Fighting for Home is full of wrestling, rock star Johnson starred

“Fighting for Home” is full of wrestling, rock star Johnson starred
Rocks Johnson (also translated as “Boulder Johnson”) two Hollywood blockbuster movies starring “Speed and Passion: Special Action” and “Brave Game 2: Fighting to the Peak” starring last year, both won huge box officeGrades.At the beginning of this year, he brought his own production and starred in “Fighting for Home” into the Chinese New Year. After that, he starred in Disney’s fantasy adventure “Jungle Adventure”, DC superhero “Black Adam”, action comedy “Red Wanted””Ling” will soon meet the audience.Before the deadline, according to the data, the works starring Johnson had internally gained 113.1 trillion box office, ranked third in the total number of Hollywood stars in the mainland box office list (the first is Scarlett Johansson 125.200 million, followed by Robert Downey Jr. 119.800 million).poster.The film “Fighting for Home” is a motivational story about the warm side of WWE’s wrestling world. Although the film’s budget is only $ 11 million, it received nearly $ 60 million at the box office after it was released in North America last February.On the word of mouth, the freshness of the rotten tomatoes in this slice is as high as 92%, the popcorn index is 82%, and the IMDb score is 7.1. Before the deadline, the domestic box office was 13 million yuan.Tips before watching: 1. What is WWE?WWE is the abbreviation of World Wrestling Entertainment.World Wrestling Entertainment is a world-class sports entertainment (professional wrestling) and media integrated listed company. In addition to professional wrestling competitions, the source of operating income also includes movies, music, copyright, marketing and other related industries.In the United States, WWE, the world ‘s largest wrestling league, is one of the three major sports programs in the United States that is the same as the Major League Football NFL and the NBA. The former U.S. President Outlook and the current U.S. President have performed on WWE programs.2. In “Fighting for Home”, there are some guest WWE wrestlers. In addition to the familiar Johnson, many real wrestlers appear in the film, including several wrestling “big coffee” guest appearances.Jimos: Nicknamed the Irish Warrior, the Great White Shark, is a WWE first-line superstar and signature player who has participated in “Ninja Turtles 2”.Simos on the field.Big show brother: American professional wrestler, born in 1971, has won the WWE championship and heavyweight championship.Big show brother roaring on the wrestling table.Michael Gregory Mizanin: Nickname Miz, American wrestler, reality TV star, won the WWE championship many times, and is the only player in WWE history with three gold belts.Miz and the gold belt.Behind the scenes: 1.Not the Johnson version of “Wrestling!”Dad since “Wrestling!”After the fire of “Dad”, “Fight for Home” can not avoid the comparison with the former. The film is based on the youngest professional wrestler in England, Sara Knight (fans call her Page), which caused a wrestling familyThe story of her bravely breaking into the WWE competition with the support of her family.Too many viewers refer to this movie theater as “Johnson’s version of Wrestling Dad”, but in fact the two movies are about different sports, “Wrestle!”The wrestling in “Daddy” is an Olympic wrestling in traditional human sports of 3,000 years of history; the more accurate description in “Fighting for Home” should be called wrestling.Nick Frost, the star of “Zombie Sean”, and Lena Heidi, the “Cersei” player in “Game of Thrones”, played Paige’s parents in “Fighting for Home.”2.A British record film gave Johnson inspiration. Johnson can be regarded as one of the most famous characters in the history of WWE war. During WWE, Johnson’s nickname “rock” is like a rock that is stinky, hard and ruthless.When Johnson filmed “Speed and Passion 6” in the UK in 2012, he discovered the fourth channel of the UK’s “Wrestler: Fighting with the Family” in the hotel room and realized the story of a crazy British wrestler family.The warm and motivating qualities of the film immediately attracted him. He felt that it was necessary to shoot the story, so he contacted the screenwriter Steffen Mochante, known as the British cold joke, hoping that thisThe story is adapted from a long biographical film.Mo Changte’s screenwriters always have a special British cold humor. In addition to the wrestling scenes that are good at sculpting human eyes, the interaction between family members, emotional drama is the top priority of production, and Mo Changte is also in the movie.A guest came up with a character.Mo Changte, actress and Johnson were on the shooting scene.3.In reality, Paige ‘s life is not as lucky as in the movie. As a biopic, “Fighting for Home” is about the road to fame of WWE professional player Saraya Knight (Page), and it is also very rare to treat WWEThe operation mode behind it is revealed, but the prototype is not as lucky as Paige in the film in real life. Her family has always been very eager to join the Wrestling League. Paige was only 12 years old when he wrestled in 2005, when he was an adult.Just joined WWE. At the age of 20, she won the NXT (WWE related development league) women’s championship title. At 22, she became the youngest WWE women’s champion. After winning the championship, she and her 10-year-old wrestler Albert DelhiOu fell in love, but later during the healing period, there was an intimate photo of the world, and Page even wanted to commit suicide for some time.Later, she tried to return to the ring when her mental breakdown was hard to recover, but was accidentally injured by her opponent in a show. After being diagnosed with serious cervical spine injuries, it may be life-threatening to go to the ring again. So, 25-year-old Page officiallyAnnounced the end of his wrestling career.Page in reality.4.”You are Johnson, I am Van Diesel” a certain length, “Fighting for Home” more shows the training process of WWE, and also unveiled the mystery of professional wrestling. In fact, it is not a competitive game, andIt ‘s a well-designed entertainment project, and many of the results are also scheduled. Not a bit of a split in the movie. When Page won the championship, her family, Johnson, and opponents were more likely to win the game later than she came from above.Fact, but if it was already stated in the previous period that this result was already determined, it should not be too strange, and it also relies on the routine of classic sports movies to a certain extent.Johnson felt in the interview that writing a WWE story is very promising. “Fighting for Home” is a bit like the combined version of “Rocky”, “The Six Pigs of Light Pig” and “The Adams”. He thinks such a script can giveThe audience resonated, for example, Johnson in the film called the father of Saraya, the other party asked him to prove that he was Johnson, and the result was Tucao: “Are you Johnson, I am still van Diesel”, thisThere are many small lines of humor that make people laugh, and they are very grounded.Johnson starred himself in the film.5. The heroine won’t wrestle at all. Many fans of Paige can see that the film also arranged a lens to pay tribute to Paige. After winning, she shook her head violently in the middle of the stage, shocking the audience and making everyone feel the win.Joy.But be aware that it ‘s not easy to actually play Paige. Florence Po, who plays Paige, said that her biggest fear of shooting this movie is that she does n’t wrestle at all, ”so the creators willI sent Jack Lauden (player of Peggy ‘s brother in the movie) and me to the WWE training camp to train with the wrestlers, and learned a lot. At the beginning of each day, they will show us the actions to be done.Every time I see their movements, I take a breath of air, thinking I’m dead.”Later, Poe found out that as long as he slowly and patiently feels every movement, everything will become as natural as dancing:” When you and your opponent are in the ring to care for each other and cooperate with each other, you will find that this is not terrible.”Florence Poe plays the legendary female wrestler Paige.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Huixiaowan editor Huang Jialing school against Liu Jun