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Zhou Yi is a doctor who can just make an excuse for the review of eldest sister-in-law, and Gu Changning’s fighting capacity is amazing. Once he makes trouble later, he will definitely not lose money before Teng Jun or Ye Sanye.

I worship tunnel "Ye Sanye just entered the eldest sister-in-law room and he brought a lot of people to take me outside … I don’t know what’s going on inside …"
Ye Li’s eyes sank. "Kick the door open!"
The guards immediately acted on orders.
Ye Li strode in as soon as the door opened.
Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes are dim and he doesn’t hold me behind him.
The eye is the big bed. Ye Sanye has been stripped naked and is lying on a naked woman with the same light.
I started out as my sister-in-law and my heart was shaking.
桑拿网I never thought my sister-in-law would do this …
A closer look is Li Yuyan!
On both sides of the bed, Teng Jun took the guards and his sister-in-law with bodyguards. The two sides were at loggerheads.
I was very surprised.
Actually, I’m not sure about Ye Xiangyuan and Sister-in-law’s plan.
Section 122
I wanted to teach Ye Sanye a lesson, but I didn’t expect even Li Yuyan to be pitted.
What’s even more incredible is that eldest sister-in-law drank tea or was awake?
And how can bed people become Li Yuyan?
Go to see Teng Jun again. She frowned and looked complicated, but she didn’t make noise as usual.
Ye Li asked angrily, "What’s going on!"
Teng jun saw him as if he had just recovered and immediately found him crying, "The old man is all Lv Nian cheating! This bitch wants to frame three sons … "
I interrupted her with a sneer. "Sister-in-law has been resting in her room. How can she frame her uncle? I’m curious about why her uncle will hug Miss Li naked or in her room!"
Teng jun screamed and ran to catch my face "bitch! Shut up! It’s either Lu Nian or you. We asked you to give Lu Nian medicine. What, Lu Nian is fine? Are you colluding with her to frame my son! "
Ye Xiangyuan stopped me behind him and hooked his mouth. "What did you ask my wife to do again?"
Teng jun thinks that his gaffes immediately scream and divert the target and directly fire at Ye Xiangyuan. "Are you sure you have a share?" You can’t wait for my son to give way to you! It must be you, you baiwenhang! "
She threw her fist at Ye Xiangyuan regardless of her body.
But it’s certainly impossible for her to get it with a bodyguard
Ye Xiangyuan had her detained and turned to Ye Li. "Grandpa, I’m curious what she meant by asking my wife to give medicine to my sister-in-law."
Ye Li is sure to guess that there is something fishy in it.
But he didn’t go out at once, but frowned and looked at Teng Jun as if he had scruples.
He should be trying to make peace.
I can’t help but pout. At this point, he has to protect Teng Jun.
Chapter 129 Uncle and niece roll in piles
Gu Changning also clearly saw Ye Li’s intention to hook the corner of his eye and sneered, "Grandpa Ayuan, are you trying to cover up your wife?"
Ye Li turned to Teng Jun to "make things clear"
Teng Jun sobbed and saw the eyes of Gu Changning and Zhou Yi just don’t talk.
I’m afraid she’s too ashamed to say it.
What you see now is how humiliating it is for Ye Sanye to roll with his wife and niece.
But they were going to give the eldest sister-in-law medicine to frame her.
It is not a glorious thing to talk about the truth.
Mr. Teng Teng was crying so deeply that he was wronged and sad.
Ye Li looked at me when she got better. "You say it!"
I faltered for a while. "She and Miss Li gave me a pack of medicine and threatened me to go to Sister-in-law’s tea … Sister-in-law is my savior. Of course I can’t do anything wrong to her … I don’t know about other things …"
Teng Jun stared at me in disbelief.
I smiled at her when no one was looking.
She swore, "Bitch!"
I timidly hid behind Ye Xiangyuan.
Teng Jun turned to Ye Li and sobbed in a low voice. "Old man, you have to believe me. I don’t know the situation at all …"
See her crying pear flower take rain Ye Li must be distressed that she could not bear to persecute her.
He sighed and said to the guards, "Wake up that evil obstacle for me."
Ye Sanye and Li Yuyan are both in a coma, and the quarrel just didn’t wake them up.
Gu Changning suddenly came out and said, "I’ll do it."