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Lome Wei had to open her lips and forced herself into her mouth. She was thinking about how to get through this meal tonight, but she didn’t want Jiang Junyue to hand her another big piece of raw squid.

It’s good to eat the first piece before eating the second piece. She chews hard, but the man across the street looks comfortable eating one piece after another. Jiang Junyue doesn’t particularly like this bite, but he doesn’t hate Lome Wei’s preferences. He knows all the information. He has read it once and remembered it in his mind. Sometimes women are too smart to know that women are wise.
品茶论坛Lome Wei just looked at the other side. The more Jiang Junyue ate something so bloody, the better he ate. But his white and slender bony hands made her really want to hold her own hands. Soon he will be her fiance, and then her husband will gradually know that she doesn’t like it. Then she will gradually change him, but now she should be easy-going and make him happy.
Lome Wei felt that she had lived for more than 20 years to eat fresh food, which didn’t add up to more than this night. But every time Jiang Junyue gave it to her, could she not eat it?
She likes that he is considerate and considerate to her, which makes her feel bad.
So she has never been allergic to fresh seafood before eating a midnight snack, and she has a sharp point.
"The older brother, the more I want to wash my hands." My face is slightly red, and my little hands fall to my lower abdomen, and my stomach hurts like a river. If I don’t go, she feels that she is likely to lose someone in the hall here.
"Go ahead, I’ll wait for you." Jiang Junyue squinted and smiled, but it was pleasant. He put a piece of sashimi in his mouth, dipped it in mustard foam, as if it was delicious, and all he fed her was like her.
Lome Wei didn’t want to run for her life. She washed her hands like a mess, and her stomach was as uncomfortable as it was about to explode. She vowed to marry Jiang Junyue, and she would never eat any Japanese food again in her life. It almost killed her.
Jiang Junyue happily ate the sashimi in his mouth, which was easy. He took out his finger and called up the Qingyang number. He really played a lot of words in Qingyang these two days.
"The more …" Just a connect there came Cheng Qingyang deep male slightly with a hint of surprise.
"Is the little one back?"
"Well, I’m back." Needless to say, both of them know that the person mentioned refers to Yunfei.
"I’ll give you a chance to make amends, so that Xiao Xian can die for me. I live opposite the community now. Well, she’s crazy and dares to hit my woman. How can I repay her?" Light sneer makes the wind green field feel a thrill. He knows Jiang Junyue is going to play hard.
"Well, leave a breath. My mother is still planning an engagement party with her. She will also give me an appearance even in a wheelchair, hehe, you know."
There was silence for a second before Cheng Qingyang spoke again. "Do you want to have a look together? Let’s have a drink together. "
"Ok, that’s a good idea. Haha" Jiang Junyue quickly let go and dared to touch his woman Lome Wei. She really overreached herself. Didn’t she buy Yunfei? Now let Yunfei clean her up and let her know how high the water is and how deep it annoys him. She will regret it.
Lome EU fully washed her hands for more than ten minutes before coming out, which was very good and cooperated with Yunfei to make room.
"The more the elder brother …" She sat weakly opposite Jiang Junyue, and her little face went white, but Jiang Junyue seemed to be gone.
"Well" light should be a Jiang LaCrosse picked up a glass of wine and took a sip of "this wine is good and very mellow"
Chapter 1 Play with her to death
Polyol is too much for her to drink. She has diarrhea and dehydration. "LaCrosse, I … I’m a little uncomfortable …" She feels uncomfortable, but she has to show elegant posture in front of Jiang LaCrosse. She is too tired. Lome Wei has one hand and a lower abdomen. She feels that she is going crazy.
"Ok, then I’ll send you home. Come on, let’s go." After settling the account, Jiang Junyue waited for Lome Wei to get up and walked to the door.
Lome Wei hates biting her teeth as she walks. She must let it shut up. It’s killing her. It’s like she’s dying.
There was a breeze outside the store, which made Lome Wei feel a little better. Jiang Junyue swept in the direction of the community. "I have to get the car. Wait for me here?" Jiang Junyue touched a cigarette and lit the smoke. Soon, Lome Wei couldn’t see him clearly around him.
"No, I’ll just take a taxi." Although she really wants him to see her off, her stomach may hurt again all the way. Let him see how embarrassed she is. She would rather go back by herself.
"Well, then I’ll go back and take care of my son. Good night." Jiang Junyue drew a taxi to take Lome Wei away, turned around and walked towards the community.
Lome Wei breathed a sigh of relief when the car left Jiang Junyue, but only turned a corner. Soon the driver said, "There seems to be a car behind miss who has been following us for a while."
Lome Wei was confused with a pair of eyes, and it was strange to sweep outside the car. She saw a familiar face, just in a car on her right. The car followed Yunfei, who was her, and she was not afraid.
The car stopped slowly. Lome Wei grabbed her belly and got out of the car. "Yunfei, why are you here?"
"I’ll take you away from Mei Wei. Come with me." Take her by the hand and take her to the place where people live. Yunfei advised Lome Wei to say.
"Why should I go with you? Yunfei, what do you mean? " Lome Wei Li shook his hand. "I’m not going with you."
"Mei Wei promised me that you would come with me, okay?" Yunfei took a glance at Cheng Qingyang a few steps away. He liked Lome Wei for many years. That’s the way people are. The more you can’t get it, the better. So at this moment, knowing that Cheng Ge wants this woman to have an accident, he still wants to take risks and take her away so that she can survive.
"No, I’m engaged to LaCrosse. Just a few days later, thank you this time. Thank you for convincing LaCrosse that I gave birth to his child, but Yunfei also asks you to let go. I have nothing to thank you for. You let go." The tighter Yunfei holds, the more severe Lomevi struggles.
Such cruel words can’t stop ringing in Yunfei’s ears. "You didn’t like me at all? Do you like that Jiang? " However, the loss made her feel sad. He would rather offend Jiang Junyue, but the consequence of offending Jiang Junyue was that even his boss Cheng Qingyang was offended together. That was a narrow escape, but Lome Wei was so dismissive of him.
"Yes, I like Yue Yue Brother, but you are just one I hired …" When I scanned Yunfei’s gloomy face, Lome Wei realized that it was wrong and quickly took back the word "dog". His face seemed to be killing people, and his face was full of pitfalls.
"Am I your dog?" She didn’t finish Yunfei, but she finished the word for her, and her face became more and more gloomy
"Yunfei, I didn’t mean that. I thank you for coming. I …" Lome Wei felt panic. It seems that Yunfei saw something different in front of her at this time. He was no longer kind, on the contrary, it seemed frightening.
"Ha ha, I’m a dog, a dog, ha ha, I’m so stupid …" Suddenly Yunfei slammed her mouth and knocked her head with a palm. Lomei fell into his arms and threw her car in the back seat. Yunfei soared to an abandoned factory in the suburbs.
Outside the small apartment, a lavender RV with a white background slowly stopped just in front of Jiang LaCrosse. He looked up into a blue sky and rolled open the window. "Come on."
It seems that Jiang Junyue is in a good mood at the moment, and he can’t wait to appreciate the scene that Cheng Qingyang is about to bring to him. So Jiang Junyue also forgot to let Cheng Qingyang call him his name. A square table in the light jumping car is full of dining tables and wine. Before drinking it, he feels the mellow taste. The food is also a good dish. It’s not long before it’s still hot. On one side of the square table is a small brain. At the moment, Jiang Junyue looks inside and it is what he wants to broadcast live video.
In the picture, driving is Yunfei and lying in the back seat, sleeping in the past, impressively is Lome Wei.
Cheng Qingyang took the bottle and filled it with two goblets, one for Jiang Junyue and the other for Jiang Junyue to touch "cheers".
Jiang Junyue’s line of sight doesn’t even look at the screen. When he took it, he threw it away. "You drink you, I drink me, and if I’m drunk, I want you to be buried with me." With a malicious roar, he simply took the bottle mouth and took a long drink at the bottle mouth.
"Then drink slowly, or it’s none of my business if you drink like this now."
"Aren’t you preparing wine? Who knows what you mixed? " Some of the pictures are just talking about Yunfei’s driving lens. So Jiang Junyue turned his head and turned his eyes to Cheng Qingyang.
"Eat some food so that it won’t hurt your stomach." Cheng Qingyang advised him to pick up the chopsticks, but he didn’t dare to give Jiang Junyue food for three years. He finally ignored himself, or it was a progress and a turning point.
Jiang Junyue was not hungry at all, so he didn’t eat less sashimi. He wanted to drink. "Brother Cheng, why do you think that woman is so cruel? She gave birth to my child and didn’t tell me that she lost one. Does she still think I am a man?"
"Why don’t you try it now?" After a tepid sip of wine, Yang’s eyes swept across Jiang Junyue’s handsome face. This little boy, his mother, looks at this face. He can’t get enough of it. The more he looks at it, the more he looks at it.
"Roll" Jiang Junyue splashed all the wine in the cup into a green face, but he smiled. Instead of being angry, he stretched out his tongue and licked it gently, and the wine flowed to his lips. "Good to drink."
"pervert" punched his chest. "You’ve been a pervert since you were young."
"What about you? Let Yunfei go to the whole woman, but I’m afraid you’ll feel sick when you see that picture for a while." Cheng Qingyang doesn’t wipe his face, and drinks will definitely look at Jiang Junyue.
Sure enough, Jiang Jun nodded coldly. "Don’t say that watching that woman make love really makes people sick. I’m really afraid I’ll have nightmares. Forget it. Let me see what I want to see early."
"Well, I helped you." Cheng Qingyangbi hated that brain screen. He always hated men and women for loving him. Anyway, he felt sick and never looked at it. Although he didn’t object, he absolutely disagreed.
I don’t know if I have drunk too much wine and eaten too much fresh seafood. Jiang Junyue just has a feeling of being on cloud nine. Looking at everything seems to be two people holding glasses and touching them into a blue sky. "Dry …" He said with heroism that he drank this glass of wine and really wanted to get drunk tonight, and he missed that woman a little, but he wanted to give her a surprise, a big surprise.
There are always people who say how much pain there has been, so how many surprises there will be when everything goes back and forth. He wants to give her everything.
Drinking and drinking Jiang Junyue fell asleep and slept in that beautiful and luxurious RV. With a gentle hug of his hands, he was carried to the bed in the RV.
Cheng Qingyang looked at the bed while drinking, but the man was so close, but he was afraid to touch him because he knew what would happen if he touched Jiang Junyue.
He really dare not try the consequences like that.
That’s not just Jiang Junyue’s life, but also his own.
He wanted to stay with him like this until dawn.
It was also this night that he finally knew Jiang Junyue’s bottom line that the untouchable woman would be attacked by Jiang Junyue like a wolf.
He suddenly smiled away. This is the real him. A wolf, a wolf as beautiful as an uber.
Lan Jingyi returned to the Case Hotel. She was probably tired from playing with Xiaoxi during the day and didn’t sleep much. Xiaoqin Qin slept soundly at this time. Her big eyes closed her long eyelashes and stopped peacefully. She told her that she was asleep and she slept soundly.