“Hurry to pull the goods,Less you at home to add a chaos。”

Although she said this,But the sweetness in the eyes is going to overflow.。
Zhu Youquan listened to this and ran out of the horse.。
He didn’t know if his wife’s words,Directly changed the minds of the entire village。
Wu Siyuan,Let your mother come up with 50,000 yuan。
I listened to Wu to take 50,000,Wu Lu’s wife is also frightened.。
“You are gambling again.?”
“Go! Go! Go,Take money,Can I lose so much??
I am going to buy an apple.,Although people do not have seventeen eight,But up to twenty-four five.,The apple is really。”
“Li Shouye is young and Wang Jingxiao is young.,We can’t fall in our two.。”
I heard Wu Lu to buy Apple.,Wu Lu’s wife is also happy。
Directly took all the money that had just earned home。
“This is what we earn last year.,All in this,I haven’t started selling this year.,If you sell it, you should make more,But buy a few apples, we still buy it.。”
“okay,I went first.,I am afraid that Xiao Li is not sold.,This thing is simply like Xian Dan.,Eat it, younger。”
Li Hui Feng does not know these things,He welcomed the experts who were shot in the village.。
After all, Apple can restore youth this effect last year or there.,What is the specific situation this year? He didn’t know.。
In order to steadily,He feels still looking for someone to identify better。
Just when he just received a person,Xu Tianci is a call to him.。
“Lee brother,You come back.,The orchard has been surrounded here.。”
Surrounded by?
what’s the situation?”
Li Hui Feng is also a bit,I don’t understand what happened.。
“Not the apple you sell yesterday, the apple is getting up.,Now that our households in our village are taking a big baid ticket to find your apple.!”
I heard it is apple.,Li Hui Feng is also relaxing.。
“Row,I am very fast.。”
Finish,Li Hui Hui also took a person to the orchard。
“Lee Boss,Your orchard’s apple has sold out?”
“Hey-hey,Not yet,Just give some discounts to the village,And last year has been nearly 10,000 yuan.,I feel higher this year.。”
These experts and appraisers next to Suyang,Li Hui has not hidden。
After all, this is not a secret.。
“Um,This year’s nutrients can still be the same as last year.,Can you sell a high price。”