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Wu Bing and Qing Yu, of course, are not enough. When Lin Bing Cong heard that, he simply did what Lin Bing said, but they didn’t care, but someone bumped into him.

"God, what is this?" As soon as Qin Yong arrived at the physical battlefield, he saw a building made of more than ten layers of steel. How long did it take? Was it built so soon?
"Who are you?" A group of soldiers with military rifles chanted at Qin with guns.
"Oh, my God, I’ve been kidnapped," Qin Yong said, but the bodyguards behind him are all first-class skills. Of course, they are also armed. When a bodyguard behind Qin Yong picked up Qin Yong and retreated, the remaining bodyguards shot, so the first gun battle in fairyland began. The harsh "dadada" sound frightened the soldiers. They were about to leave when they heard guns shooting at each other from a distance, but they were suspicious but didn’t know it.
"They seem to protect a person." Sharp-eyed Wu Bing soon found that a group of people were surrounded by a person, almost physically, to protect that person.
The soldier’s eyes were unconscious, but the man was too far away to see clearly, and he felt that the man had a familiar feeling. At this moment, an exclamation shocked the soldier’s heart. This is the piano chanting. It is the girl who likes to stick to herself all day long. The soldier rushed to the side, regardless of her injured body. Wu Bing wanted to wake up. Why can’t this cold weapon and modern gun fight in Wonderland come well? He rushed out with the soldier.
"Soldiers in the bucket are fierce before the array! The dragon is embedded in the sky! " A sudden darkness came when the seven serpents came down, and the huge roar shook the sky. Two groups of people were so frightened by this sudden monster that they were at a loss. The seven heads of the serpent kept spraying huge hot fireballs, and the plain turned into a hot land forest, and the blue clouds turned into a molten pool. Locke didn’t know what had happened, but suddenly changed and melted many assembled machines from the real world and turned them into ashes.
Qin Yong was shot in a coma, and later generations fell down after the soldiers read the spell. Wu Bing grabbed the soldiers and greeted Qin Yong people to leave the rain and rain without stopping [acceleration] to help everyone. Strange to say, it is effective for people in the real world [acceleration]
On the other hand, when Lan Fengyun and Locke escaped their lives, they found that the Iron Man had disappeared and hurried to find Keren. Was it attacked?
In a corner of the world, there is a middle-aged man with a boxing table. "Where did the bastard monster fall short?"
"What did the adoptive father fall short of?"
"Er Haoer, when will you come back?"
Mu Haoer said with a sneer at the corner of his eye, "Me? I happened to come back to your fairyland when you came back, and I happened to be in fairyland when you came back. "
Middle-aged people don’t hear all those things they shouldn’t hear when they hear this body chills, do they?
————-reading recommendation: to worship the romantic empire.
Chapter 14 Making God (5)
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Chapter 14 Making God (5)
"Adoptive father wasted my heart on you. You turned out to be good for me, but I won’t forget the kindness you gave me when I became the world’s master. What do you do? Ha ha ha! "
"HaoEr what are you talking about? Is the adoptive father bad for you? " Middle-aged people embarrassed barely laughed
Mu Haoer stopped talking. With a wave of his hand, the table in front of the middle-aged man was like sediment and generalized into a pile of fly ash, and then a gust of wind disappeared.
"adoptive father, this is the last time I called you. You are you, I am my strength. I got it, but no one can take it away from me. By the way, there are still some things to be done in fairyland, so no one will ever get in my way."
Middle-aged people haven’t reacted to admire Haoer and disappeared in situ. Middle-aged people lost their seats. "After many years of planning, that damn monster damn Haoer’s father is so good to you that you should …"
I’m at a loss when I come to the present world. Oh, my God, are we from the game world to the real world? How is it possible that there are two bodies in one world? If two bodies meet, will it be like seeing a corpse?
Everyone didn’t know that their good eyes suddenly saw a familiar figure "Tianwu!"
The called person suddenly stopped and turned to the sound direction to see the person detain and froze.
I was so happy that I rushed over to "Tianwu is really you."
Water silk bud callous and looked at me "are you elegant? Why are you wearing this dress and the people behind you? Oh, my God, what happened? How do people in the game run into the real world? "
I said, "I don’t know, but the question now is how do we get into the game again? Now that the power has been won by a man named Mu Haoer, I don’t know what she wants to do after she gets the power. In case she is not the power, the result should be good."
Shuisilei said strangely, "Didn’t you say that power can only be made by your brothers?"
"I don’t know. Maybe there are too many variables. For example, now that we suddenly come to the real world, there are many things that should not have appeared in the game. Maybe it is a test."
Next to the dark fire chimed in, "Are you dancing in heaven? What a beautiful girl. "
桑拿论坛Water silk bud took a white look at the dark fire and thought for a moment and said, "You come with me. Fortunately, you have come to my home site. If you are in a big city, it is really troublesome for hundreds of people."
Shuisilei made a word, and soon a large group of people came and took us to Shuisilei’s house. It may not be appropriate to say that it is home, because the family is too big and hundreds of thousands of people still feel unimaginable in the garden.
Water is light and harsh, followed by water silk bud, looked at her daughter’s worried face and said, "Are you elegant? Are you leaning against the snow in the East? You did this to my daughter? How dare you come to me? "
I don’t know why Shuisilei’s father suddenly said that I offended him. There seems to be no right. What’s the matter with Tianwu? I took Shuisilei’s hand and hurriedly asked, "Tianwu, are you injured somewhere?"
At that time, Shuisi Lei didn’t know how to explain it. She said to Shuidan, "Dad, you should send them back or you will look good."
The water is light and harsh, and I just want to train young people in front of me, but my daughter swallowed the water in her stomach and swallowed the girls out at a word.
"Stop being stupefied and start that thing. I really don’t want to."
I took a deep look at the same instrument in front of my instrument and said to the water, "Uncle" just said two words. I turned around and punched Shuisiye’s neck and Shuisiye didn’t even respond, so she passed out.
"Who are you?" I was shocked by the lack of water, but look, I didn’t overreact without moving a step.
"I don’t want Tianwu to enter the game again. Let Tianwu have a good sleep before it’s over." After that, I didn’t look back and went back to the game with the dark fire and others
The water is light and harsh, and it is meaningful to look at the water silk bud in a coma as if thinking about something.
When the Seven Serpents are raging, people in the real battlefield will be miserable. Almost the whole real battlefield is a flame. It doesn’t matter where you retreat. Wu Bing and others can also retreat to the temple. Lan Fengyun and Locke will be miserable. When you run to the top of the mountain or jump, the huge seven Serpents in the water will burn the heavens and the earth to ashes without flame. The sea water will be burned like a fire. The mud on the surface of a songkhla mountain will become molten slurry and flow along the mountain.
Lan Fengyun and Locke are almost dead, and they can still live with their hands, but they know that they are from the real world and come in and die, which is really dead. But can anyone save them at this time?
Of course, there was a sudden appearance of Mu Haoer. Two blue whiplike lights in front of the seven serpents made the seven serpents hit a circle. The serpent was angry. Seven heads all sprayed continuous fireballs at Mu Haoer. Hundreds of fireballs almost instantly hit Mu Haoer from all directions. A circle of blue round through the shield made it easy for Mu Haoer to keep the fireballs out. However, with the increase of fireballs, the shield was somewhat untenable. Mu Haoer never gained strength. This kind of situation was somewhat flustered, but it was soon found that the number of fireballs began to decrease. Finally, the fireballs disappeared in front of the shield.
With the shield dispersed longed for my son heart suddenly rise to accept this beast idea think about having such a beast world even * * * * * is not your opponent?
Serpent, Dark Fire and I just stepped into the game, and the hot air made us breathe and take a closer look. Oh, my God, where is this? (I can’t recognize the original position)
"Elegant?" When the sound of disease and law came, I looked back. What a coincidence that disease and law, temporary soldiers, armed soldiers, sunny rain and others all came to me? Look up again. Oh, my God, what is it?