When such shadow smoke appears on the blade again,I saw a fierce sword soul,Speeding from the body of the sword spirit dragon at an extremely fast speed,Passing over the sea of clouds,Like a sail breaking through the vast waves!
Soul of the Sword!!
That is a sleeping peerless ancient sword,It’s rough、heavy、huge,It’s a great sword!
The epee soul shadow flies towards the flame crown golden eagle,The flame crown golden eagle immediately waved its wings,Gao Xiang avoids this galloping epee。
However, when the epee approaches the golden eagle of the flame crown,It’s getting bigger and bigger,The epee soul shadow is as big as a small mountain,With a strong murderous look,Let the flame crown golden eagle have no way to dodge!
Great Sword Soul Shadow Out of Aperture,Bring the huge flame crown golden eagle into flight,I don’t know how many golden feathers are scattered,Hot blood was also spilled in the air。
Seeing the giant sword soul like this small mountain peak unsheathed,Zhu Minglang was also taken aback。
Let Mo Xie test the opponent’s defense,Who would want to be ruthless?!
The flame crown golden eagle needs to react more slowly,Maybe it was smashed directly by this giant sword soul shadow!
“call out~”
Seems to feel Zhu Minglang’s emotions。
The sword spirit dragon also has a little grudge。
This is already the most common long-range attack method。