Will your love be vigorous?

Will your love be vigorous?

Now you want to calculate thirty seconds, what method would you use?

  A, by feeling B, watch, clock C, using a stopwatch, one second is not bad D, please someone to help you calculate E, trouble, not calculating results analysis: choose A: you have a very meaningful sense of yourself, see rightOr when you call, you will fall in love instantly; if you don’t feel right, you will not get the slightest reason even if you are entangled.

  Option B: You are a person who insists on a word of “reason” in everything and handles things completely by reason.

Your decisions are often made by rational judgment, but the people with you may never experience the taste of passion.

  Choice C: Your nature is extremely precise. When you love, you live and die vigorously. If you do n’t love, you will be cleaned up, and you wo n’t be dragged.

  Choice D: You are a passive and inactive person. “Blank is a blessing” is the way you go in your life. There is no big desire. As long as the other person does not hate you and the character is not strange, you can develop a stable relationship with others.
  Choice E: You always have more important things to do than love, and you don’t care about the relationship between men and women.

You put more energy on the path of developing your own life.