[Can I eat chicken breasts for weight loss]_Slimming_How to eat

[Can I eat chicken breasts for weight loss]_Slimming_How to eat

Whether it is a professional athlete or a professional model who needs to maintain body shape, or a star, there will be no chicken breasts in the weight loss package.

Chicken breast is actually an excellent ingredient, except that it is tender and smooth, and the aunt and calorie content of chicken breast are very low.

So what about the fat-reducing practice of chicken breasts?

Comparison of high protein and low mobility of chicken breasts: 100g of skinless (raw) chicken breasts are converted into 105 kcal, 100g (raw) chicken leg meat, and the transfer reaches 130 kcal, and 100g (raw) chicken wings are instantlyFull 290 calories.

After the horizontal comparison, we will compare 100g of lean (raw) beef vertically, converted to 180 kcal, and 100g of pure lean (raw) pork ribs, converted to 260 kcal.

Red meat is highly metabolized, so fitness or fat-reducing people have embraced white meat (chicken, fish).

So why not eat fish?

100g (raw) seabass fishy even more than 100 kcal.

Because chicken breasts are easy to buy, the price is high.

Why do you eat chicken breasts for fat reduction: What are the carbohydrates and trace contents of chicken breast that have very little fat reduction? What do you need to know?

That’s right, it is to control the intake of carbohydrate + auntie, especially auntie.

Therefore, high protein, low migration, low carbon water, low feces, low prices, chicken breasts all fit, so why not eat it?

Chicken breast can bring a very strong feeling of fullness. Simply put, it can be left relatively long after eating. If you eat small meals and frequent meals, chicken breast must be the best choice.

But beyond that, it has one more advantage.

Chicken breasts are low-emission low-carbon water but rich in nutrients. Each 100g of chicken breasts contains 74% water, 22% protein, 13mg calcium, 190mg phosphorus, and 1.

5mg of iron, in addition to these trace elements are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Fat-reducing chicken breasts Ingredients: Tomatoes, eggs, chicken breasts, 100g buckwheat noodles, green onions, seasoning: salt, rapeseed oil, white pepper, fresh vegetables

Diced tomatoes, scallions into green onions; 2.

2. Add hot spring onion and a small amount of salt, stir-fry the tomato into sauce and add a small amount of fresh vegetables; 3.

Add the white pepper and salt to break the eggs into an egg mixture; 4.

Heat the pan, add some oil, add the beaten egg liquid and spread into quiche, cut out the pan and shred; 5.

5. A pack of cooked chicken breasts in lightning vests, torn apart and shredded;

Cook 100g buckwheat noodles and remove for 2-3 minutes; 7.

Top with sauce and sprinkle with shredded chicken and quiche.

Nutrition facts: carbohydrate-62g protein-28g aunt-15g total dose-495 kcal