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Lan Jingyi always wants to be busy after a busy afternoon, but she can’t get rid of her mind. Jane is lonely when she leaves, only to find that she can’t get rid of it.

That figure seems to be more and more clear as if she had taken root in her mind.
"Blue always goes to Haitian Entertainment"
"Ok, I know." Lan Jingyi turned the steering wheel and stepped on the gas pedal to go straight to Haitian Entertainment, a famous club in the city.
Today, she must go to have a meeting with Mr. Meng. If the packing matters are not solved, once she goes out, she will lose a lot of customers.
I was focusing on driving. Bluetooth rang and saw that it was Li Xuefeng’s number. Lan Jingyi quickly picked up "Hey, find me?"
"Of course I’m looking for you. Otherwise, why should I hit you? What are you doing, my dear blue president? Did you have dinner? Do you want to invite me to dinner? "
As soon as I heard Li Xuefeng’s complacent voice, Lan Jingyi knew that there was good news. "I can’t do it today. I have something to do late tonight, but you have to report to me now."
"Hey hey, if I don’t get a horse, Li Xuefeng will succeed if I get a horse. Then someone caught me and offered me two points of interest. He bargained and said to consider one."
"Well, then hang his appetite again. When he can’t help calling you, we’ll discuss a price of not less than one point and five interests." Lanjingyi said with a calm eyes.
"Are you really going to lend the president of Blue University over 100 million yuan to that bad guy?" Li Xuefeng’s tone changed and it was obvious that she hated Jiang Junliang very much.
"What do you say?"
"I don’t think you will, but if you promise, how will you get the money back?"
"Ha ha, the mountain man has his own sleeve. Let’s talk about it. I’m busy." She’s hungry. The thought of meeting that Meng man will make her angry. Jiang Junliang will let him play dirty tricks and she can return the favor.
Some people have to answer blows with blows
The car quickly arrived at Haitian Entertainment, parked the car and walked to the gate. The red carpet extended from the underground parking lot to the front of the lobby. It was magnificent.
"Miss, please show me your membership card." The door greeted the guests respectfully.
Lan Jingyi suddenly wondered, "Can you handle it by horse?" She didn’t have that thing
"But I’m sorry it will take days to get the card."
"What if I want to go in now?" She frowned. Isn’t this bullying her? It seems that this place can’t get in even if it is rich. People here seem to be very cautious and surnamed Meng, but they are not afraid that someone will poke this place out.
"Miss, please apply for a membership card first, and the day will come." The welcome turned and told her that she would never get in today.
"Call your manager, I must go in today." She can’t believe that those boxes of goods can’t be delayed any longer, and she can’t do anything with money.
"Miss, I’m really sorry. We have a rule that no one can enter without a membership card, even if the manager comes. Look, it says here."
spa会所Lan Jingyi turned her head, and sure enough, she saw a card with those messy rules written on it, frowning, and that person may not have come here the next day. Isn’t it a wave that she didn’t come to do it today?
Besides, she doesn’t like this place, so she has to turn around and walk towards the parking lot. It seems that she can wait until the man comes out, and then try to get rid of him and get things done.
"How is Jingyi you?" But she didn’t expect to turn around and see the oncoming Jane.
"I … I … I want to do something here but …"
Probably from a distance, I saw her negotiate with the hostess. Jane smiled at the hostess. "This lady is my friend Jingyi. Come in with me."
The hostess took his vip card and glanced at it respectfully. "Please come in, sir and madam."
Haitian Entertainment Ordinary Card requires 20,000 yuan for membership. I can’t believe that this gentleman is still a vip card hostess. Where can he dare to neglect the release and squint at Jane Fei? It’s a woman’s nature to see a handsome and elegant man. Besides, Jane Fei retired in a suit and tie tonight, which makes him particularly elegant and confusing.
Lan Jingyi looked at the hostess and couldn’t help laughing. When she left together, things didn’t happen less. She was not surprised, but she still couldn’t help running to Jane’s elbow and hitting his arm. "Look at you."
"Click" not far away, a flash of flash just caught her elbow hitting Jane. But when Lan Jingyi turned around, there was a flashing neon in the distance. Maybe she was dazzled.
"Including you?" When she flashed, the man in front of her suddenly came to this sentence.
"ah? What? " Lan Jingyi plays the fool. If she hadn’t met Jiang Junyue and given birth to Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, she would have been infatuated with him. But there is no "if" in this world. Everything has happened.
"Nothing to go." A smile led her into Haitian Entertainment Hall, where everything was resplendent and high-end atmosphere.
No wonder ordinary people can’t get into Lanjingyi if they want to. This will finally be white.
On the other side of the ocean, Jiang Junyue was closing his eyes and taking a nap. Suddenly, he frowned for a long time before he brought it here. He opened the screen and squinted at a photo quietly for a long time. He rang the bell and Jiang Han quickly came in. "Manager Jiang wants to see me?" Jiang Junyue can’t sleep so late. Don’t let him sleep?
"Go and book a plane ticket"
"Manager Jiang, are you going back?" Jiang Han was happy. I didn’t expect Jiang Junyue to return to China during the day.
"No, where will she go when you go back? I don’t want her to provoke irrelevant people, okay?"
"I don’t understand, I won’t go back." Jiang Junyue didn’t go back. He went back to Jiang Han alone and refused to leave Jiang Junyue in a strange place. Although he also had his own people to follow him, he didn’t trust Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue. His first choice was always Jiang Junyue.