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Lan Jingyi checked the doors and windows to make sure that they were sealed, so she didn’t worry about taking it. She bought a bucket of instant noodles outside and soaked it in hot water. Then she ate it slowly. Maybe she was really hungry, so she felt that the instant noodles were particularly fragrant. She hadn’t eaten anything all day. She was really hungry.

After eating a bucket, I was not full, so I bought a bucket. It’s hard to continue to be hungry this night. I hope that man won’t pack the restaurant again, or she will go out to eat again. She is so tired now. She doesn’t want to go anywhere. She just wants to be alone with Xiaoqinqin.
约茶I wish the plane had left.
It’s that day. How many days later
It turns out that the waiting process is so tormented.
Chapter 19 Field Special Offer
I took my pajamas and went to wash my hands. Lan Jingyi sat in the bathtub. She wanted to take a good bath and soak herself in the tired water. There was a little red mark on her neck. Did he leave it?
When I think of Jiang Junyue, I think of the feeling when he kissed himself. It was so magical. She thought it was the thought of her body, and her blood began to boil involuntarily, as if to rush out of her body, which made her particularly uncomfortable.
"I really want to love your generation …" The bell suddenly rang and she frowned and immediately picked up "Hello?" I didn’t want to pick up anything. It was a conditioned reflex.
"Is Jingyi asleep?" The gentle man is Lu Wentao.
"Not yet." She smiled lazily and said to Liu Wentao that she really didn’t feel anything. She still owes him a lot of money. Just think of him as her creditor.
"Where is Qinqin?"
"Qinqin is asleep"
"Oh, I do have something to discuss with you-"seems to be a little cautious, which is really a bit unlike Liu Wentao’s previous style.
"hmm? You say it. "
"A business friend in the company is going to hold an engagement ceremony and invited me to join you. Look …"
"This … is not appropriate …" She has no wife with him, leaving the two titles of ex-wife and ex-husband
"But I was asked to be there with you."
"Oh which day? Maybe I have returned to France. I have booked a plane ticket for six days.
"That’s just right. The engagement day is five days later. I’ll see you off when you’re finished."
"Well," Lan Jingyi didn’t want to promise, but the thought that she owed Liu Wentao was just accompanying him to an engagement party. It really didn’t matter if she and he were him, she was clean.
Liu Wentao looked down at the red invitation in his hand. The invitation was written by Jiang Junyue himself. He knew him and didn’t know what Jiang Junyue was going to do. But it was an engagement party that could make Lan Jingyi completely give up. So she will give up on Jiang Junyue from now on. Will he have hope again?
Recently, somehow, he has become more and more reluctant to let go.
Lan Jingyi stopped talking and leaned back slightly against the edge of the bathtub. She was really tired. Should I take it with Xiao Qinqin?
At this time, she really wanted to call Liu Wentao back and say that she didn’t want to go, but she just somehow agreed.
Section 61
Come on, let’s go with Xiao Qinqin when the time comes. After this night, she got back to Xiao Qinqin and told herself where to go. She would never leave the child half a step.
At dawn, I wake up from my sleep, and the city is as usual. People are still so busy, and they are still so easy to walk by.
Lomevie curled up in a blanket, and she wanted to shout, but the cloth in her mouth made her unable to make any sound.
She wanted to move, but after trying for a long time, she couldn’t move, and her joints were broken. Yunfei killed him that day and tortured her for a night. I don’t know how many times she wanted her. She remembered the bad smell in the old factory and Yunfei asked for it again and again, and her body fell apart. It was not until dawn that he drove the handlebar and lost himself in the grass outside Luo’s gate.
Damn it, she hates him.
"What’s over there? Why is there a blanket at our gate? What does this sound like? " A cold girl came to Lome Wei, but it was her mother. If her mother found herself, she would be saved, otherwise she would really die.
It’s not cold in the blanket, but it’s cold because her heart is still scared. If outsiders find her naked in the blanket and see her like this, how can she marry Jiang Junyue after rendering her? He will definitely think she’s dirty and never marry her again.
Lome Wei struggled desperately to attract her mother’s attention. She was not only naked and naked, but also covered in bruises and hickeys. Those were all left by Yunfei. She hated it and believed in a wolf.
There is a servant coming in her direction, and she listens to the footsteps. The heart rate is getting faster and faster, so if she is seen by the servant, she will be ashamed to see the servant again. She is so embarrassing.
Footsteps stopped beside her and grabbed her hair with her first turn. "Ah …" The maid screamed and rushed back to the front of Love. "Mrs. Fu … seems to be … Miss."
"Young lady? Mei Wei? Are you kidding? "Mrs. Love growled, but her eyes were skeptical. Last night, her daughter didn’t return for a night. She played all night. Her words were all machine. Is it really a daughter wrapped in that carpet?
"Lady really looks like a young lady." The maid looked at Lome Wei slightly in awe. When the woman turned her head, she saw her face and bare shoulders, which seemed to be traces. She was a n experienced person and knew it at first sight.
Mrs. Love strode to the grass and looked down. It was indeed Lome Wei. "Mei Wei …" She stretched out her hand and pulled the rag from Lome Wei’s mouth. "What happened?"
"Mom, I …" Lome EU completely fainted and thought of being forced by Yunfei last night …
After eating breakfast early in the morning, Lan Jingyi took out an album and sat on the bed with Xiao Qinqin. She watched and pointed at the fruits and vegetables in the album. She taught the little things to identify what they were, and the little things followed her, babbling and reading, regardless of whether others could understand them. Anyway, she was not idle and had a good time.
Lan Jingyi’s words rang at this moment to see if it was Lan Qing who came to the city from her. This is the second time that her mother called her. "Did Yiyi hear from the child?" Real haven’t ask LanQing already know the result, if really found the child LanJingYi would have informed her for the first time, how can wait for her to ask?
Lan Jingyi took a sip of her lips and felt very uncomfortable. For a moment, she felt that it was difficult to breathe.
"Yi Yi didn’t find her, so she didn’t find her mother. Just ask her casually, and I’ll help you take care of the children when you come back. Let’s find it together."
"Mom …" The world has a mother, a mother and a child like a treasure. She is happy. She has a mother, and she is happy. But she is small and strong. Will he be hungry and warm now?
"Yi Yi’s good mother is waiting for you to come back." Lan Qingyin also choked up. She and her daughter have lost their husbands and children. What misfortune is it that all misfortunes are coming to her and her daughter?
"Well, I’ll go back in a few days, mom. You should take good care of yourself."
"I know it’s mom who wants to tell you to take good care of yourself. You must eat on time, or you will be hungry. Qinqin’s child will grow small when he was born. If you don’t eat well for her, she will be malnourished."
"Mm-hmm, I know." Suddenly I feel that listening to my mother’s nagging is also a kind of happiness, a different kind of happiness.
Hang up, Lan Jingyi can’t calm down. For a moment, she really wants to tell Jiang Junyue that she gave birth to her son. Tell him that their son is lost. Will one more child be found soon?
But when the thought of Lome Wei and the slap that Lome Wei gave herself made Lan Jingyi tremble, she didn’t call Jiang Junyue after all, and she couldn’t tell him that she now wanted to know that he was happy.
Mom’s words suddenly reminded her that it’s not too expensive to buy some small gifts for her mother. It’s good to have them. It’s a little token of my daughter’s concern. She also wants to buy some clothes and pants for Qinqin. The night market is wholesale, which is very cheap. She wants to go shopping, and secondly, it’s fun. The room is stuffy with her. But will the little thing want to see the blue sky and see the dazzling night? Just go shopping before leaving the city, and it’s not worthwhile to come back to the city. Although she didn’t find a son, she still has a daughter
After lunch at noon, the mother and daughter went out, carrying a big backpack full of small things, and couldn’t take the children out. That’s it, but she didn’t have anyone else to help her.
She didn’t take the bus. She wanted to wander around and get tired before taking the bus. Anyway, she has a lot of time left, so she can’t find a job. Besides, even if someone is willing, she won’t want a woman with a child.
I haven’t been back to the market for too long, and the next day is New Year’s Day. Shops all over the street are posted with discount slogans, and there are 30% discount and 56% discount, which makes people look particularly tempted.
Lan Jingyi strolled around a brand baby shop and attracted her attention. The quality of clothes in this brand shop can ensure that children usually wear cotton clothes. She thought about it, but she couldn’t wronged Xiao Qinqin, so she went in to see if it was cheap, and then she went to another house to see it.
Lan Jingyi went into the supermarket with Xiao Qinqin in her arms, and it turned out that all the babies had everything from clothes to shoes and hats to toys and cribs. The price was really a special offer, with a discount of 30% on the fifth anniversary of its opening.
It’s cheap. Looking at everything, I like Lan Jingyi’s little clothes. Pick and pick. She wants to pick beautiful, cheap and suitable for small things. Her skin looks like she’s white, and everything she wears looks good.
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
Chapter 11 Acidity
"What can I do for you, Sir? Can I help you? " Blue View Yi Zheng rummaged behind a row of hangers for Xiao Qin Qin to dress and suddenly a woman rang on the other side.
"Oh, I want some little girls, beds, clothes, shoes and hats, and toys. Well, help me choose some beautiful dolls and cartoon dolls. Always bring me all kinds of money if you have something to say."
"How old is the child?"
"Oh, I bought it in about six or seven months, and then I got a set for a bigger size." Jiang Junyue thought a little. She is petite and exquisite, so she can wear a smaller size. If she is small, she can wear a bigger size. Anyway, the child can’t do this. He probably bought one just today. Sometimes he came in person. Now he is going to flood his father’s love and buy her more things. Well, this purchase is a bit like that little thing.
"Good sir, just sit in the VIP area over there and wait. We will bring it to Mr. Wang and ask Mr. Wang to choose it soon." The salesman said at a glance that Jiang Junyue was a big guest that it would cost a lot of money to buy so many things. Selling him today should be enough for her salary for several months. She met a gold owner