Luo on the phone was taken aback and asked:“what happened?Aren’t you pretty good?Can still find me!”Luo Yi’s tone is blunt,Obviously she is still angry with Xia Jian。

“Damn!Urgent situation,Don’t be angry。Otherwise, I may not be able to call you again for a while”Xia Jian is desperate。But he was afraid of the temper of this eldest lady,So he still try to be patient。
Luo Yi suddenly raised his voice and asked:“What is going on,Say it”
“My friend arrived from BucheonGZCome to pay,Was beaten by the owner of the company。The beating is some social bastards,They tied up my friend again,Call me for 100,000 yuan。I ran in a hurry last night because of this”
“As a result, they set up a larger bureau,Put me in。Later we also ran out,I got lost in the night,Was forced up the mountain。As a result, the mobile phone on the mountain has no signal at all,So I didn’t contact you in time”
Luo yelled on the phone as soon as he heard it:“Did you call the police??”
“Can’t call the police,That’s why they dare to be so blatant。I am in Shuiyan Village,Can you send someone to pick us up。I’m afraid this group is nearby,If we go late,I’m afraid it’s dangerous again”Xia Jian tried to make things clearer。
Luo Yi scolded on the phone:“You’re such a bastard!Dare to pass such a thing alone,Do you think this is your Bucheon city??You know it’s great!”
“Don’t say these are useless,You care or don’t care?”Xia Jian’s temper is up too。
Luo Yi sneered and cursed:“What a stubborn ass,I am getting dressed。The village you mentioned is not detailed enough,It’s best to ask someone to ask,In what town?Hurry up”
Xia Jian hung up the phone,Called Lu Wanting to her side。Lu Wanting’s face is a bit bad,May be hungry。
“Quickly find someone,Ask what township this place belongs to,Just asking the village name doesn’t work”Xia Jian whispered to Lu Wanting。
Lu Wanting glanced around,Whispered to Xia Jian:“When you called,I have seen it。There is a small shop in the east of the village,Let’s go in to buy something and ask by the way”
When Lu Wanting said this,,Touched her pocket with both hands,Can’t help but curse again:“These bastards,Took away all my wallet and mobile phone”
“Nothing,I have money here”Xia Jian finished,Glanced around,So he took Lu Wanting to the canteen at the entrance of the village。
May be too early,The commissary door is ajar,There seems to be no one inside。Xia Jian stood at the door and looked at it。This small shop should have built a small room outside the yard,From inside to the yard,Xia Jian took a look and understood。
So he yelled inside:“Hey!Bought something”
“coming!Who is so early!”Authentic Hakka,But Xia Jian can understand。
An aunt about fifty,Walked out with a fat body。She came around from behind the counter,First opened the door。She glanced at Xia Jian and Lu Wanting,Asked faintly:“buy what?”The tone seems extremely unfriendly。