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When I hear this, I often smile and turn white.

"Cut" Song Xiao held his breath and rolled his eyes. "You want a divorce and are worried about others’ injuries. Don’t let me tell his parents that I don’t know what you really think?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
What do you think?
Even she doesn’t know what she thinks.
She knew that now her heart was in a mess and her chest was so stuffy that she couldn’t find an outlet to vent.
Ward 199
Pushing open the door, Yu Yu, a sickbed, immediately looked up to find that it was Yudongchen and Yang Xishi who came back. He had no expression and took his eyes back.
Yang Xi lifted her feet and went straight to the point and asked, "Did you have a problem with Huanyan?"
Yu Yu looked up at his mother but asked, "Where is she?"
"She left with Mr. Song."
"Where did you go?" Yu Yu asked again
"I don’t know what she said with that Mr. Song to divorce you." Yang Xi frowned and said, "Is it true or false? Okay, okay, what’s the divorce? Don’t … "
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Like a cow.
"I don’t know what she said with that Mr. Song to divorce you." Yang Xi frowned and said, "Is it true or false? Okay, okay, what’s the divorce? Don’t … "
She glanced at Yu Dongchen and said, "Does she like other men?"
Yu Yu "…"
Yang Xi see son don’t talk more and more decided that the idea of scrambling said "it won’t be … that Mr. Song? I think they are both fine. Mr. Song often comes home to find her. "
YuDongChen mouth suddenly a sobbed frown said, "what are you thinking? Mr. Song … Is that possible? "
Just a man with no sexual orientation!
"How is it impossible?" Yang Xi stare big eyes. "Huanyan has such a boyfriend and looks so fine-boned …"
"Come on, come on," Yu Dongchen pulled her arm with a headache. "Don’t guess that Mr. Song is just friends with her. Do you think it’s possible that Xiao Xiaoer and Ah Shu also know him?"
Yang Xi blinked. "Who could that be?"
"Mom" Yu Yu finally said, "Don’t worry, she is not that kind of woman."
Yang Xi looked at him and couldn’t help sighing. He went over to the bedside and sat earnestly and urged, "If mom didn’t tell you that you are 34 years old this year, now that you are married, you should spend more time at home with your wife. Before she got pregnant, I told you that women don’t feel safe in their hearts during this period from pregnancy to delivery. She is young and has never experienced such a thing … It’s hard to listen to someone your age. It’s your blessing to look at you with a happy face. You should cherish it, you know? Don’t look back. I’m really divorced for a long time, and I have a child with me. Who are you willing to be a stepmother? Then no one can see you … "
Yu Yu listened and couldn’t help turning black again.
In less than half a day, he doesn’t know how many times he has heard the words "old" and "old man"
"All right, don’t say it." Yudongchen also saw that his face didn’t look good
Yang Xi frowned to shut up.
16th floor
Chang Huan Yan first came to the door of ward 161 and stretched out his hand and knocked on the door.
There is no sound.
She opened the door and saw that there was no one there.
Looking back at the corridor, I waved and leaned out a head from the original wall. Song Xiaoshou immediately smiled and ran over. "My parents left, didn’t they?"
When they entered the room, they found that there was an a4 piece of paper on the pillow at the head of the bed, which was left by Song’s mother. "Please come back to see you tomorrow, pay attention to rest and don’t run around."
"Alas, these two people are finally gone!" Song Xiaoshou shouted, sat cross-legged on the bed and opened his mouth. "I want to eat bananas."
Chang Huanyan went to the table and found that all the fruits she had just bought in a hurry had been put here. There was a bag to go upstairs.
She broke off a banana and handed it to Song Xiao to hold another bag and said, "I’ll go first."
"Don’t," Song Xiaoshou quickly reached out and grabbed her. "How can you help me peel the banana peel first?"
Chang Huanyan "…"
After she peeled the skin and handed it to him, Song Xiaoshou took a bite with a banana and said, "Happy face, I suddenly thought that you don’t need a divorce."
Chang Huanyan looked at him.
"You think, although Han Minzhi and her brother-in-law used to be childhood friends, but … now it’s you who are married to her brother-in-law, which means that if they want second time around, they have to ask your opinion first. You are huotang legally!"
Song Xiaoshou ate and said seriously, "If you don’t promise this huotang legally, I think both of them must be hopeless! Yu’s family and Han’s family are both big families. How ugly it is to go out like this, right? So if you don’t divorce, why should you quit being a virgin? "
"…" Chang Huan Yan put the bag slowly and sat in the chair without speaking.
"Huan Yan, if you don’t think about it yourself, you have to think about it. When they grow up, you have to call another woman’ Mom’. Can you accept it? And I tell you that it’s not easy for a woman to find a partner after divorce, unlike a man who is 40 or 50 years old and doesn’t look old, just like your uncle who is almost 50 years old this year. At first glance, he looks handsome and handsome in his thirties, and his figure and muscles wear military uniforms again … "
Section 62
Chang Huan Yan looked up and saw his one eye.
"Ahem, ahem," Song Xiao threw the banana peel back to the topic with embarrassment. "A woman will be a leftover woman after she is twenty-five. You are a leftover woman at the age of twenty-four. Because you have been divorced and given birth, do you think any man is willing to marry you? You can’t see it when you are divorced at forty or fifty?"
When the cell phone bell rings suddenly, Chang Huan-yan lowers her head and takes out her cell phone and looks at it to answer "hello".
"Huanyan, where are you?" Yang Xiyin came from the words.
"My building" often said with a smile.
"Dong Chen and I are going to go back to bring something to the hospital. Can you come to the building to take care of him? Our horse will be back, "said Yang Xi.
Yu family has a car, a driver and a servant. This kind of thing really doesn’t need the two of them to go there in person.
Chang Huan Yan took a sip of her lips and agreed to "good"
桑拿按摩After putting the phone on, I often get up with a smile. "I have to go first."