Cheng Long gritted his teeth and rubbed out Kagura Chizuru’s ultimate move,He wants to burn himself in the last time,Exhausted the blood of Iori。

The distance between the two is very close,Kagura Chizuru only needs to make a big move,With the HP of Iori,Mostly unavoidable。
Lu Menglin is in that weird posture,Controlling Iori with one hand,Can you escape Kagura Chizuru’s chase??
The battle time has been read to the last second,The two major characters on the screen have also reached the last moment when the bayonet is popular。
The players held their breath almost simultaneously,Looked up,Dare not even blink half an eye,Staring silently at the big screen。
Kagura Chizuru’s figure turns into a series of afterimages,A killer move!
The last moment,Iori made a move that everyone unexpectedly did.。
One simple lily fold,Without any fancy moves,Iori’s light hand lily fold,Swings a claw forward。
The attack power of this claw is not high,There is nothing commendable except speed。
But it’s this super fast claw,Scattered the afterimage of the bully,Kagura Chizuru had a little stiffness for an instant。
moment,The whole body of Iori lights up,Turn into a light arrow and shoot forward。
Eight infants!Is the nirvana of Iori,Possess gorgeous skills that make time stop,Incredibly lethal。
Kagura Chizuru hits,Collect all the afterimages,The last blood was torn apart by Iori,Game time is over,Kagura Chizuru fell to the ground,Iori won!
The whole audience is silent,Everyone was stunned for a while。
What happened just now?