“Then let’s talk first.,I’m going back。”

Han Shanshan said that when this is, I can’t help but spit the tongue.。
Seeing the female magic of the past, there is such a lovely side.,Li Hui is also laughing.。
Han is in a fortune, it is not blamed.。
“Um,You hurry first.,If you don’t avoid it, I will talk to Xiao Li.。”
Said that Han Shanshan is also going to the building.。
See the back of Na Na,Li Hui’s heart is also a little hard。
Han is reasonable to see Li Hui’s eyes,Laugh:“how?
Like Shanshan?”
“Hey-hey,Han Shu,You said this,The big squad leader should be so beautiful, no one doesn’t like it.?”
“Hahaha is also right,However, your kid will not be in order to turn my daughter.?”
Han is in this exit,It is to let Li have some embarrassment.。
“no,how could be?
I am coming to solve the problem with Han Shu.,I heard that Han family met some troublesome,I want to come over and help.。”
“Help or count,I am afraid it is also cannon ash with your current strength.,You put the pharmaco to develop, it is the best for me.。”
Li Hui Feng does not have any accidents for Han.。
After all, his identity has always been a small farmer.,The existence of the bottom of the society,Even now,I am afraid that many people still look down on him.,And the roots of his thoughts did not treat him as a small farmer.。
“Han Shu,Some busy,I feel I still help.,But I am also curious about Han Shu to provoke what existence.,It actually will make the whole Korean have a little cautious.。”
Chapter 934 Golden house
I asked by Li Hui Feng.,Han is also a glimpse。
He didn’t expect that Li Hui Feng will so insist.。
“Xiao Li,Some things know less and more secure,Han Shu is not to believe in your strength,It is really that Han Shu himself has no confidence to fight against each other.,You can think of how much the other party is。”
Li Huihe heard from Han to reason,Hilarious:“Han Shu,Is there any medicine that we now get??”
“Naturally, it is,Otherwise, I will not let you species.,And I adhered to my Korean or I still insisted on a three or five years.,It’s just that the other party doesn’t know why I think of Shanshan.,Not entangle,This is the place where I have a headache.。”
Han is in the exit,Li Hui’s wind is not torture。
“Han Shu,That let me bring a big squad leader in the countryside.,I want to go there, he should find people.,And even if I find it, I feel that I can protect the big squad.。”
“Forehead,forget it,What is your current main purpose or?,As long as our medicine develops,So his pressing is no longer suppressed.。”
Although Chen Beidi did not use what means,But Han is careful。
After all, if the other party is attacking twice,It is definitely a thunder,Let him have nothing to do。
To know that the other party’s background is not Han Jiaby,Especially the other party has also controlled so many companies.。
“Han Shu,I will get it in Pharma.,It’s just that the big squad is not so waiting at home every day.?
But it will be broken,If Han Shu is still do not worry,You can let several Korean bodyguards follow,Such a big squad, the mood is not around the other party.。”
Li Hui’s opinion,Han is in a feasible。
If you say that Li Huihe yourself, he doesn’t have any confidence to keep your daughter.。
Because Li Hui’s current performance is,Not enough to protect Han Shanshan。
“Row,I will ask Shanshan for a while.,If he agrees, I will call you.,Let you pick up,But you have to remember,Touching each other one day,Don’t be angry,Don’t shoot,Because the other’s background is not the existence of us.。”
Despite Han in three 理 嘱,Li Hui Feng is not a fear。