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"He dare not let you go back for the New Year? Give me back. If he dares to say no, I’ll break his leg. It’s so worrying. Come on, pack your things. "Master growled that he was afraid of scaring Xiao Qinqin, but he couldn’t help being angry with Jiang Junyue and Lan Jingyi.

Lan Jingyi looked at the master and suddenly felt that Jiang Junyue’s overbearing energy was exactly the same as that of the master.
Go ahead. She suddenly wants to go to Jiang’s house, so she goes to see the man and asks him why he wants to leave himself.
There must be a secret, a secret that no one knows.
She wants to know, especially.
Jiang Junyue, he dumped himself, but at this moment she still misses him. That’s how she is. At this moment, she really wants or can take this opportunity to take the man back to her. When the idea flashed in her mind, she almost sprayed blood. She really fell in love with the man, but she just didn’t believe that he would be so affectionate to herself.
Yeah, I went to Jiang’s house, and she found out everything, so she didn’t believe that her charm couldn’t handle the man
After thinking and thinking, Lan Jingyi decided, "Mom, come with me." A mother can take care of her children from time to time so that she can have a chance to take a surprise, right?
"Yi Yi …" Lan Qing obviously hesitated. She was afraid that if she went, she would not be able to bring out Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, which would be the result that she could not bear.
"Mom, let’s go." Lan Jingyi remembered what Jiang Junyue said outside the boxing hall. He said that he would give her the children. Since he said that, he would not break his word. She believed that he was determined to give the children to himself because he said that the object was not himself, but Cheng Qingyang. Then what does she have to worry about? The worst result is that she can’t hook up with Jiang Junyue and then return to this small apartment. Then she admits it.
Seeing her daughter say so, let’s go together if she agrees. This will also help her daughter to see which of the two little things will not be left behind when she comes back. She is also reluctant to see which one she likes.
Master suddenly got in good health, holding Xiao Qin Qin Lou Lan Jingyi all the way, holding Xiao Zhuang Zhuang followed by Lan Qing, and then the master brought a few handsome men. It is strange that when those handsome men approached Xiao Zhuang Zhuang, their eyes were full of tears. "Whoa, whoa" told the master that no one should get close to Xiao Zhuang Zhuang, even if they took the ladder, those handsome men would take one.
After going upstairs and sitting in a spacious RV, the master still refused to let Xiao Qin Qin be born with blood. Xiao Qin Qin was very close to the master. From time to time, he touched his gray hair with his little hand and giggled. The little figure was so cute that he became more and more fond of him. He found that he could not let go of either of the two little things.
The car drove slowly through the city road, and the car drove very slowly. It was necessary to be old and small, and it was necessary to be strong and strong. Lan Jingyi was in the car and thoughtfully looked out of the window, thinking that she might not see Jiang Junyue for a few days tonight. She actually felt blushing and her heart beat. She missed him.
Out of the window, I couldn’t help but pour past stores. Suddenly, a fashion clothing store came into Lan Jingyi’s eyes and "stopped". Lan Jingyi quickly called one.
The driver glanced at the rearview mirror, and the master didn’t know whether to stop.
"What for?" The master did ask, but he was still wary of asking, for fear that Lan Jingyi would take the child away from him at the same time. These two little things will not work without anyone during the Chinese New Year.
"Sir, I’m going to buy something. Can you wait for me?" Going to Jiang’s house in an old car is the scenery. It’s the master who forced her to drive. It will give her enough face. If she goes by herself, it’s a shame.
"Yes, but you can drive alone. Go back quickly." Master glanced at Lanqing and left three, so Lanjingyi will definitely come back.
Chapter 16 When I didn’t see it
"Yes, but you can drive alone. Go back quickly." Master glanced at Lanqing and left three, so Lanjingyi will definitely come back.
Lan Jingyi pushed open the car door and jumped in. As soon as the driver delayed her, the RV had already missed the store. It was hard for her to run because she didn’t want the old people and children to wait for her for too long.
When she rushed in panting, a little face turned red.
Most of many sexy clothes and pajamas at the counter are semi-transparent than transparent. She has never chosen such clothes, but when I think of Jiang Junyue’s indifference to herself in Leng Qing, Lan Jingyi decides to take the initiative to attack. Anyway, it’s okay for her to take the initiative once. I think Jiang Junyue didn’t take the initiative at the beginning. He used both hard and soft tricks. She thought that he was stronger and her face became more red.
"Miss this one? Already very conservative. "When the salesman saw Lan Jingyi blushing, he knew that she was embarrassed for fear that she would be embarrassed to run away and not buy it, so she hurried to introduce it.
"This one is also good. The latest arrival arrived yesterday, but you see that two sets have been sold out today. What size is it, Miss?" The salesgirl stared at Lan Jingyi with round breasts and a pretty ass.
Lan Jingyi felt uncomfortable. Where did he dare to choose carefully and hurriedly reported the size? "Help me find a pajamas of the same color again."
"Okay, I’ll pick it out for you."
The salesman quickly picked out a pajamas. "How about this one?"
"Well, how much is this one altogether?" She is in a hurry. The master and the children are waiting outside in the RV. If the master knows that her car is coming to buy these, it is estimated that her moral integrity will be finished.
But she doesn’t care about anything. Anyway, she just doesn’t want to
If she doesn’t try Jiang Junyue this time, she will regret it.
"three hundred"
It’s really expensive. This is Lan Jingyi’s first reaction. "It’s too expensive."
"Miss, it’s really not expensive. It’s much more expensive for you to see other houses than ours. We all make a few dollars with a firm offer, but if you look at our store, it costs thousands of dollars to add rent every month, and there is artificial water …" The salesman started to talk endlessly, and his bargaining skills were absolutely professional and dedicated. If Lan Jingyi was really not afraid to talk for half an hour at ordinary times, the price was all the same, but not today. A car was waiting for her outside. It is estimated that the car would be chopped directly by the master’s eyes for a while. I opened my backpack and pulled out four bills. "Hurry up, I’m in a hurry." The salesman hurried to find the money, and then put the clothes and pajamas in a small bag. Lan Jingyi stuffed them into her backpack and said nothing to others, otherwise she would be embarrassed.
When I walk out of the clothing store, I really think that the clothes here are cheap. Compared with the high-end stores that Jiang Junyue likes to visit, it is really much cheaper here.
Lan Jingyi quickly ran to the RV parked not far away. At this moment, she was in a happy mood. It was getting dark. Jiang Junyue had already rushed back to Jiangjia Road. After all, today is the 29th lunar calendar. He is the grandfather and grandson. He is going back for the New Year.
I’m really happy to think that I’m going to see Jiang Junyue soon, rather than suddenly thanking my master. Is this disguised as myself and Jiang Junyue?
I started the car before I could catch my breath. The master has changed hands with Lan Qing. At the moment, the child is looking at her with a small and strong head. "What did you buy?"
It’s very common at first glance, but Lan Jingyi blushed instantly as if she had just done something bad. She muttered, "I didn’t see a set of children’s clothes that I wanted to buy for Qinqin, but I didn’t buy them … I didn’t have that much money with me." Fortunately, her pajamas and clothes were small and didn’t take up much space. Otherwise, she would be found by her master. I didn’t expect him to ask her.
"Children’s clothes are enough. You don’t buy a lot at home anymore. Yesterday, I asked the nanny to buy enough clothes for the children to wear for two or three months." It’s rare that the master was very kind and told Lan Jingyi that these also eased her original chug crazy heart. "Well, I won’t buy it."
Maybe I feel that the atmosphere is fine. When the master sees two little things, he starts to worry about what to do after the year. If Sun takes the two children away from Lan Jingyi at that time, he really can’t stand it. So the master looks at Lan Jingyi with a cold face. "What mistake did Lan Jingyi LaCrosse make that deserves a cold war with him?" There are two children here. Can’t you stop thinking about two children? " His lordship almost made it easy to roll with the punches, but he was afraid that he had wronged his great-grandchildren. It is also important that great-grandchildren are important. He still knows the truth that great-grandchildren are not available without grandchildren.
Lan Jingyi instantly blew up and opened the box. She was going to take this opportunity to tell the master that "Grandpa didn’t want to have a cold war with him, but he ignored me. I went to the company to find him and even coaxed him to stay in the company to be his secret. But he actually asked the security guard to kick me out of the company and even announced that I would never be allowed to enter Master Chiang again. Those security guards all knew that you didn’t believe me and you had to do research."
"Is there such a thing?" Master some don’t believe him, but his grandson was bent on marrying Lan Jingyi. How could he go back on his word later? It should be very unhappy to see Sun look gloomy in recent days. If he really goes back on his word, he should be happy rather than sad to drive Lan Jingyi away.
"Sir, please check it. If I lie to you, I will be a puppy." Lan Jingyi said in a coquetry that she would give herself a clean breast and fight Jiang Junyue to the end.
"Line back home, I’ll make a phone call to let people check if there is such a thing, then don’t worry, grandpa, I’ll make decision for you. If he doesn’t let you into the company, grandpa will send you in, I can’t believe those security guards still dare to stop my old bones? I send you in every day. "The master is obviously beginning to be dissatisfied with Sun with a face of awe. Sun, this change is too fast. If you want to marry someone, he doesn’t want them. It is also his master’s opinion.
Lan Jingyi’s heart suddenly never jumped for joy. She didn’t expect the master to support her so much, so her chances of winning were bigger.
If she tries again tonight, maybe the man will lose his body and face, and the cold war and trouble will stop.
She’s enough. That’s enough
It’s hard to be alone. She should stop living like that.
Is that secret really that important? Is it important enough for her to break up with him?
It’s getting dark
The RV also arrived at Jiang’s old house, and Lan Jingyi was familiar with the villa. Recalling the days when she lived here, she didn’t like it at all, but she came back after the man married two children and grew up happily in the future.
喝茶约茶Hand tight tight shoulder bag LanJingYi holding small strong master holding small ooze ooze a car.
The nanny was greeted by Xiao Zhuangzhuang, who would deceive people and know who was better than him. She waved a little face at the nanny with a small hand and smiled extraordinarily brightly. Lan Jingyi was a little embarrassed when she saw the nanny. She handed Xiao Zhuangzhuang to the nanny without saying anything, even saying sorry. After all, she drove the nanny away.
"Ma ‘am, it’s good to have you back. Let’s go quickly." The nanny was very enthusiastic, but Lan Jingyi was uneasy. She turned her head and swept the garage. She didn’t see the man’s car. Has he not come back yet?
When I entered the villa, few people actually saw that Lan Jingyi was suspicious. This was the only way. "It is said that I am busy today, but LaCrosse will come tonight."
That lacrosse will come over tonight to make Lan Jingyi’s heart beat faster and think of her pajamas in her backpack. She felt a sense of impatience all over her body.
Nanny and Lan Qing went to the toy Lan Jingyi with Xiao Zhuangzhuang and Xiao Qinqin. Suddenly, I didn’t know where I was going, but at this moment, there was a parking sound in the yard, which attracted her to look at a tall figure outside the glass door. It was like this that Lan Jingyi, who was as handsome as a Uber, couldn’t help but get nervous.
Jiang Junyue, he’s back
"Dad … Dad …"
"Dad … dad …"
Xu had heard the sound of the car, and the nanny and Lan Qing came out of the toy with two little things in their arms. They were so excited to see Jiang Junyue for a few days, waving their little hands and jumping around with joy.
Jiang Junyue walked steadily towards the two little things, but turned a blind eye to Lan Jingyi. He held Xiaoqin in his left hand and Xiaozhuang in his right hand. "Did you miss Dad?"
"Giggle … Giggle …"
In response, he was two little guys laughing, then two small mouths kissed him on the left and right, and then kissed him on the cheek. Jiang Junyue smiled smugly. It was his child who kissed two babies back. Only then did he return the children to the nanny and Lan Qing, and then strode back to the room to change clothes. From head to tail, he didn’t look at Lan Jingyi.
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