“Get out if you treat me like this!I really thought I was amazing,I just need a phone,Hu Huiru immediately let you get out of her company,Believe it or not”Wang Youdao was completely angered by Wang Youcai,He opened his eyes wide,Roared。

Wang Youcai smiled and said:“sure!Anyway, you don’t recognize it。Look at Chen Jiang,How did he treat his brother Chen Feng”
“Don’t mention them to me。If it weren’t for Chen Jiang to indulge his brother Chen Feng, Hu Zuofei,Can their brothers end up like this??”Wang Youdao lowered his voice,Said very angry。
Wang Youcai just remembered,The two brothers of the Chen family went to jail,Why did he forget this。But Wang Youcai himself is a stubborn person,How could he lose to his second brother Wang Youdao in words。
“Their end is not good,But their brother’s feelings are still there。Who does not say that Chen Jiang loves his brother even more than himself”Wang Youcai strives for reason。
What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Wang Youdao didn’t fight with him this time,But took a breath and said:“I know in my heart all these years,The burden of taking care of your parents falls on your shoulders。I didn’t say anything,But I know”
“Parents are getting older,The probability of getting sick will increase。If you are all alone,What do you need me and brother to do?。So i suggest,From now on。Illness of parents and living expenses,All shared by our three brothers”
That’s it for Wang Youdao,Then stopped,He looked at Wang Youcai with both eyes,See how he reacts。
“Actually, what did the parents spend when they were sick?,I can still draw it out by myself,Just your filial piety?Do parents only need your money?”When Wang Youcai said this,,Snorted coldly。It’s really not in his heart。He did not expect,The second brother who has read the book actually thinks this way。
Wang Youdao took a breath and said:“Third brother!I understand your mind。But I work in the provincial capital,Even with this thought,But there is no such ability!”
“Didn’t you say I want to transfer you back??how?Afraid to come back to take care of your parents,You are not going to call back?”Wang Youcai’s words hurt。It’s just that Wang Youdao doesn’t care about it。
Wang Youdao poured the last bit of liquor from the bottle into his glass,Then he picked up the wine glass,Sighed and said:“Things in officialdom are as simple as you think。Someone really said that I would be transferred back to Pingdu,It was just a game***That’s it”
“You mean someone has ulterior motives,Deliberate wind?”Wang Youcai listened,Refreshed,Can’t help but say。
Wang Youdao nodded and said:“correct,If you can think of this, it means that you haven’t been for nothing in these years”
“I asked something,How did you help Hu Huiru?”Wang Youcai lowered his voice and said。