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I looked at the screen and marveled at the high fighting talent of Tianwu. I knew from her light stroke [Dark Barrier] that she was very aware of the weakness of [Dark Barrier]. The physical attack blocked eleven times, but the heavy stroke was as light as the weak stroke, and it was very easy to break the [Dark Barrier] with a quick stroke.

Disease method eyes finally saw him panic for the first time since the start of the game, but at this time [thunder blasting] had completed a circle. One meter Fiona Fang’s huge thunder broke his armor and the dance was hit on the spot, but what was even more surprising happened. There was nothing wrong with the dance. Although the eyes were full of horror, the hands and feet were not slow [the Holy Spirit called], the dance was still as normal as nothing happened. She looked at it from a height, but her eyes became more and more confident, and she felt that the woman was bigger.
If he has changed his job, he will certainly not have a skill to meet the enemy, but Ji Facong surrendered to the system and was in danger of demotion.
After watching the Tian Dance and the Disease Law Competition, I sighed in my heart that there are countless strong people in Wonderland. It seems that I have to find several necessary cards in my mind, and the day after tomorrow will be my world.
☆        ☆        ☆
LV9-LV99 duels won the championship in the end, but the disease method entered the top five. But this time, all eyes in the 9-level division were ill. Who believes that a mage who hasn’t changed his job can actually reach the final and has such amazing fighting power and attract the attention of players is me? I make them even more horrified that a beginner can win the LV7-level championship, which makes illegal gambling players in the periphery stunned and lose a large amount of RO coins, and even more doubt whether it is a unified BUG.
Disease and law and I came to the first floor of the waterway in our special place again. It’s really a good place to chat. Most people will go straight to the second floor. No one will stay on the first floor, and there is no figure in our corner except the second one called Oriental Snow Blowing.
"Disease method feel like? Is that day dance strong? "
"It’s so fucking tough. You saw her coming. The speed and strength were not enough. She was broken in two seconds. My dark wall was not enough. She was finished in a few seconds. Fortunately, she didn’t have a chance to let her cut me down or she might be killed in seconds."
"It’s not so serious? You have almost 15 health points. It’s not possible to hit so many health points, is it? "
"That is, if you don’t know that she [provokes], it will reduce my defense by half, and the’ Death Sickle’ has double attack effect. If she has 4 health points with one blow, double is that my roots are not enough for her, and she will be finished with two blows."
After listening to my cold sweat, it’s really tough. Even if the blood cow meets her, she will surrender. However, her cold female posture has impressed her more and more, and I don’t know what, so I have a special feeling for her.
Disease method continued, "She’s the president of the Wonderland Girls’ League. Of course, it’s amazing. You didn’t see her hand. The girls are peak sexually in the game, but they can definitely rank in the top three in terms of dancing strength. I just don’t know how effective the first guild is."
"Lin Bing can be said to be a man who can’t see through. If you look at him, you will know that he must have more powerful means if he doesn’t take part in the competition." I recall that he wore a headdress when he was in the army. Later, I found out that it turned out to be a five-level artifact’ Pharaoh’s Crown’. I didn’t know what it was, but a five-level artifact didn’t want to know the effect. In retrospect, Lin Bing was wearing it to demonstrate to me at that time, but he didn’t know what it was for my first brother. Alas, it made him look
After a rest of half an hour, the leapfrog challenge is about to start again. Of course, the audience watched me play this time. Before the game, I carefully thought about whether it was better to become famous so quickly or temporarily. I have no power of my own except illness. The final consideration is of course to temporarily hide. Anyway, the challenge is held every week, and I am not afraid that he will leave. But once I am famous, it is hard for me to do what I want to do. Although I am already famous enough, I still don’t want to show it to others.
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Kill kill! There are votes to vote, no votes to comment! These chapters are written as follows. I don’t know how it feels to describe fighting in wonderland. Let’s try it for the time being!
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Chapter VI Changing Jobs
Cong, I resolutely gave up the leapfrog challenge, and the second and third place entered the challenge lounge in high spirits. The final result was of course a tragic slaughter. After all, the level is that everything is about one level different from others. It is very difficult to win unless you have a five-level artifact.
The champion of LV7-LV79 is a bard (a profession and a dancer are both male dancers and female archers when they turn around), whose name is Tianya Fangcao, and the champion of LV7-LV79 is an assassin whose name is also very hot-blooded. It is said that his opponent didn’t even cut him in the final, and he was completely killed by him.
LV7 level leapfrog challenge failed, while LV7-LV79 level group ranked the second player to leapfrog challenge, but still failed in LV-LV9 level group. No one even tried to challenge, and everyone who had seen Tianwu was very conscious of their own strength gap.
I left the capital and came to the White Tower in Ji Fen before the game of disease and law was over. Now, the first thing is to change from disease to law and become a sage.
We came to the first floor of Ji Fen Tower to ask the NPC guild staff of the Wizards’ Guild about the process of changing jobs. It used to take four steps to change jobs into talents.
First, go to the president of the Magic Guild, Gary, on the second floor to accept the application for transfer.
Second, enter the laboratory on the third floor of the Magic Guild to learn the knowledge of sages. If you master Chinese knowledge, you will succeed.
桑拿网Third, look for the great magic teacher Mei Taiwu Si-Shifu in the’ Beast Refined House’ on the fourth floor of the Magic Guild, and take the sage ring from him.
Four, to the fourth floor to transfer jobs and sage quit to complete the transfer.
At first glance, we didn’t feel that it was that simple. It was completed in this tower, so I was temporarily separated from Illness Law. I went to practice for a higher level and Illness Law changed my job.
☆        ☆        ☆
The disease method came to the second floor. Ge Ruifang, the president of the guild, gently knocked on the door and pushed the door in. He saw an old man with a kind face and white hair looking intently and saying "10,000!"
The disease method was stunned by 110,000 at that time?
Gary saw that the person who came in didn’t answer. He said again, "Didn’t you hear 10 thousand?"
"I …"
"Why do you talk so much anyway? I’d better give it to you. Then you can have some punishment."
This is also true when you listen to the disease law. Anyway, the existing 10,000 yuan is unified. If it is easier to change jobs, it will definitely be a good thing. I quickly handed in 10,000 RO coins and then took the application from the president to fill it out, regardless of whether the president went to the third floor by himself.
There is a room disease method on the third floor. Open it and say, "Wow!"
Seeing that this room is so full that I can’t see the walls of the room, I feel like I’m wandering in the forest. According to the application, I’m looking for a random skill, but it’s like a mountain. When will I turn it over? Fortunately, there are categories here, but when you look back, what kind of random skills is this? There’s a classification, which means there’s no classification. Finally, I’ll look for it slowly in my depression.
☆        ☆        ☆
And I tried my best to find a time when I came to a familiar place, the ancient city of Ham, Creste, where I used to dare not move and was about to run. Today, I’m going to come here to test my fighting power as a super beginner.
It’s still so dark and cold. As soon as I entered, I saw a little black demon coming at me with a little devil fork in my hand. First, I put a [dark barrier] on myself, and then I slowed down a little devil’s body immediately, but the ghost fork in my hand was still "swishing", even stabbing level 3.1 [Holy Spirit summons] and attacking it, but I didn’t stop [slamming] and cut off two kinds of attacks to attack the little devil.
When I entered the first floor of the ancient city of Green Mountain Mountain, I saw the ghost archer’s skills and [bully body] from afar. This time, I also learned that the enemy rushed at the ghost archer with a ghost arrow. Even if he was hit by a ghost arrow, he wouldn’t stay for almost the same time. [Slow down] Throw it at close range, and then [furious] bounced the ghost archer against the wall. Then I dragged my sword to the ground and hit the ghost archer in sparks. I was hit back and forth for two times in a row and finally turned into a pile of rotten armor and died. I also picked up something dropped by a ghost archer conveniently this time, but suddenly I found that there was a’ bow’ in it. I immediately picked it up for identification, and I couldn’t identify it. I was surprised. This means that this is a four-level bow. I just don’t know what bow is hitting now and I don’t want to train here. I immediately rushed back to the capital. Although I am a super beginner, I have archer skills, but I don’t have a bow. I can’t come to such a good thing
Back in the capital, there were fewer players, and the competition was held for a day until after 6 pm. These people either went to rest or went to other cities to train.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
I saw another person I didn’t want to see, the soldier. He walked over to me and saw his smile. I felt like tens of thousands of ants crawling, and I had an impulse to go back.