2021 mobile Internet Blue Book: Mobile Internet helps the development of entity economic transformation

Original title: 2021 Mobile Internet Blue Book: Mobile Internet Helps Economic Transformation Development People’s Network Beijing July 22, China Mobile Internet Blue Book "China Mobile Internet Development Report (2021)" is published in Beijing today. Among them, the article "Mobile Internet Helps Economic Transformation and Development" of the Policy and Economic Research Institute, Deputy Director of the Economic Research Institute, pointed out that the current development of mobile Internet development in my country has entered a new stage, and the mobile Internet is integrated with the entity economy. my country’s entity economic transformation and the construction of new development patterns play a critical role.

The article pointed out that although the mobile Internet has a significant significance of economic and social transformation, my country’s Internet development has a "big and not strong" problem. It is facing key technologies to be subject to people, independent innovation capacity, and the network security challenge is severe, and the management system needs to be improved. The plug points and obstacles. In terms of network security risks, you should still pay attention to the falseness, miscallographic, regulatory lag of network information, may have a huge threat to social governance. For example, a large number of gray applications represented by mobile Internet counterfeiting apps, particularly for users in important industries such as finance, transportation, telecommunications. In addition, 5G comprehensively commercially made new requirements for cyber security. 5G commercial models have brought many new changes, such as more traffic, more interaction, faster speed, more connectors, and new changes will bring new security hazards. In 5G mode, "Wan I Zhi" is achieved, and the security interfaces and responsibilities of various types of participating connections will be more vague.

Introducing new technologies such as network function (NFV), edge computing (MEC), and network sections, there are also drawbacks of risk, especially different business requirements for security capabilities, that is, a certain slice of security capabilities may affect after being captured. Other slices, thereby difficult to divide the property of safety responsibility.

In addition, 5G open network architecture increases the risk of disclosing personal information or critical data, thereby raising higher requirements for content security management of the 5G era. In addition, it should be noted that the "instant" risk will fall to the emotional event due to the high speed and low-time propagation characteristics of the 5G network.

Article advice, future needs from strengthening mobile network infrastructure construction, deepening mobile Internet integration applications, enhancing network security capacity, expanding international exchanges and cooperation, etc., so that mobile Internet development results better benefits economic society.

In terms of expanding international exchanges and cooperation, one is to participate in international exchange cooperation in key technologies and important areas; second, support mobile Internet companies to go out and continue to expand overseas development space; third is to participate in global mobile Internet governance, jointly formulate standard regulations And international rules; fourth is to introduce foreign excellent cases in 5G and other applications and forum activities, strengthen mobile Internet development exchanges at home and abroad.

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