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Like that little apartment next door.

It is said that a true lover has no secrets, but she has too many secrets with him. He said that he would never tell her unless he told her.
Before Lou Jiang LaCrosse came back, she tidied up his office, filed some documents, entered them and arranged them for him, so that he could save some time when he came back to review them.
He said that he would go back to the company soon, but Lan Jingyi waited and waited for more than an hour before Jiang Junyue walked into the office. "Are you anxious?"
Lan Jingyi pouted, "I’ll let you wait and try."
桑拿论坛  title="Don’t say goodbye, it’s my fault this time." He smiled and admitted his mistake. His attitude was so good that she couldn’t get angry if she wanted to, so she was bored, but she didn’t know when it would go away.
"Have you eaten?" Stuffy, but she still loves him.
"No, I’m starving."
"I’ll order you a meal. I’ll be there in a minute." She arrived before him. She secretly left her information. She had already read it. She even knew which restaurant he liked to order for lunch at noon. Just call and it will be delivered soon.
Chapter 13 Don’t leave me
"Okay, give me a cup of coffee."
"Good" doesn’t mean much to say. It’s also boring to say too much. When Lan Jingyi ordered a meal for Jiang Junyue, she actually remembered the untouched steak left on the table of that western restaurant. If she was in a good mood, she would have packed it for him, but she was really angry at that time. Can she not be angry that he stood her up?
He poured coffee and sent it in. He was already busy. "What happened?" Suddenly I felt that something he suddenly encountered was probably related to his own business. "Have you heard from those people?" She asked carefully what she didn’t want to do that night, even though the man didn’t really want her that night, but whether her body was touched by the man made her feel particularly uncomfortable.
Listening to Lan Jingyi’s bass, Jiang Junyue suddenly dropped his coffee and held her hand gently. "It’s all over, forget about that night."
"Pour …" She could never forget it, but she was still very happy to hear him say so. He didn’t think her coffee steam spread before two people looked at him through the breath as if it were unreal.
Looking at him like that, she didn’t want to look away. Suddenly, the words rang. Lan Jingyi was embarrassed and turned and fled as if she had left his office. He looked at her with burning eyes and her heart beat faster. "I’ll answer the words." She shouted this sentence when she reached the door.
Jiang Junyue looked at her back and frowned slightly. He chased her out of the restaurant because he saw the silhouette of the woman, which seemed to be sunny and soft, but he saw the woman get a car. But when he got the car, he couldn’t chase it, but he almost ran all the streets near the restaurant, and he couldn’t see sunny and soft.
Is that her?
He doesn’t know, but there is a feeling that Qingrou is not far from him. If Qingrou really comes back, what about Lanjingyi?
For a moment, he was confused first, and it was also the first time that he was confused by a woman.
Lan Jingyi got busy, recorded a document, got up and sent it to Jiang Junyue. Plus, when he said that there were no outsiders, she told him to dump it. She quietly pushed open the door carpet without knocking on the door, which made walking sad. In front of the desk, Jiang Junyue was sleeping with her eyes closed, only to find that she poured coffee before, but he didn’t drink it and then sent it in for lunch. But he didn’t eat it, but he looked at his hands on the table regularly and tapped with the rhythm. It turned out that he wasn’t asleep. This strengthened his biliary tract "What was thinking?"
"Ah?" Jiang Junyue was trying to figure out that God was suddenly startled by Lan Jingyi, and his deep black eyes opened slightly. "Why don’t you knock?"
At this moment, his words made her feel that her breathing was stagnant, and then she gently sipped her lips and put the information she had just entered on his desk. "Here you are, I’ll go out first." A sense of loss quickly swept over Lan Jingyi, who was extremely depressed.
"Yi Yi …" Looking at her lonely and thin back, Jiang Jun called in a low voice. Did he have a heavy breath just now? But she suddenly came in, which really startled him.
"Huh?" Lan Jingyi stopped. She didn’t turn her back on Jiang Junyue and gave him a single tone of doubt.
"Oh, there are no classes. Let’s go to dinner to make up for noon."
"Good" is still a word. It seems that one more word will confuse this moment. Generally, she flies and seems to escape. Suddenly, she thinks it’s best never to enter his office again, which now gives her a suffocating feeling.
"Bang" the door opened instantly but hit a person head-on. "Sister-in-law, why are you in such a hurry? My brother wants to eat you? " Jiang Junliang body back smiling there scanning her.
"Director Jiang has something to ask General Jiang for?" Lan Jingyi always doesn’t want to be seen in front of others because she doesn’t answer rhetorical questions.
"Well, I came to see my brother and dropped in to see you. Hehe, my brother held a family meeting last night to discuss your wedding date with everyone. Do you want to know when it is?" Jiang Junliang language not astonishing die endlessly said
He discussed their wedding date with the Jiang family?
Why doesn’t she know anything about it?
He’s going to marry her anyway, isn’t he?
My heart warms up, and I feel better. "LaCrosse will tell me naturally." Even if she wants that answer, she wants Jiang Junyue to tell her herself instead of this annoying Jiang Junliang.
"Sister-in-law, my brother seems to have been shot recently. Everyone has an iceberg face. Tell me about his mood now. Otherwise, I really dare not go in to see him. "
"He’s fine now." Is it really bad for Lan Jingyi to smile? When she went in, he seemed thoughtful. Is it because of her again?
"Ok, then I’ll go in first." Jiang Junliang just flickered into the president’s office and left Lan Jingyi to go back to her desk, but she couldn’t calm down. This moment her heart was like a roller coaster. Did he really put two people on the agenda?
Just sitting there, she’s just like Jiang Junyue. She’s also eager to get to work soon. Will he tell her their wedding date when we have dinner together?
"Bang" a rumbling Jiang Junliang panting out of the president’s office provoked LanJingYi consciousness turned confused looking at a face of metal gray Jiang Junliang she didn’t know what happened.
Jiang Junliang changed his face and walked to Lan Jingyi seriously. "Sister-in-law Jiang Junyue is crazy. Do you want to know anything?"
Lan Jingyi bullet is really not clear Jiang Junliang what this means "you said".
"I tell you you and he even really knot …"
"Jiang Junliang, you shut up for me." Jiang Junyue in front of the president’s office has arrived at the arrow and shot at Jiang Junliang. "Go out." He pulled Jiang Junliang’s collar and carried Jiang Junliang out of the office like a chicken. Then the secret office door closed. Lan Jingyi could see through the door what Jiang Junyue and Jiang Junliang were saying. Both of them seemed very excited, but they deliberately lowered their voices. Did she have it again?
But Jiang Junyue didn’t want her to know.
How many things did he keep from her?
I poured a cup of coffee and drank the tempting fragrance slowly, but I couldn’t feel my heart. She was restless, so she drank nothing.
After about ten minutes, Jiang LaCrosse returned to the office and pushed the door open. The first thing he did was to shout at Lan Jingyi, "Stay away from Jiang Junliang."
She has always kept Jiang Junliang at arm’s length, but that person always keeps close to her. Can you blame her if she can control herself but not Jiang Junliang?
Lanjingyi didn’t say anything and looked down at the desk file, but he didn’t read a word.