Tips for people to be happy in the workplace

Tips for people to be happy in the workplace

Taking the initiative is a special temperament of action. You must know to do the right thing yourself, and you don’t need to remind others.

Initiatives in the workplace are often able to enter the high-income class in all walks of life.

Although there is only one word difference between active and passive, they have completely different meanings for work.

Many people are hesitant to put their ideas into action every day, so they waste a lot of precious time. The following summarizes nine strategies. I believe that by doing what you say, you will also become a happy activist in the workplace.
The first trick: People who succeed in doing business step by step can often endure loneliness and find happiness in the seemingly stylized process. They are self-controlling people and can let time follow their own arrangements.

  In fact, for each of us, the best way to avoid procrastination whenever we encounter something that we are reluctant to do and have to do is to “act step by step” to complete it:From time to time, mark the date of termination with a prominent symbol on your calendar and distribute the tasks evenly within the schedule.

Not only can you do part of the work easily every day, but because of the abundance of time, you can even reasonably organize this part of the day to be perfect.

Because there are smart people who must first loosen and then tighten, and finally let themselves panic and perfunctory work, such efficiency and performance, it is impossible to surpass those who have always acted step by step.

Trick # 2: Always Now Now Sometimes, for you, it may not be as fun to spend an hour out of the window as you can finish a job that can be completed within an hour.

Did the customer call today?

It’s better to chat with friends on MSN first, because he will be away from home tomorrow, and the customer is probably still in the city tomorrow!

If the customer is not tomorrow, I believe he must be in the office on Friday. It is better to say on Friday . Never give yourself a reason to persuade yourself to leave the work for the next hour.

Always think of the word “now”, and think of “tomorrow”, “next day” and “next week” as the distant next century. Be a person who “I will start work now”, even ifJust pick up the phone and talk to the customer about the idea you just thought of, making him feel that you are an active and enthusiastic server.

The work at this moment is to keep us in action with the desire to fight.

Tip # 3: Become “Caesar the Great” Many people are numb and indifferent to the concept of money. Fortunately, they are indifferent to fame and fortune, and have no competition with the world. From another perspective, there is really no pursuit and ambition.Care about the quality of life.

  See how other people treat life: or always dress themselves up, colleagues who are fashionable, or university classmates who own a high-end real estate, so that children enter a better kindergartenNeighbors and so on.

Don’t envy people’s lives, everyone is the same.

Are we working hard to get closer to our ideal paradise?

Give yourself a goal every interval. The big one is to buy a new car you like, and the small one is to buy a popular tartan suit for this autumn. Sometimes, stress is the best motivation to forget about work. WhenYou can finally relax your breath in order to cancel the package, and your goal will be achieved.

Tip 4: Turn your alarm clock on for 10 minutes. Being late is actually a matter of others’ worries.

If it was not for the most precious 5 minutes of sleep in the morning, who would not go out for breakfast and go out without a delicate light makeup, and panic to face the ruthless verdict of the punch card machine?

Many people know that they like procrastination, but they don’t know how to solve it.

  In fact, the secret is simple: you can dial your alarm clock 10 minutes faster.

Remember, whether it’s the clock at home or the watch on your wrist, don’t even let the computer’s time fall.

Do n’t underestimate the short time of 10 minutes. It gives you a run-up opportunity in advance, so that you can start sprinting before anyone else starts, unknowinglyBecome the most active person before work, and at the same time the delays disappeared unconsciously.

What else do you want? Get started now and start dialing your watch!

Tip 5: Useful people are right around you. Many companies have an unwritten rule. When new colleagues arrive, everyone will give a small gift to welcome them.

But too many people are gifts, but in the formal, do not want to really become friends with each other.

And for a person who is too lazy to make friends, don’t expect him to have a lot of useful friends in all directions.

Nowadays, this society works and operates entirely through interpersonal networks. When you need help from others, where do you open up to others?

  The next time a new colleague arrives, you may wish to present a card you made in person, in addition to self-introduction, and attach a paragraph of your blessing, simple and simple, and won the hearts of others.

The advantage is that in your future work, everyone will spare no effort to help.

With a few words of warmth, you can buy people ‘s hearts, easily weave a network for yourself, and take advantage of the initiative. Why not?

Tip # 6: Time for a cup of coffee Sometimes, we think that sharing our work out may inevitably be “supporting” others, and even give the work to others. However, because of different perspectives on personal understanding and handling of problems, the work of othersWhen summing up to you, you will regret that you seem to be talking about two different things.

You may regret it because it was better to do it yourself.

  And slowly, it seems that it is really not very popular to work hard!

When the next task comes down, you can call everyone to have a small meeting to face-to-face your understanding of the task and pass it to the collaborators instead.

During the whole project, all you need to do is to find a little free time and have a cup of coffee with each project executor!The advantage of this is that everyone can have time to deal with the work to be done by each person, communicate in a timely manner, and adjust the focus of each other’s support at any time.

See, a cup of coffee is as simple as that!

Tip # 7: Open your mind and state your opinions. In this highly competitive workplace, there are actually quite a lot of people with professional strength like you. Among a group of people of similar quality, seize the opportunity to stand out and get better.Expansion capacity.

  Although turning corners or intriguing questioning methods can make people feel that you are subtle and gentle, its negative cost is also huge.

Therefore, no matter if you consider yourself to be surprisingly humble, please don’t say that your thoughts like me are immature at the meeting, but just point out that if you refer to such things, it will make you and others inside the company give you a distrust score.

A person’s self-confidence is very penetrating, so when you need to put your prospects and perspectives on the table, open the door, and the small circle will win you the initiative and you can be part of the high-level minds yourself.

Tip # 8: Keep the desktop clean forever. This can be said to be the easiest thing to do, but it is also the most difficult thing to stick to.

Messy documents on the desktop, notepad, thick dust on the computer, and littered pens will make everything look clueless, and a little accumulation of emotions will evoke invalid breeding.

  There are always alternative people in the office, who take care of everything in an orderly manner, the office partition is full of vitality, flowers, grass and small fish; the desktop is always spotless, and even the mouse is shiny.

The reason why other people are different is that he is clever: sitting in such a neat and comfortable little world will give birth to a kind of attachment to work. A flower, a grass, a table and a chair can inspire you.His work status.

Those who can take care of the company as a small family must be particularly willing to come to work early. Start watering flowers and fish, feed small fish, and start a day of work in a clean and tidy environment. This is also a tip for improving initiative.

Ninth trick: End the private call within 3 minutes. No one can avoid answering a few private calls during work hours, but how many people can control themselves after they have communicated with friends and family, and do n’t continue the endless chat.

  The working day is so long. Learn the workplace pioneers who have established rules for themselves. In that way, it is agreed that their personal phone time will never exceed three minutes.

The reason is that personal matters will inevitably affect your emotions. Whether it is a pleasant or uneasy topic, it will make you temporarily out of work.

Therefore, end within 3 minutes, avoid yourself being interrupted by trivia, and take a responsible and proactive attitude towards yourself and your work.