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Who knows if the follow-up will be happier than now?

"I came here to let you get to know me slowly, and then everything will come naturally."
When boys express their feelings, it seems a little more interesting to speak now.
She didn’t dare to take the initiative, and he didn’t dare to look for her in confusion and regret.
If you don’t know what will happen in the future, you will be afraid of many things. No matter how free and easy people are, no matter how many high-sounding words they have, they will gradually become dumb and lose their ability to speak.
So people will become stubborn and remote when they are silent.
That’s how she came over.
But she didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come over like this.
Even secretly inquired about her news.
I still find it incredible what I think.
I really want to call him now and listen to his voice without asking anything.
Think like this and just start to stay.
Her eyes are erratic and obviously distracted. Xie Xiaoyue can’t help but raise her eyebrows. "What do you think?"
"I miss you," said Ling Xiquan, transfixed. "xiao yue, I believe what you’re going to say should not be about Ye Qingting and me. So put this aside first. What exactly did you call Ying Zhuo Dan to school that day?"
Xie Xiaoyue Gherardini lift lift lip "I said it was an accident to hurt you"
She pursed her lips and asked, "What else?"
"Oh, I didn’t know that Ying Yong Dan liked Ye Qingting." Xie Xiaoyue looked at her and smiled gently. "I heard that her brother’s engagement party had a fight with someone, and she liked my brother."
"So?" She was silent for a few seconds. "So what if she likes being your brother?"
"I know that Qin Zuo often goes to NUS, and my brother often picks her up." Xie Xiaoyue didn’t answer her, but said it in an airy way. "I sent a message to Ying Dan when I followed Qin Zuo to NUS that day."
A few short sentences are still very informative.
"Are you telling me that you mistakenly called Dan to thank you for going to school?" Lingxiquan was not stupid, but she opened her eyes in disbelief. "Xie Xiaoyue is your brother. What do you think?"
"Because I hate my brother." xiao xie Moon blinked and blinked her mouth, and that kind of profound smile came out. "I just told you that you shouldn’t be kidding me."
Lingxiquan wanted to ask her a question.
But the girl’s eyes are bright and smiling at the moment, but the most real disgust is engraved in vain. "I really hate him. My brother has always been so tall since he was a child.":
Chapter 26 Chaper 93
She seems to know something terrible.
Lingxiquan stared at his strange friend and turned up an uproar in his heart, far from being so calm.
Sister hates brother.
They should not be half-brothers or half-brothers, right?
Ling Xiquan knows that it’s really inappropriate to think about this at this time, but she can’t help thinking about how much a person has to dislike another person in order to make great efforts to find trouble for him with great malice, and spare no effort to record such a video and then say "this is a memorable moment" in the sweetest tone.
She can’t figure it out.
Is able to sit up straight.
It’s kind of creepy to have a cool back
Even looking at Xie Xiaoyue’s eyes took a few minutes. I never looked at aphasia and didn’t know what to say
Should she be accused of saying that about her brother?
It seems that I don’t have the qualification to tell others what to do.
桑拿网Lingxiquan pushed the cup in his hand aside slightly and sipped his lips and asked, "Is that why you hate your brother?"
"It’s his fault that I will go abroad." Xie Xiaoyue suddenly clenched his hand and said, "Didn’t you always care about what happened when Shen Fangqiao and Ye Qingting were children? Speaking of it, I was the last victim at that time."
What happened to these people when they were children? Why did they go back to their childhood?
Ling Xiquan frowned slightly, but I never thought that at first I wanted to ask xiao yue what would lead Ying Dan to NUS, but finally I led the topic to another direction.
Or stop here.
Anyway, she wants to know. She seems to know everything.
It seems that I am not too big with myself.
But at this point, it is impossible to say that you are not curious about something with Ye Qingting.
So I struggled for a long time and always asked, "Did you say that Ye Qingting wanted to marry Shen Fangqiao when he was a child?" Even now Lingxiquan still doesn’t have some diaphragmatic feelings, but she hesitated for a while but thought of Xie Xiaoyue in hindsight. How could she know that she cared about Ye Qingting and Shen Fangqiao when she was a child?
Another terrible thought came to my mind, and my fingers crossed and my fingers were cold. "xiao yue, you followed me."
"I’m not stalking you"
Xie Xiaoyue didn’t deny it, but said, "I happened to see you running out of the store that day, and Ye Qingting followed you for fear."
just right
"What’s the difference?" Lingxiquan said seriously, "xiao yue, you are either following me or Xie You. Don’t you think this is a bit distorted?"
Even at this time, Xie Xiaoyue, who is completely unfamiliar, still dare not say anything too heavy for fear of hurting her and feeling more afraid of stimulating her to pose any threat to herself.
People always have the greatest doubts about unknown and unfamiliar things.
One second, I still don’t talk about it, and the next second, my close friend becomes a dangerous person who can’t see through and guess. Although she says in every way that her partner won’t hurt her, she still can’t help but feel uneasy and panic, and she is slowly vigilant and wary.
This is a way to protect one’s sense of security from grief.
"Are you trying to say that you are a pervert?" Xie Xiaoyue smiled at her thoughts and concerns at this time. "I also thought that I would stay in the United States in my life. I have lived there for more than ten years, and I feel that life is not bad."
"You have a good idea. Why don’t you do that?"
"Yes, that’s a good idea." Xie Xiaoyue echoed with a smile, but suddenly the conversation turned. "When I was a child, Shen Fangqiao and I were also very good, but Ke Yuechen never liked her because of her life."
Smell speech Lingxiquan eyebrows slightly wrinkled.
Xie Xiaoyue, on the other hand, said, "Ke Yuechen always treats Shen Fangqiao very well in front of people, and gives her a little bit of everything delicious, but behind my back, he keeps complaining with me about this civilian outbreak, but he always suspects that people are interested in my brother and their boys."
After a pause, she went on to say, "Our parents always prepare surprises for us at our birthday party every year. At that time, Qing Ye Ting liked football very much. Almost every time I saw him, he always had a football in his arms, and my brother made fun of him for it."
"I remember very clearly that when I was seven years old, my dad’s friend sent me a red and white jersey with a lot of signatures on it. I heard that it was an English football club with a high position, but my brother liked football and sent it as a gift."
"Of course, my dad knew that my brother didn’t like football, and just a few days later it was Ye Qingting’s birthday, so he wanted to give it to him as a birthday present. It was a piece of cake, but my brother was stubborn and secretly hid the jersey. I didn’t expect him to tell Ye Qingting about it and ask him to do something that made him feel earth-shattering, before he would return it to him."
Lingxiquan listened with ecstasy and consciously asked, "Your brother said that the earth-shattering thing should not be to let him say that he wants to marry Shenfangqiao."
Then he shook his head. "No way, this is ridiculous."
Xie Xiaoyue smiled evenly. "I don’t like football clubs. At that time, I was puzzled by my brother’s practice. I felt that it was just an ordinary uniform with so many ghost symbols painted on it. Who would want it? I didn’t expect Ye Qingting to come to my house and rummage for you after knowing this. I also knew that children were much more stubborn than adults. I was one-track-minded when I saw him so eager to find that jersey. It was the first time that I felt that this usually cold and faint boy still had such a hot side."