And this time,The green bull not far away suddenly roared,Short leg high jump。

Perceive the change of Green Bull,Leo immediately gave a low voice:“Green Bull,stop,This is my fight!”
The Green Bull who originally wanted to help Leo relieve stress,I heard Leo say that,Suddenly the breath dissipated,Unwilling to land。
Woo woo!
Green Bull looked at Leo helplessly,And wait for the result of Leo’s battle。
Great Eagle’s eyes flashed,The actions that were originally intended to resist the Green Bull stopped,Concentrate on Leo。
The huge eagle claw strikes,Leo held Moon Song tightly,But the whole body couldn’t help being knocked off。
Bleeding from the corner of the mouth。
Huge impact,Sword can’t stop,Leo needs to bear the impact。
but,Watching the giant eagle lift off,Leo stood up again,Then stabilize the body again,Ready to take the next attack of the giant eagle。
Green Bull saw Leo doing this,Suddenly inexplicably shout,He didn’t understand why Leo had to resist the claws of the eagle,Obviously all have been swept continuously。