Chongqing: rural e-commerce "market" double eleven

  On November 11th, in the Zhigong E-commerce Garden Park in Baixi Town, Fuyang Tujia Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing City, e-commerce anchor Yang Yong is busy with live broadcast, patiently introduces the bacon, sausage of home sales. Equal farm products.

This "Double Eleven", she has provided a supply of goods, and has launched a series of preferential activities, increasing the live broadcast field and the number of delivery, and is favored by many customers. In Chongqing, rural e-commerce borrowed "Double Eleven" business opportunities, so that more agricultural products "fly out" Da Mountain, and also promote the romanticity. Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) On November 11 Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Sheng) Figure is November 10th, a staff member of an e-commerce company seizes to carry out the farm products into the warehouse.

In order to welcome this year’s "Double Eleven" online shopping boom, many e-commerce companies have entered the October to start Tengno to expand, and they have provided their sources.

The picture of Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Sheng) is a staff member is sorting a sorting of dried peppers. There are more than 50 e-commerce companies in the park, mainly selling farm products of 39 townships in Xiangyang County, many of which are poverty alleviation products. Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) On November 11th, Chongqing Fuyang caused public e-commerce in the Pioneer Garden, a staff member of an e-commerce company is busy before the shelves, and it is densely equipped with a packaging product. Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) On November 11 Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Shu) November 11th, Chongqing Fuyang’s busy work scene in public e-commerce garden.

Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) On November 11 Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Shu) map is a staff member to carry online shopping. Today’s "Double Eleven" not only tests the supply chain of e-commerce companies, but also the level of protection of the express logistics industry. Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) November 11, the staff of the logistics enterprise is moving online shopping goods into the car.

It is understood that many logistics companies in Fuyang this year have increased people and vehicles during the "Double Eleven" period, and they will be delivered to consumers in the fastest time. Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Photo) On November 11

The goods from Xinhua Net (Chen Biying) online shopping have been filled with a truck sent to express delivery.

"Double Eleven" rural e-commerce’s thriving, showing huge potential in the rural market. Xinhuanet issued (Chen Bi Sheng) On November 11th, Chongqing Fuyang caused the public electric businessmen, and the staff of e-commerce companies is on the related sales data. According to the local e-commerce association, in order to sell more far from Fuyang, more, this year, Xiangyang County has organized an e-commerce contest during the "Double Eleven", helping local farm products.

Xinhua Net (Chen Bi Sheng).