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But I used to think that he was behind the scenes and should be opposed to Ye Jia.

But it happened that Ye Xiangyuan asked him to protect me …
This is too strange.
Did I guess all wrong before? Is Han Qingshan really from Ye Xiangyuan?
I made a wild guess, but I was very calm and said hello to Han Qingshan.
Han Qingshan smiled and ignored me and talked to Li Mulin instead.
Li Mulin is also polite.
They chatted after a few words.
Li Mulin is sitting in front of me, Xiao Jin is sitting beside me, and my parents are sitting on the other side of the aisle with their babies in their arms.
I listened silently to their chat, that is, the business of the imperial city did not involve Ye Jiahe’s struggle with the Li family, and even Han Qingshan, a noble family of the imperial city, rarely started.
Maybe I’m being paranoid.
Gradually I fell asleep.
I woke up halfway, and my sister brought me lunch.
I glanced at the front, and Han Qingshan was still sitting beside Li Mulin. The two seemed to be chatting happily.
I don’t know what, but I still don’t feel at ease, thinking that I will ask Ye Xiangyuan about the situation as soon as the plane lands.
Although I have long decided not to contact Ye Xiangyuan, it seems that I have to keep in touch with him for a long time.
At least I can’t avoid Xiao Jin until he returns to the imperial city.
After more than ten hours of flight, I finally arrived in France.
Han Qingshan took the initiative to say goodbye to us when he got off the plane.
I was relieved, but my doubts didn’t go away.
Two hours later, the bus finally arrived in the town.
I have lived in my parents’ name for the second time. Naturally, we live here.
It’s three o’clock in the local afternoon, and it’s already late in the country. Xiaojin yawns, and my parents look tired and have to get jet lag.
Li Mulin said to me, "Sister-in-law, go to rest. I’ll take care of things here."
I thought about it and didn’t refuse to thank him.
After that, I took Xiaojinlou to rest or his house.
He lay quietly pulling my sleeve and said, "Aunt, I want to call my uncle."
I naturally have no opinion.
Although I guess Li Mulin must have contacted Ye Xiangyuan early, I have no reason to stop Xiao Jin from reporting peace in person.
I don’t know why the mobile phone has no signal.
Xiaojin showed disappointment.
I am busy appeasing, "Go to sleep first, and when you wake up, I promise you will talk to your uncle."
Xiaojin blinks and obediently closes her eyes.
I put him to sleep and went downstairs to find someone to see if there was no signal on their cell phone.
In the hall, Li Mulin is letting his hand place his luggage.
He also took the plane for more than ten hours to arrange these things without even taking a sip of water.
My heart is more grateful. Thank you again.
Then I told him about the cell phone signal.
He said, "Just now a bodyguard accidentally broke the line and has sent someone to repair it. It will be fine early in the morning."
I see
I didn’t think much, and after a few words with him, I planned to go back upstairs to see the baby.
Li Mulin stopped me and said, "I will go back to China in the next day. There are still things I need to do over there, but Sister-in-law can rest assured that Second Brother has already arranged manpower to ensure your safety."
Now, the imperial city family is full of smoke, and Ye Xiangyuan is surrounded by people. I’m not surprised that Li Mulin must have come to see me off this time because he is in a hurry to go back.
So I nodded and didn’t ask much.
The next morning, when I was holding the baby and holding Xiaojinlou, Li Mulin was ready to leave.
I didn’t expect that he didn’t even plan to eat breakfast, which was quite unexpected.
But he said, "I have to go to Vancouver to do something for Chu Wai."
I see
Section 23
Presumably this is also arranged by Ye Xiangyuan, and I didn’t ask for more information.
Although I’m a little curious if something happened to the Chu family.
夜网论坛I didn’t get along with grandpa Chu for long, but grandpa Chu was not bad to me, and I was worried about him.
But I also know that there are some things that I can’t ask
After that, Li Mulin left, followed by his hands, and the bodyguards in the college changed a group of people who were unfamiliar faces.
These people should also acquiesce in Ye Xiangyuan, which is boring for me.
After all, Xiao Jin, it is impossible for Ye Xiangyuan here not to pay attention to his safety.
After breakfast, Xiao Jin asked me, "Is my aunt’s words ready?"
I am busy trying to dial Ye Xiangyuan’s mobile phone.
The video is connected this time.