The white-haired old man with a hand axe was swept by the long stick hidden in the wave of grudge,The figure flutters backwards,Hit the ground,Blood spurted out of the mouth。The sharp-eyed mercenaries all saw that the old man’s chest was hit and sunken.,Breathing becomes if there is or not。

The eyes of the three Yistar brothers twitched,They both return to the sword to defend at the same time.,Wielding a thin sword to form a dense net of swords。
Only hear“Puff puff”Three beeps,A stick shadow fiercely beat the three defending sword net!The staggered sword net formed by the sword light hits and collapses。But the three backed up in time,Only slightly injured。
“Little Huang Guai,We eat fish!”The director of the Geer Chamber of Commerce is as if nothing happened just now,Teasing the saber-toothed tiger with a small dried fish,This fierce monster also has an innocent look on his face!
“It seems that your information is wrong,I don’t know yet that I have reached level 9!”Cook’s spear on his shoulder,A vigor of the world came to life!
suddenly,Cook’s face changed,The figure has moved half a meter to the right。Only hear“puff”The sound of,Black light flashes,A pitch-black scimitar easily cut through the arm guard,Cut off his right arm!
“teacher!”Cook held his broken arm in pain,Some shock in the voice,Yelled some grief“is it you?”
A dark figure appeared from a bush!The old figure slowly said“Now that I know,Why ask?!”
The middle-aged magician saw this figure,Relieved,Hurriedly shouted;“Master Qi Kai,You finally came,Don’t let him go!”
“you wanna die!”Cook flicked his left hand,A blood red scimitar flashed by,The middle-aged magician has no time to do anything,A head fell off!
“Estar three brothers、Miss Orange,Our family’s employment can continue,After killing him,The original bounty is doubled!”
The three Estar brothers looked a little moved,And is called‘Miss Orange’’S female magician said very simply:“information,error,Non-refundable deposit!”Turn around and retreat!
Seeing that one of the main combatants wants to leave,Some mercenaries are also ready to move!
Wright patted Curton and Cecilia:“Brother Cotton,Leah,How about we pick up Anna and leave?!”If a mercenary did this,Naturally affects credibility,But both of them were hired halfway,One is a former adventurer,Warcraft Hunter,One is an academy magician who has not graduated,The last one simply belongs to the identity of the protected!
Curton nodded in agreement,Cecilia just murmured“It may not be defeated!”“We can definitely fight together!”Even so,But slowly backing。
Chapter Twenty Eight parting
“Did i let you go!”Cook, who was hit hard, gave a grin!