I spent a lot of effort to persuade Hu Dehai,The three are on the road again,Li Tianchou estimates,A few more miles away is that terrible valley,He thought of Old Pan,That man meat*The scene of the bloody rain at the time of the explosion,Can’t help but curse these lunatics,You will go to hell!

Temporary meeting room on the second floor of Mengke Town Guest House,A circle of people,Case analysis meeting is being held,All attendees looked serious,And the atmosphere is dull。
On the main seat of the conference table sits a man in his sixties,Although dressed in casual clothes,But majestic,Tiger Eyes Like Electricity,He is Luo Shiqiang, director of the Provincial National Security Bureau,At this moment, I am listening carefully to the report of the original case team leader Xiao Xiao on the case.。
The instructor sitting next to Luo Shiqiang,His arms around,Look tired,Stayed up for two consecutive nights,It’s been a long time since I felt so tired。
Most of the other participants in the meeting were members of the original task force,Including Cui Gang and Xu Wen。But except for Luo Shiqiang,There are two new faces,Serious and indifferent,Just listen but not talk,Did not introduce myself,This makes the atmosphere of the meeting a bit weird。
With Lao Lai being shot,Almost all important clues to the case were also cut off,Detection and investigation work has also reached a deadlock again。But the big frame of the whole event has surfaced,The lawbreakers at home and abroad have planned and step-by-step close collusion,The purpose is to realize the unruly plan of ethnic division headed by Lao Lai。
The murder of Fan Carpenter was too accidental,He accidentally discovered the secret of the wood factory,There seems to be being transformed,The underground tunnel that Wu Fang did not find is actually under the pile of miscellaneous materials in the wood processing room,Disguised extremely concealed。
There has been dug up a two hundred meters long,Comprehensive tunnel with earthwork exceeding tens of thousands of cubic meters,Used for storage of illegal materials and preliminary experiments。More terrifying is,Lao Lai and his team are planning to continue construction,Connected to the secret tunnel three miles away,Planning to build a high-standard cold storage,For storage of biological viruses。
But due to strict conditions,Progress is very slow,Accidentally hit by Carpenter Fan,So secret mining was forced to stop。This is the original detection idea of the task force,But I can’t explain Lao Lai’s poor performance after killing people.。
As the investigation progresses,Carpenter Fan’s identity as Lao Lai Mi gradually attracted everyone’s attention,Go to the task force,Down to the local household registration police,Clinging to the clues of the two,Hundreds of round trips、State capital and Kun River,Even went to other provinces to find out and investigate。
Perseverance,Finally got eyebrows,What surprised the entire task force,These two are not Chinese citizens,It’s as incredible as they suddenly came to the town together 15 years ago。
Lao Lai’s identity is relatively clear,Real name is Nashad,Is from Cameroon,Unknown place of birth,But grew up in Pald, the eastern plateau of the country,Is an extreme nationalist,Is notorious when he is less than thirty,Wanted by Interpol,Also listed as a dangerous element in the major national counter-terrorism agencies。
During the Yalga incident more than ten years ago,Legend has it that Nashad was killed on the spot,But it has not been officially confirmed,Since then this person has disappeared,Who knows that he sneaked into Meng Ke。
And Fan Carpenter’s identity is much more blurred,The result of the instructor sorted out and inferred is a foreign counterpart。Specifically,This person is an agent of unknown nationality,Have been trying to find the real Nashad for years,He finally found,But unfortunately。
This can reasonably explain why Lao Lai killed Carpenter Fan,Will add so many clumsy and rough plots,He must have seen through the true identity of the other party。As for Zhang Lianfa being killed,Should also be related to this,He must have very important paper evidence in his hands。
This can be confirmed from Li Zhong’s confession,But it’s a pity that the evidence has been killed by the foreigner*Ruined first。
And after Tian Xiong, who had long been bewitched successfully, learned of the deaths of Fan Carpenter and Zhang Lianfa,Naturally afraid that things will be revealed and panic,He once talked to Lao Lai,But was easily bluffed by the other party,Also cooperated with perjury。
After that, as the incident gradually fermented,Tian Xiong felt more and more that the safety of the entire family was seriously threatened,It was not until he was struggling to surrender.。As for Qian Fukun,In addition to business illegal,Did not participate in the whole incident,But it’s just a shield designed by the two.。
So far,The thick lines derived from the series of events in the harsh town have been sorted out,But there are two unsolved mysteries that cannot be found。