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I looked back for a moment and got a panoramic view of everyone’s expression. Everyone was ready to fight without the bridge, but they didn’t come because they couldn’t help. The LV9 level of the current striker player is not a problem, but the equipment, weapons, ornaments and rings, and the strongest weapons and equipment are among us (Wu Bing and Qing Yu haven’t changed jobs yet, so they haven’t been called to fight yet)

First of all, I quickly turned The Hunger’s reincarnation knife three times and threw it at Bart’s wind. The The Hunger ring was sharp. I don’t believe Bart’s wind dared to stop it, but I threw The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. The skill of riding a toucan knight [collision] crossed me and rushed at Bart’s wind. The dark fire disappeared in situ and instantly appeared. Both sides of Bart’s wind were right. This is a unique skill of dark fire [shadow separation] Two places at once have the ability to be 70% true, but it is impossible to underestimate the fact that the soldiers didn’t go to fight, but they read something in the back of their mouths. A large range [field of land attributes] was thrown at the foot of Bart’s wind. Imbat wind is the top BOSS of the animal class with wind attributes. As a result, the ability of Bart’s wind was immediately reduced by 20% as soon as the land attributes were launched.
Of course, Bart’s wind is not easy to bully the main foot. People have danced for a long time [collision] and suddenly fell. In Bart’s wind, the attack range of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife has been seen. He twisted the sickle in his hand with one hand, and the blade of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife had a hard collision. "Peng!" Before Bart’s wind could react, the dark fire appeared sickle attack dead angle. The fist blade’ Mangyuan’ attacked Bart’s wind armpit at a critical moment. Bart’s wind clenched his fist with the other hand and swept the fist blade deeply. In Bart’s fist, the other hand turned the sickle and swept the dark fire. When he saw the dark fire, there was another dark fire behind Bart’s wind, and this dark fire skill [dark instantaneous] and [psychic shock wave] broke into the long range of Bart’s wind hand to stab the fist blade.
Of course, Bart’s wind is no ordinary BOSS. When the sharpest tip of the dark fire fist pierces Bart’s left chest and puts an inch in the heart, Bart’s wind suddenly becomes as hard as iron, and it is difficult for the dark fire fist to score a point, and both of them fall from it at the same time.
I’ve never seen [rocketry] shoot back at Bart’s wind * * * * in the past. The fire from this [rocketry] turned out to be purple. I believe it’s also a variant of the magic of the disease. "Bang, bang, bang …" For eleven consecutive rings, all purple rockets hit the target perfectly. Bart’s wind is black and bloody, which proves that this variant of the disease method [rocketry] does not generally fall to the ground. Bart’s wind and dark fire "swish!
"Hey!" For a while, the Bart wind was crazy! Eyes covered with bloodshot eyes descended on Tianwu with one foot and one footprint. It was another trick to touch Tianwu hard. When the whole person was hit and flew, he spit out a big mouthful of blood. This is a serious injury that will cause a state. Generally, he will not vomit blood from his mouth. If vomiting blood syndrome also causes mental damage to his body in reality, such a state will occur.
"Dance!" I couldn’t believe my eyes were wide open. I looked at Tianwu, which was supposed to be strong, but compared with elephants, a woman was hit by Bart’s wind. I was still a little puzzled why Bart would do this and show mercy, but now it won’t.
"The Hunger reincarnation knife crack day chop!" If you don’t finish it, you can fly back to The Hunger and jump directly into The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Your feet float on The Hunger’s reincarnation knife for one centimeter. If you finish it, it won’t hinder The Hunger’s reincarnation knife from rotating. The idea controls The Hunger’s reincarnation knife to rush to Bart’s wind and shout behind him, but I didn’t hear what he said and I don’t want to hear anything now. I want to make a clean break with Bart’s wind now.
The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is divided into two, two, four, four and sixteen. Sixteen The Hunger reincarnation knives surround Bart’s wind completely. Except for the one I set up, I cut fifteen vertically to Bart’s wind and dragged fifteen cracks with red corners.
In the crazy state, no matter what comes, the two horns instantly extend twice, and the first twist of the horn comes into close contact with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. There is no strong impact, and the horn of Bart’s reincarnation knife is cut off, and the rest of The Hunger’s reincarnation knife is actually trapped in Bart’s body, trapped again and deeply. Fifteen The Hunger reincarnation knives cut Bart’s wind into pieces and didn’t even scream.
After facing the soldier, he was about to launch a unique skill, but it ended like this. He just froze and kept saying, "This is really not a small person. It seems that he was underestimated to give him a few months ago!"
After doing this trick, my body collapsed and I fell from The Hunger’s reincarnation knife. Fortunately, I was caught by the dark fire, and then my consciousness gradually disappeared. Before I disappeared, I asked, "How was the dance?"
"She …"
Chapter 11 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (1)
The sky is blue and the ice field is always so clear. On this day in Wan Liyun, the snow is so lonely, but the whole city is very big, but there are less than 100 people living in it. What’s more important is that this situation was formed only a few days ago, and a few days ago, the Snow Queen organized the whole city to make a final counterattack against the invading gods, but it failed. The Snow Queen disappeared, and the inferno slaughtered the city and left. These people were originally far away from the city to guard the’ pylorus’, but at the moment when the pylorus was broken, these people evacuated, so they saved their lives.
After being in a coma for more than an hour, I woke up, and my body was fine, but the dancing situation was not so good. Bart’s wind knocked her unconscious. The only way to save her coma in the game is to let her rest or let her wake up with strong will. Because dancing can’t go back and send her to the battle, I decided to move forward and enter Syracuse, and maybe I can find a place to rest.
After entering the city, I found a rest place, and there are still many places for us to rest. The whole city has almost become a city. From the guardian’s mouth, I know that the Snow Queen is missing and has not died, especially in the last blow of the Snow Queen, the inferno suffered heavy casualties, otherwise it would not have left without thorough search, and I also know another news that pylorus has opened the boundary and gradually approached the coast from the sea. The inferno came in from pylorus, and the fairyland world in the game is in these two boundaries.
In addition, Snow City, the queen of ice and snow, can be said to be the birthplace of the whole fairyland. It is from here that Scorpio began to slowly develop the world and formed the fairyland today, but for the inferno and the guardian of the man of God, I don’t know anything, and I dare not say anything.
Sister, the last group of people haven’t arrived yet, so several of our leaders held a short meeting. At this time, I can carefully observe the intelligence of President’ Intelligence First’. His face is very ordinary, and his equipment is even so ordinary. Even his height and figure are so ordinary. There are hundreds of the same people who are casually put on the street, but it is such a talent that he is really suitable to be an intelligence worker. According to my sister, this person is also a world-class intelligence officer in the real world, and he will be easy to operate. However, the appearance in the game is really true, because these can’t be hidden from the
The intelligence first said, "According to the information obtained, besides what the guardian said just now, there is also a possible place for the Snow Queen." The intelligence pointed to a fairyland map made by himself and saw that the place he was referring to was in an ice forest in the west of Xuexian City, which happened to be not far from the pylorus forest.
"As you can see, once we get close to here, we will definitely be discovered by the inferno. Today, we have no experience in fighting with the inferno. If we rashly go to war with the inferno, the casualties will be very serious. Although our troops can be reborn, they can’t be sent here. According to the actual time, it will take at least half a day to get here from the resurrection, but the inferno can constantly recruit troops from pylorus, regardless of their strength." After the intelligence carefully finished, we looked at all of us and finally added, "So it is not practical to go to war now."
The soldiers also expressed their opinions and said, "I also agree with the intelligence statement. After all, our current snow force is too small to limit the creation of magic objects, and if the strength is still unclear, it is unpredictable to attack the situation rashly. I think it is the best policy to organize a small team to rescue."
桑拿网  title=After the soldiers finished speaking, most people agreed to this method, which is also a more practical method to discuss a round of rescue team composed of seven people, namely, soldiers staying behind, dark fire, disease method, military force, blood repellent, intelligence and ice fox, and dance in heaven is taken care of by Muer and Qingyu.
The forest in the west of Xuexian City is really extraordinary. The whole forest is actually a kind of white tree as snow and ice. From a height, there is something that is not white. It can be said that it is clear. So what does the intelligence say about the Snow Queen here? Will she be invisible? The intelligence saw that everyone was puzzled and said, "The snow queen is white, so hiding in this snow forest is the best way to escape the inferno."
The crowd suddenly turned out to be the way it was. At the beginning, it was given a photo of the Queen of Ice and Snow without her body to search. It was divided into three groups: I and intelligence, a group of dark fire, a group of disease, an ice fox and a group of soldiers. There are reasons for this grouping, but there must be one person in each group who can make [healing] and [accelerating]. This is a life-saving method. If you don’t meet the ultimate BOSS like Butterfield, your life will not be lost soon, and you will have a chance. In these three groups, I, Xuefen and Binghu just have these two kinds of life-saving values and escape skills.
The three groups of people separated from each other in three directions, searched in parallel, and converged on the other side of the forest, while I and the left side of the information search, that is, the direction closest to the pylorus, could directly see that the pylorus portal was as black as the nine-deep abyss and appeared near the whole gate, and the boundary appeared as the boundary, which vaguely made me feel uncomfortable.
"Elegant speaking, it’s the first time we’ve been alone."
"Oh, yeah, I didn’t expect you to be in the family."
The intelligence turned dark and said, "I’m not from the Oriental family, I’m from you."
"What?" After listening to the information, I feel numb. What do you mean, I’m one of those people? No way. I’m a normal person anyway, and I’m not that outstanding. Even men can attract me.
"Haha, it seems that you misunderstood me, saying that I gave birth to you or you appeared."
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
Chapter 12 Sisters, Parents and Brothers (II)
I asked, "What the hell is this?"
"I’ll make a long story short. You should remember that the elder said that there were two people who liked the rock at the same time, and there were three people who really liked the rock, and that person was my ancestor, that is, Chen Haoxiao, the founder of today’s top ten enterprises in the world, and Chen Xingyuan, the president of today, was my great-great-grandfather."
"So you are Qin Yong’s brother?"
"But she doesn’t know that I have such a brother, and I’m here to confirm what my ancestors said, whether the moon mark would have exploded in the first place."
"So what happened in those days?"
"In those days, the moon mark was the last experiment that Nai took to stop the ancestors of two families, Lan and Dong, by means of self-explosion, in order to protect my ancestors and destroy the things that could not be published."
My mind is a mess after listening to it. Why are there so many stories? Who should I trust?
"You don’t need to judge who is right or wrong. This is a thing of the past, and our two families have also talked about it, and both of them are the ultimate goal of the future of the earth. If it weren’t for the ambition of Blue Wolf, we would also find him."
"Then what exactly is that experiment?"
"Gene decomposition!"
"gene? That is not … "
"Yes, you five people made the same thing before they were born. At that time, the manufacturing results were amazing. The’ man’ produced by gene synthesis had most of the abilities of the moon mark, but he didn’t have the consciousness of life and the created’ man’ had a strong sense of destruction. At that time, our three ancestors moved all military forces and could not destroy him. Finally, my ancestors risked their lives to enter the rock that was forbidden at that time, and the’ man’ also came here to save my ancestors. The pure gene of their racial stream blew itself up and wiped out the’ man’, but there were few rock fragments left at the scene and all the experiments were recorded by the computer, which is now the celestial body, and the residual consciousness of the moon mark was divided into several parts, and most of the machines. What you see today can be said to represent the past moon mark. "
When I heard this, I vaguely felt that the five of us were trying to ask, "Are the five of us also part of the moon mark consciousness?"
The intelligence continued, "Yes, you are a new life form of residual consciousness and rock fragments in the blue cloud computer. You should find that you have others who are incapable. Although you are not awake now, you will soon wake up, so you will become a new moon mark."
When I was just about to ask some more questions, the behemoth roared in the forest. As soon as I listened to the information, I found that the sound was wrong. I didn’t say for the time being that I followed the sound and found that the Snow Queen was lying down in a cave covered with snow-capped mountains. At first glance, I really couldn’t see that the behemoth was too big to dig hard with its hands or feet. When we saw this, we were polite to the behemoth and rushed over with The Hunger’s reincarnation knife and information.