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He also wants to test whether there is Chi Yiming in Lu’s worries! If there is, then it’s unforgettable for Lu You to keep such a distance from him.

"You didn’t tell him that we …" Lu You wanted to get a definite answer from him.
"Do you want him to know or don’t you want him to know?" He closed his eyes and slowly opened them. The light was sharp and stared at Lu’s sorrow.
"You know what you mean." She dipped the towel back into the basin and twisted it.
When she was going to continue to wipe his arm, he held her hand instead. "Is it so shameful to let others know about our marriage?" Or you don’t want Chi Yiming to know? "
"It’s not what you think. If others know that your marriage with me is bound to cause a storm, but I want to live a quiet life. Besides, we will end this marriage in one year. I think hidden marriage is the best choice for us, and I hope you can respect my decision." Lu You explained calmly.
Although her name is indeed written in his spouse column, she knows that such an excellent man can’t really belong to herself. After one year, the marriage will disintegrate and they will really become strangers, but this year she will keep her wife’s position.
"Mrs. Lin, you always know how to defeat a man’s confidence!" Lin Mochen complained.
Why do so many women want to surround him and her eyes never really fall on him?
The two of them just looked at each other as if they were still. In their eyes, the silence of each other for a long time was broken by the cell phone bell.
Lu sorrow like a touch quickly withdraw their eyes low eyebrows hanging eyes basin with a towel.
And Lin Mo Chen put the mobile phone around him and picked it up. Tone cool thin "Pool 2 arrived at the ink garden so soon? But I have to go to the company temporarily. If you don’t mind, just come to the company to find me or wait for me in your ink garden. "
"Lin always keeps his word" Chi Yiming gritted his teeth and swallowed his anger.
"External factors are beyond Lin’s control." Lin Mochen pushed the blame completely. "If you don’t want photos, it’s not as bad as I think. It’s ok if the pool is big or small or the pool is always handed over to you."
"…" Chi Yiming has been mad.
Chi love rat was fooled enough by Mr. Lin, right? God continues to abuse him and escalate.
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"How can I know that I like a woman?"
"Want to sleep with her"
Yan Shao wanted to sleep with Yang Xiaoning the first time he saw her. This is the only woman he wants to sleep with.
But the facts are unpredictable.
When Yan Shao saw Yang Xiaoning, she still smiled beautifully but lay in a cold coffin.
品茶论坛Until a woman named early summer and autumn appeared in his sight, he tore a hole in his heart and drilled into it, occupying it and sleeping for a generation.
Section 27
☆, 47 I think drunken promiscuity is better.
Lin Mochen looked at the still twisted towel and worried about her eyes. The soft light plated her face and skin was crystal clear and beautiful.
"Chi Er Shao, if you are willing to wait, just wait for Lin Mou to come back. If you don’t want to, I won’t be forced to decide on you." Lin Mo Chen can already imagine that at the moment, the face in front of Chi Yiming’s carved door in Mo Garden is angry, and his heart suddenly rises with joy.
"Manager Lin, this is not your usual style of doing things. Aren’t you afraid of being criticized for pressing people like this?" Chi Yiming took a deep breath and tried to suppress the rising chest flame.
Lin Mo-chen is a god-like figure in Baijing. He was calm and low-key, decisive and ruthless. He earned his first bucket of gold on Wall Street when he studied in the United States in his early years. When he graduated and returned to China, he was worth hundreds of millions. He founded the current giant ink group. Later, when Lin Mo-chen’s grandfather died, he gave him the White House industry to a higher level. In just a few years, it became extremely expensive.
However, judging from the way he fools people now, it is not a successful and mature man. It is like a child’s anger and evil drama. This has refreshed Chi Yiming’s three views. Is this person a Lin Mochen?
"I pressure is you? If you have something to do, you can do the same to me. Lin will never complain, "Lin Mo-chen doesn’t mean to pick a sarcastic chuckle." Besides, who do you think dares to say that in Baijing? "
It is true that no one in Beijing wants to offend Lin Mo-chen’s office, just as he said, who dares to gossip?
Chi Yiming’s anger in the night wind caused a cold sweat on his forehead because of his rampage in his chest. Compared with Lin Mo-chen, his current status and position are not to be taunted by Lin Mo-chen, and there are indecent photos in his hand. If he offends him, his father will not let him go. Lin Mo-chen can swallow this yabakui if he wants to play tricks on him.
"Then dare you ask Manager Lin when you will be back?" Chi Yiming thought of here, the more he gritted his teeth and forbeared.
"It’s hard to say, maybe half an hour, maybe an hour or two, maybe …" Lin Mo-chen paused just to make Chi Yiming worry. "Maybe it will be early pool two hours. Go home if you are in a hurry."
Chi Yiming, where is Lin Mo-chen’s opponent crushed in minutes, but he still has a correct attitude and does not dare to offend slightly.
Lin Mo-chen turned on his mobile phone and threw it away on the floating windowsill. Then he stretched out his hand to pull Lu You.
It’s not the first time that Lu You didn’t pay attention to being so unstable that he easily threw himself at him, and his wrist turned to hold her body and let her sit firmly on her thigh. But Lu You still didn’t adapt to their close contact.