of the digitization, there is a online reservation, online settlement, Online attendance, online takeaway, etc., digitally transform the role of enterprises.

Therefore, digitalization is most important to produce, organize, and supply chains, and companies that do not do digital transformation are difficult to survive. In my country, because of digital infrastructure is well done, it is very good to do digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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