Walking posture can affect blood supply to the brain

Walking posture can affect blood supply to the brain

As you walk and think about the problem, you bow your head unconsciously, and habits will develop over time.

Expert Tips: Walking and raising your chest is conducive to the return of qi and blood around the body and the brain.

In other words, walking with your head upright is a chance for your brain to rest. This posture changes the state of working with your head down to a state of “yang qi rising”, which just compensates for the tension caused by your head to work and the brain.Qi and blood flow smoothly.

  When a person is walking, the whole body is followed by seven meridians and eight veins, and the posture of walking with a chest and bending down just makes these meridians not relax well, and the body cannot get the oxygen it deserves.

  Bowed down, with chest, bowed down, perennial bowed down, with chest, bowed down, perennial bowed down, chested, bowed down, perennial bowed down, chested, bowed down, perennially bowed, chested, bowed down, perennially bowed, chested, bowed down, perennially, bowed down, With chest, bent over and bowed his head all year round.

The tension during the day is not relieved, causing brain strain, which will affect the quality of sleep at night.

  Walking outside this pose poses obstacles to the yang meridian: liver, spleen, kidneys, qi and blood are tense, blood flow is poor, liver is a hematopoietic machine, and kidney is a blood bank. These two types of work are under heavy pressure, which naturally affects the supply of brain blood and causes brain blood.Poor reflux.

  Walking in the pose of Neibazi will affect the meridians of the gall, stomach, and bladder. These meridians are all around the spine, and the blood around the spine is not smooth, which affects the blood circulation of the brain.

  The posture of side neck and oblique shoulder affects the operation of Qi and Blood of Du veins. Du veins are on the spinal line. Du veins are intended by the governor: The governor manages the yang of the whole body, and the tension of the veins causes tension and blood.Don’t rise.

And “supervising the whole body of yang” can make the nutrition of yang “enter the marrow”, which means entering the brain.

  Bad walking postures must be worked hard to correct.

Doctors recommend starting with correcting your standing position.

You can check yourself in the big mirror at home.

People can’t help but look up when they look in the mirror.

Then intentionally maintain an upright posture when walking, so that it is not biased, not leaned forward.

Family members can monitor and remind each other.

  In addition to preventing a lumbar disc herniation, a correct walking posture reflects personality, culture, and aesthetics.

  Women’s gait is elegant and light, to facilitate the development of pelvic and uterine ligaments and blood circulation.

The man should show “masculine” demeanor, strong gait, steady, and “masculine” demeanor.

  Looking straight ahead, the head is slightly raised, the neck is straight, the neck is naturally straight forward, the waist is straight, the lower abdomen is retracted, the chest is slightly rearward, and the focus is on the metatarsophalangeal joint after walking.