This talent secret is used by palm,The power of the seal,Vaillant is still【Dreamland】Above。

Even considering Li Ming’s divine power gap,This trick is revealed,It is also comparable to the power of those fourth-order universe masters。
Fourth order vs. second order,That is an overwhelming advantage。
If it’s just an attack,How can the Lord of Banff resist?,But this is the secret method of sealing,Just one blow,Sealed the Lord of Banff。Although within this seal,The Lord of Banff is still struggling,But want to break free,Even if Li Ming doesn’t do it,,Take three or five breaths。
“brush~”Li Ming took out a seal-like treasure—Over the years, he has refined a large number of treasures,There are also one or two treasures,I sold it a long time ago in exchange for one or two treasures。
Treasure like a small box,Directly sucked in the sealed Lord of Banff。
Enter the treasure of the suppression seal category,The Lord of Banff is completely planted this time。
“boom~”Seeing the Lord of Banff sealed,The face of the Lord of the Earthquake on the other side changed slightly。
Although the three groups are only dealing with Luo Feng,On the whole still belongs to the enemy,He doesn’t care much about the Lord of Banff who belongs to the Zerg Alliance。
But Li Ming is in front of him,Sealed the Lord of Banff,This is simply a slap in his face。
But he has nothing to do,He has tried his best to hold Chaos City Lord,And as long as the opponent can block a move,It’s enough for Chaos City Lord to catch up and continue to haunt her。
If the Lord of Earthquake feels that he has lost face,The Zerg Queen is furious,Although the Lord of Banff is not a member of the Zerg clan,But also the Lord of the universe who is very close to the Zerg。
Some relationships cannot even be stated clearly。
however,What can she do。
Because as early as the moment when Li Ming sealed the Lord of Banff,Just grab Li Ming,Dive directly into the void。
I guess I escaped。
【Heaven Escape】In a sense,With Luo Feng’s【area】same,Some are beyond the scope of the general masters of the universe and even the strongest ones to comprehend the secrets—Of course this is also normal,The secret law of heaven contains the lower laws that reach the level of the secret law of the universe,The many qualitative changes caused by the effect of the lower law to a certain extent are indeed amazing。