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There is a single photo and two children lying together. One exception is that both of them have matching clothes, and they look beautiful. It looks soft and cute, but it is cute.

Section 676
"Wow, Sister Yan, you were born with twins!" Someone asked
"Yeah, identical twins."
"It’s so beautiful. These two children look exactly alike. Can’t you tell which one is a boy or a girl?"
"You don’t understand this, do you? Wearing red and pink clothes must be a girl, wearing blue and green clothes must be a boy?" Xiaozhou, also a mother, immediately said.
"Oh, I see, but I think boys are long and tender."
"Because the boy looks like his mother."
Chang Huanyan couldn’t help laughing. Now she can finally understand the feelings of those "sunbathing maniacs" in her circle of friends.
My child was praised and really felt beautiful.
The door suddenly opened at this moment Bai Jinlan and Wei Ran came in, followed by Shi Yang.
Xiaozhou immediately returned the mobile phone to Chang Huanyan, and they got up and greeted each other.
Bai Jinlan said with a smile, "Now it’s not the company. Let’s sit down. By the way, since people are here and it’s the last day of the holiday, we can start now without delaying everyone’s going home."
A hot pot buffet is actually a small pot in front of everyone with ingredients to eat, which is hot but clean and convenient.
After ordering the bottom of the pot, everyone got up and went outside to serve spices and ingredients.
When Chang Huanyan and Qiao Jinyu came back with spices, they found that … the position next to her suddenly changed.
Wei ran took off his coat and suit, dressed in a white shirt and sat there waiting for others to serve him.
Chang Huan Yan’s eyes jumped violently, so he crustily skin of head went over.
When a faint smell of cologne men’s perfume floated into her nose, she felt a little uneasy unconsciously. Why did she sit next to her when she died young? If this is seen by Bai Jinlan …
"Xiao Chang, you are back so soon."
speak of the devil
Bai Jinlan came up with two condiments, put one of them in front of Wei Ran and said, "Xiao Chang, I don’t think anyone can sit around you."
"Of course" often sits with a quick smile.
Students will soon come to Caicai, and the mobile dining table is filled with all kinds of ingredients in an instant.
"Miss, do you want some red wine?" Born holding a red wine bottle to ask
"No thanks"
Just say that finish, I heard Bai Jinlan’s voice say, "It’s rare for manager Wei to treat us today. Everyone can drink more wine and take a taxi back later."
Chang Huanyan "…"
"Sorry, manager Wei, I am allergic to drinking." Xiaozhou has already spoken.
Chang Huanyan also said, "Who always embarrassed me now …"
"If you can’t drink, don’t be forced," Wei Ran said. "Today is a thank-you banquet. Everyone is free to be so restrained."
Bai Jinlan also said with a smile, "Yes, I can drink more, but I can’t."
Chang Huanyan "…"
Finally started
The most active dining table should be Bai Jinlan and Shi Yang, both of whom are responsible for adjusting the atmosphere. Qiao Jinyu occasionally gagged.
Even if Wei Ran is very quiet, the whole game will be regarded as the guests’ joy.
After drinking three rounds, the guard raised himself and went over to the sofa and took a bag.
At the sight of him taking out a red envelope, the atmosphere at the dinner table suddenly reached the most * *
Chang Huanyan also immediately picked up the phone and sent a message to Yu Yu, "Husband’s dinner is almost over."
Soon Yu Yu will reply "good"
Wei Yang, who has turned red and wrapped his head, said, "This is the Spring Festival red envelope year-end bonus, which will be distributed together with the 15th salary."
When they heard this, they were naturally more excited, although the red envelope money was just a couple of thousand dollars …
Chang Huan-yan stayed there until Wei Yang shouted the words "Chang Huan-yan".
"Huanyan go!" Busy Qiao Jinyu stretched out his hand and poked her
夜生活Chang Huan Yan got up and took the red envelope with her hands in the past. "Thank you, Manager Wei."
Wei Yang slightly hooked his lips and said four words "continue to work hard"
When Yang, the red envelope guard, looked at it, he said, "That’s all for today. I wish you all a happy New Year and a good year at home."
"Thank you, Mr. Wei", and everyone thanked him.
After Wei Yang left, Qiao Jinyu asked in a low voice, "Huanyan, let’s take a taxi together. It seems to have snowed outside."
"My husband will come to pick you up and ride with us. I’ll drop you off," Chang Huanyan said directly.
"Wow, you are so happy. My brother-in-law is not only handsome, but also so kind to you …" Qiao Jinyu immediately said sweetly.
Chang Huanyan got up with a smile. "What is there to envy that Zhou Wei is also handsome?"
"That’s different. Zhou Wei himself said that his most admired person is your husband. He also told me a lot about your husband’s great achievements."
"…" Chang Huanyan immediately looked at her in surprise. "True or false, please tell me about it later."
"Come on, I have to tell you about my husband."
Chang Huanyan "Hehe" gave two quick smiles. "Yes, he is too shy to say his heroic deeds."
Qiao Jinyu wanted to joke a few more words about Bai Jinlan, but suddenly he came over. "How are you two going to get there, Xiao Changyu?"
"…" This question immediately stumped two people.
Bai Jinlan see two people don’t talk then smiled and said, "it’s snowing outside or … I just have a car to send you."
On hearing this, Chang Huan Yan immediately said, "We won’t stop by without the editor."
"No, I have nothing to do tonight anyway. I don’t need to go home for the New Year this year to see you off." Bai Jinlan is very enthusiastic. "It’s especially difficult to take a taxi when it snows outside. They are all waiting outside."