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But I still don’t want to let go. As Luo Qijiang said, a man is absolutely inseparable from a woman. He just wants to use her as a tool to fulfill his physiological needs. He can treat her like this, which is one in a million, okay? I cann’t believe she tried to climb on his head and yell at him

"Pa" chopsticks in his hand slammed the table. Lan Jingyi turned and walked towards the door. "I owe you money, but I will pay you back. Please don’t harass me and my mother again." Forget it. She’ll think of some way to damn Liu Wentao. If it weren’t for him, she would have found a good job.
"Lanjingyi your mother rice …" Jiang Junyue sat down again after a while. He looked at Lanjingyi’s back and decided that she would turn back because Lanqing is the patient and the most important thing in her world now.
Lan Jingyi paused for a moment, but then strode away with her legs lifted. She won’t come here again, and she won’t be bullied by him again. She won’t make the same mistake again.
The big deal is that she will sell blood again.
"Lan Jingyi … Lan Jingyi …" Even the ambiguous woman who went out didn’t respond at all. "Bang" Jiang Junyue dropped all the food on the table with a wave of his hand.
Well, he will be interesting to see how she can make up Lan Qing to get medicine. Even if she sells blood, she can’t sell it every day. But I don’t know how her heart hurts when she sells blood.
It was already dark out of the community, and Lan Jingyi touched it, only to find that Jiang Junyue had already opened the machine one after another. There were Li Xuefeng and Liu Wentao, but there was no blue shine.
But Lan Qing is the one she remembers most. She dialed Lan Qing Lan Qing and quickly picked it up. "Did Yi Yi set off?"
"What … what?"
"LaCrosse said that you and he arrived at around seven o’clock. I looked at it. Why haven’t you gone out at six o’clock?"
"Mom’s out. I’ll be in the car soon. I hang up."
Lan Jingyi lied. Jiang Junyue wasn’t with her now, and she didn’t take the food out of him. She quickly turned aside, ordered two dishes to pack in a small restaurant, and then hurried to the hospital.
"Mom, I’m back." After a day’s walk, I don’t know what Jiang Junyue told Lan Qing. At this time, Lan Jingyi was not practical at all.
Section 24
"What about LaCrosse?" Sure enough, Lan Qing’s eyes fell behind her, and the man didn’t know what she had given Lan Qing. She was her daughter, but Lan Qing recognized him.
"Mom, he didn’t come."
"What’s the matter? Did the young couple quarrel? " Lanqing eyes worried and asked
Lan Jingyi really wants to say, "Mom, Jiang Junyue and I are ordinary friends." I just want to get things straight and get into trouble later.
"Ordinary friends?" Lan Qing raised her eyebrows slightly and her eyes were cold. "Yi Yi, are you really ordinary friends?"
"Well, just ordinary friends" said Lan Jingyi with a grind.
Lan Qing didn’t say anything, but quietly watched Lan Jingyi for five seconds, and then she moved her body out of bed and began to sort things out.
That look made Lan Jingyi panic. "Mom, what are you doing?"
"Mom doesn’t like hospitals. Mom has to leave the hospital."
"Mom, but you … you …" But you’re still sick, but the second half of this sentence can’t be said by Lan Jingyi. She’s afraid that Lan Qing will be upset because of her own illness, but she really panicked when she saw Lan Qing leaving the hospital. "Mom, I won’t let you leave the hospital." Lan Jingyi rushed over and hugged Lan Qing’s waist and face on her shoulder. "Mom, don’t leave the hospital, okay?"
Lan Qingdong paused briefly and then began to fold and tidy up her own clothes. "Yi Yi, the mother in this hospital is really tired of living. Isn’t it good to let her go out and get some air?"
"No, mom, your illness can’t be delayed any longer. I won’t let you leave the hospital." Lanjingyi grabbed Lanqing’s clothes while grabbing Lanqing’s hands. I just didn’t want Lanqing to leave the hospital
"Yi Yi Ma has been …" She said, but she paused and caught Lan Jingyi’s troublemaker. She gently put her hand on her cheek and added, "Yi Yi Ma is fine. It’s not like she knows that she’s been sick for a day or two. Isn’t everyone living well? Let her leave the hospital?"
Lan Qing slowly turned around and ran her fingers through Lan Jing Yi Shun’s slippery hair and whispered, "Yi Yi, tell mom the truth. Where did mom get the hospitalization money?" She’s not stupid, she’s in the hospital for a day, and she’s thousands less, which is hard for ordinary people to afford.
"Mom …" Lan Jingyi can’t tell Lan Qing that she went to gamble to win. So Lan Qing won’t believe her. Can she win by gambling? That is, people like Jiang Junyue will try to cheat to help her win, right?
"Mom has always been a lacrosse, thinking about waiting for mom to get out of the hospital, and when you get married, the family is so-called dead, but never thinking about the original … so you are ordinary friends, hehe, mom is wrong, mom is dragging you down, and Yima wants to leave the hospital and find your parents, so she wants to find your dad."
"Mom …" Lanjingyi sobbed and couldn’t speak anymore. She was conscious of holding Lanqing’s thigh and said nothing to let her leave the hospital.
"Sister Lan, it’s so sweet of you to be a girl. Look at how pitiful she is crying. Don’t let her lie down in bed." The girl next door whispered to anyone who saw such a scene would be sad.
"Yi yi, don’t you just want to register? Well, I promise you, "at the door, a word suddenly appeared that made Lan Jingyi’s scalp numb. With that word, Lan Jingyi turned his head to the ward lintel, and Jiang Junyue was lazy and reclining." And if you still want to abort me, Jiang Junyue must be ruined with you. "
"You … what did you say?" Lan Jingyi is a little confused. What registration? What child? She has no children in her stomach.
"Yi Yi, are you pregnant?" Lan Qing’s face lit up in an instant, perhaps because of the long illness. She was suddenly looking forward to her daughter having a child, and she could see the child in her lifetime.
桑拿会所"Mom didn’t … I didn’t …"
"Lan Jingyi, I have promised you to register. What else do you want?" Jiang Junyue kicked a door angrily and then strode towards her and grabbed her arm. "It doesn’t matter if you don’t cool my baby."
"Yes … yes, you can’t get up quickly. You can’t get cold. You can’t have a baby …"
"Mom, I didn’t …"
"LaCrosse said that you didn’t get angry with LaCrosse until you didn’t want this child. Yi Ma begged you to be born if you are pregnant, so that Mom can see her grandson in her lifetime, okay?" Lanqing came to strength, and the whole person’s spirit suddenly looked much better.
Lan Jingyi really wants to talk. She is really not pregnant with any children, but at the thought of her mother leaving the hospital or Jiang Junyue appearing, her mother will not be discharged for the time being. Let’s coax her into the hospital first, and then say, "Mom, I will get up if you promise not to leave the hospital."
"Don’t leave the hospital if you and LaCrosse are good mothers."
After that, Lan Jingyi still knelt there. If so, wouldn’t she have to continue acting with Jiang Junyue again?
"Don’t be so melodramatic. So many good mothers are getting better and better. What about you? You will soon give me a big fat baby. Get up and be good." A strong arm picked up Lan Jingyi like a chicken when he was talking, then pressed her aside and sighed. "You and your aunt both have a share."
When the two lunch boxes were handed to her and Lan Qing touched her hand, the warmth made her heart tremble and looked up quietly. She looked at Jiang Junyue’s eyes and said, "Are you serious about registering?"
"If you promise not to abort the child, I will promise to register." Jiang Junyue straightened up and hung over Lan Jingyi’s tall figure. His eyes seemed to be serious, but the root was to tell a cold joke without punchline because she was not pregnant at all.
Lan Jingyi didn’t say anything, opened the box and silently ate the food inside. It was her apartment table that was definitely self-fried, not the restaurant. She smiled with a little excitement and asked, "How long has Yi Yi been pregnant?" Why can’t you see it now? It won’t be more than a month, will it? " It seems that Lan Qing prefers that the child is very old.
Chapter 53 You let go
Lan Qing smiled with some excitement and asked, "How long has Yi Yi been pregnant? Why can’t you see it now? It won’t be more than a month, will it? " It seems that Lan Qing prefers that the child is very old.
Lan Jingyi got a lump in her throat and just wanted to say something, but when she saw Lan Qing’s face smiling, she suddenly realized that if there was a child, it would be Lan Qing’s motivation to live. "Mom didn’t know until a few days ago that I hadn’t decided whether to …"
"I don’t care, anyway, if you don’t want this child, I want my mother to bring him to you. The little thing must be very fun …"
Listen to Lan Qing, pour out while eating, and Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to dispel Lan Qing’s vitality. Forget it, take it one step at a time. Many things are often involuntary.