First0244chapter tractor

Xia Jian took a look at the people sitting,He is a little dumbfounded,No wonder He Jing said it’s rare for everyone to get together,Except for Dong Ge and Chen Sanqiang,,Xia Jian still has a few familiar faces。
On the east side of the table sit Gao Wei and Lu Monkey,On the west side, it is He Jing who asked him to settle Xia Jian’s beard and make trouble in the agricultural trade company last time.,He’s a bit domineering,Behind him stood two horses who looked like bodyguards。
Look in the middle of the table,Xia Jian almost screamed,I saw Li Na and Sister Wang were there,They both looked pretentiously,As if she never knew Xia Jian。
What is this?Xia Jian was speculating wildly,He Jing gently pulled him,Motioned him to sit down beside the table。
“Dong Sancheng!Start when everyone arrives!What are you waiting for?“Haige was a little impatient and shouted to Dongdong。
Dongge smiled and said:“Haige,Ten minutes to the promised time,I’m leaving Chen Dongzi now,If he hasn’t come by eight o’clock,Let’s start“
Dong Ge just finished speaking,I just heard the door squeak and was pushed open,Walked in a twenties,Young man with dyed red hair,He was completely shocked by the scene in the room,It took a long time and said:“Brothers,I am Chen Dongzi,Sorry,I’m late“
his words,Like a mosquito flying by,No one pays attention,It’s just that Dong Ge waved at him:“Find a place to sit down!
“it is good!Now that everyone is here,I will take this opportunity to play cards,Two long words,Although I no longer participate in the dispute between you in Pingdu,,But something,I really can’t stand it,There must be a rule in everything,Now it is a legal society,Don’t jump too high,Carefully smashed the plate and died,It was late then”Haige suddenly said loudly。
Chen Sanqiang sitting on his side,Flushed,He lowered his voice and said:“Haige,Some things you don’t know,I will come and explain when I get the chance”His voice is low,But almost everyone here heard it clearly。
“Hey!Haige,You are the Taishan Beidou of our city,Can’t just listen to one side”Gao Wei sitting opposite Haige suddenly spoke,His voice is very high,Total and Chen Sanqiang are two styles。
When Brother Hai was about to speak,Sister Wang sitting in the middle of the table suddenly laughed and said:“We are here to play,But I don’t want to listen to you all this nonsense,Dong Sancheng!Do you want to start”Sister Wang’s last words,The voice is very high,It sounds like an indescribable sense of deterrence。
Dong Ge,Hurriedly stood up,He laughed and said:“Playing cards,Other things,Negotiate at other times。We are crowded tonight,Just play with the tractor that everyone is familiar with。