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He is pale and asleep, and he doesn’t know what’s going on.

I hesitated to look at Ye Xiangyuan and the baby in his arms and decided to go and see Jishu first.
Chapter 323 Did you forget?
When I passed Ye Xiangyuan, I found that his expression seemed a little dark.
Is it unhappy?
But he didn’t stop me
Section 297
I thought about it and stopped to say, "The baby may be hungry when he wakes up. Do you have any milk powder here?"
He doesn’t talk to me. I can use the baby as a breakthrough
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a casual look and said "Yes".
I saw that his tone was very cold and thought that maybe he was still angry and silent, so I didn’t say much and walked over him to the building.
Ji Shu is not injured. Of course, I think Ji Shu can rest assured first.
Go upstairs just in time for the doctor to examine Ji Shu.
I didn’t bother. I went to the window and looked around.
Outside, there is a dense forest in the backyard. The environment is very good and quiet, suitable for rehabilitation.
Farther away, the outer wall of the castle is like an iron wall
I noticed that the tall trees were monitored, and if anyone wanted to enter the backyard, they would be found at the first time.
This room is very safe.
It’s thoughtful to put Jishu here.
But I don’t think we can stay here for long, and maybe the day will leave. It’s a pity to think so.
The main reason is that Ji Shu’s injury can’t come with us. I wish he could stay.
But if we lose him, he may be upset …
It seems that I have to discuss it with Ye Xiangyuan later.
Take back my thoughts. I looked back at my eyes and gave Jishu a check. The medical staff looked straight at the door again. Pan Dong.
He rescued me and the baby before, and we also took a car, but we didn’t say much.
I hesitated and went over to thank him sincerely.
Thank you not only for his help today, but also for taking care of me in other countries.
按摩Especially video authentication. I never thought he would help me.
Pan Dong, as solemn as ever, said that those things were what he should do, and his attitude was quite alienated.
I will be silent.
But he suddenly said, "I didn’t get the appraisal until the chief agreed."
I was immediately stuck.
It took me a long time to understand what he meant.
Ye Xiangyuan actually knew that I was looking for Pan Dong to identify things. Does this mean that he told me that the video is true through Pan Dongkou?
What is the purpose of his doing this?
Yes, let me give up?
It was that video that made me premature, so I was completely disappointed with him and determined to leave.
But if so, why does he keep saying that he won’t let me go?