“What are you waiting for??Go help!”Li Xiucheng, who was fighting from below, suddenly shouted,Surprised the ancient gods who are concerned about gains and losses,Then they wake up,The ancient god in the center of the big formation reacted fastest,A pair of big hands appeared above the sky out of thin air,Two bangs grabbed the two necks of Jiuying,Then suddenly dragged down,Jiu Ying Pain,Li Tianzhi immediately left,The other seven heads pecking at these big cyan hands like crazy。

Big hand hits one after another,Soon became a ghost,Then disappear completely,And take advantage of this opportunity,Other ancient gods pounced on,Jiuying immediately became headless flies running around。
If it hadn’t been for a very expensive battle just now,,The vitality of these ancient gods is greatly injured,Jiuying was captured alive or torn to pieces,But right now, surrounded by ten ancient gods,Jiuying is still alive and kicking,Simply incredible。
Li Tianzhi noticed,With the black frenzy, there are more and more weird ghosts,Li Xiucheng’s body is gradually dimming,Also because of these phantom attacks,The golden liquid is already difficult to suppress the black substance,He doesn’t want to leave,But there is no way。
At this moment,Li Xiu screamed,Two arms stick out under each armpit,And two heads were born on the neck,Instantly became a god of war with three heads and six arms,An arm flies out,Go straight to the ancient temple of the sky,The other arm suddenly disappeared,But soon appeared beside Jiuying,Has become as huge as a mountain,Hold the nine necks of Jiuying together with a bang,Extremely fierce,Shame the ancient gods around。
Jiuying screamed,All the magical powers burst out in an instant, wanting to break free from this big hand,But very helpless,The power of a big hand is like a mountain abyss,No matter how crazy it is, it can’t move a bit,In contrast,The big hand suddenly surged with more surging power,Pulling Jiuying’s body straight down,A newly formed black phantom is eager,And crashed into Jiuying’s body,Stir the sky full of color ripples,Like layers of sharp blades spilling around。
at the same time,Another big hand flew out of the ancient temple,Holding a handful of brown dirt,Soaring down from the sky,Stuff the soil into the heart-shaped bowl。
“I’ll give you a ride!”Li Xiucheng yelled,The bowl in the hand flew out,Go straight to Li Tianzhi,“Take it!”
Li Tianzhen subconsciously reached out to pick it up,I didn’t expect the body to suddenly change shape,The brown soil flew into Li Tianzhi’s eyebrows,And the bowl quickly disintegrated,The yellow-gold torrent quickly blended into Li Tianzhen’s body,Then a ring of soft golden armor was formed on Li Tianzhen’s body,Like wearing a protective cover。
“No!”The ancient gods shouted,Impulsive people even fly up to intercept Li Tianzhi。
“How are you?!”Li Xiucheng yelled,Like thunder,The primordial spirits of those ancient gods are shaking,The leading ancient god looks sad,Wave your hand slowly,Signal everyone to give up。
Lost the golden bowl,Li Xiucheng’s body is more illusory and thin,The Seven Flame Armor is no longer the same mighty and rage,Look malaise,The black frenzy used the momentum to launch a fierce attack,Countless monsters are transformed,Charge to Li Xiucheng like a tide。
Life and death,All the ancient gods rushed into the black frenzy,Regardless of whether there is any support,Everyone is crazy,Even the nine infants are still struggling in the dark matter,Bang,Glare,An ancient god blew himself up,The violent energy impact immediately reduced the arrogance of the black frenzy for a few minutes。
now,The Seven Flame Armor suddenly disintegrated,Dazzling stitching in mid-air,Soon a peerless magic weapon appeared,That’s a colorful、A quirky long knife with a serrated shape,Li Xiucheng jumped out of thin air, holding a long knife and a sword, and rushed out of the sky。
A stalwart god of war broke through the layers of dark mist,Standing upright on Li Tianzhen’s flesh,Swordsman,Cut to both sides separately,I saw two extremely dazzling lightning flashes across the void,Let the shining stars around also be overshadowed by it,The sword fiercely cuts through the dark matter that continues to gather,The depths of the black mist are like living creatures,Grunted in pain,The frantically surging black matter has been slow to regroup。
Looking at the faint spirit of Li Tianzhu,Li Xiucheng laughed,Throw up,The long knife formed by the combination of seven flames and fierce armor rushes towards Li Tianzhu like a meteor.,Plunged straight into his body。
“Remember,You only have three round trip opportunities。”Li Xiucheng finished saying this,The golden body is suddenly soft、Blur、sway in the wind,Then it lost all support and spirituality like a melting candle,His body turned into a golden stream of water slowly enveloping Li Tianzhi’s body,Quietly suspended in the void,Let the black matter engulf,Unmoved。
Tragic scene,As Li Tianzhen flew away and disappeared gradually,His whole body is also wrapped in golden liquid,Like a shelter from the wind in the perilous void,Unexpectedly, the god of war is so powerful,Not afraid of the erosion of dark matter,Not afraid of the void storm,It’s a pity that Li Xiucheng no longer exists,It’s also a pity that those ancient gods who were once aloof were helpless in the face of these dark substances.,Will probably die?
Li Tianzhen is not sad,But with a fierce and tragic feeling,Must find something to restrain dark matter,Li Xiucheng said let him find,Then this substance or method must exist,Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to stop this constantly collapsing world from heading towards complete destruction。
The primordial spirit shuttles quickly in the void,No more dangers,Li Tianzhen’s vague consciousness only remembered that he was heading towards the depths of the black hole,Nervous,Because even at the most extreme,At the end, it will inevitably converge to the center of the black hole,Wouldn’t it become impurities and void fragments before being spewed back?