Niu Huiling hesitated and stretched out his white arm。Doctor Lu took Wang Youcai’s hand and put the small bag under Niu Huiling’s arm,Press it with two fingers。

Doctor Lu gives Niu Huiling’s pulse,In less than a minute。He let go of two fingers,Then smiled and said:“You got your illness in confinement。So your monthly holidays are irregular,It can be said to be an endocrine disorder”
“In addition, you have a disease that is not a disease,But awkward,Must be treated”Doctor Lu finished,So I glanced at Niu Huiling。
Niu Huiling said in a daze:“What you said is true,It’s just that this is not a disease. I don’t know what disease you are talking about.?”
“Oh!You avoid it!”Doctor Lu glanced at Wang Youcai,Suddenly said。
Wang Youcai nodded in confusion,He walked out of the room quickly。When Dr. Lu heard that Wang Youcai had gone away,Only then smiled slightly:“You exercise vigorously,Or sneeze or something,Will definitely have incontinence”
“what!You can see this too?”Niu Huiling became honest。
Doctor Lu said with a cold smile:“Since we are going to work together in the future,I’ll prescribe you some medicine”
“Thank you so much, Doctor Lu,I was rude to me just now,Feel ashamed。Forgive my ignorance!It seems that the master is in the folk,This sentence is not false。You will be in our hospital in the future,It’s the fault of our business”
Niu Huiling said,He stood up and bowed deeply to Doctor Lu,She admires Doctor Lu from the bottom of her heart。To know,Just because of her illness,The major hospitals in the provincial capital don’t have a trot。
When Wang Youcai came in from outside,The atmosphere in the room has changed a lot。Niu Huiling’s voice to Doctor Lu is not only gentle,More admiration。
Doctor Lu gave Niu Huiling a good prescription,And then gave it to Wang Youcai:“Go to our small clinic tomorrow to grab five pairs of Chinese medicine,Let her take it home to eat。remember,Do not eat raw or cold while taking the medicine,No spicy”
“Good Doctor Lu,Thank you so much“Niu Huiling said,Actually laughed happily。
Wang Youcai doesn’t know what happened just now,But when he saw Niu Huiling’s appearance,I feel more comfortable,He laughed and said:“It’s time for the three of us to start work”
Wang Youcai said,So I took out all the information in the packet,And handed it to Niu Huiling。Niu Huiling open the album,Read one by one,She looked very carefully。
After reading all the information,She took a breath and said:“Thank you very much Dr. Lu,You filter,Our workload has been reduced a lot,I just want to ask,The equipment you hooked out will be purchased,Is it all?”
Doctor Lu shook his head and said:“As soon as these equipment are purchased,Our hospital can be moved。General minor illnesses can be solved。As for some large equipment,We still divide by batches,Go in according to actual needs!This can alleviate our financial pressure”
“You are very thoughtful,Since this supplier has many businesses in Pingdu,This shows that they are nowhere near。How about this!I brought these materials to the provincial capital,Consult with my classmates,If their prices are reasonable,Then set this one”
Niu Huiling said,He took a long breath。Because after all, this is a few million orders,Make this decision,Not a trivial matter。