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"Yes" but never thought Liu Wentao gave her a definite word.

"What is it?" Lan Jingyi turned around angrily. It’s bad enough for her. Can you ask Liu Wentao not to harass her again? She is really tired.
"You owe me a husband and wife" softly but with no doubt.
"Ah …" Lan Jingyi smiled lightly and brushed her cheek to make that little face vivid. "Liu Wentao, please clarify the fact that you owed me before, not me. Now I don’t want it anymore. We have already finished." Then she turned and walked towards the wheelchair Lan Qing. Now she wants to live with her mother and her upcoming baby.
"But I want to" Liu Wentao grabbed her wrist again and lowered her ear with a magnetic voice. This is the man she once gave herself a happy life, but he didn’t.
"There are many women in Mr. Lu’s day, and I think Miss Mo will be unhappy. Goodbye." Li Yi strode to Lanqing’s side and Lanjingyi pushed Lanqing to the gate of the inpatient department.
约茶"Yi yi …" Low Liu Wentao call.
"Yi Yi is a mother sorry for you." Lan Qing said that tears were already in her eyes. Liu Wentao had to marry Lan Jingyi. She would have guessed it.
"Mom doesn’t blame you. You also opposed it. I went my own way, but I don’t regret it." She can face Ji Minru and Jane without remorse. I really don’t regret it. Even if Jiang Junyue happens, she doesn’t regret it.
"Yi Yi …" Hands in a wheelchair, hands in a wheelchair, hands in a blue heart, hands in a warm heart. It’s really a blessing for her to have such a daughter. In all these years, all her thoughts were gone, and where did she really care about her daughter? If it weren’t for this disease, she would have forgotten that it is good to have a daughter.
The daughter is really a mother’s intimate little cotton-padded jacket.
Look at that two drifting figure of mother and daughter, Liu Wentao pulled out a cigarette instead of chasing after her, and he didn’t even understand why he came here to see her again.
But now that I’ve seen it, he still doesn’t want to leave
There was always a chance to see her every once in a while, but now she wakes up and sleeps, and she will never appear in front of him again.
Lan Qing slept this night, but Lan Jingyi couldn’t sleep at all. Two little things in her stomach were a bit of a toss-up, which made her eat badly and sleep badly. Now she is hungry again. She wants to go out and find something to eat.
When she came out of the hospital, she walked slowly. At most, it was time to rest. She could stay in the hospital before her mother could take care of herself. When there were waves, there was a small restaurant opposite the hospital. When she walked there, she felt more and more hungry when she looked at the sign, so her footsteps became faster and faster. Suddenly, she felt that there were a series of footsteps behind her, which seemed to be fast and slow.
My heart can’t help but panic. It’s still twenty days before the loan-sharking day is calculated. It’s said that it’s long or short. When I think about her promise to pay back the money every month, her heart shakes. Can she earn it after twenty days?
I don’t know anything. Now she can take it one step at a time.
The wind is gentle, but it makes her feel confused. How long has it been since that man heard from you?
Chapter 75 I didn’t freeze the card
Jiang Junyue really didn’t even call her.
Lan Jingyi went into the restaurant and ordered a spaghetti. She couldn’t get used to all the western food here, but she could eat this side. Although it’s not as delicious as cooking Zhajiang Noodles herself, it would be nice to have a full stomach.
She is looking for a house, but she doesn’t know where to stay. This foreign country doesn’t feel like home anywhere, but her mother likes her and says she may meet her father here. She insists on staying here.
Forget it. She can’t leave if she wants to. She doesn’t have a passport. She’s with loan sharks. People are not afraid of her running. She can’t run out of their hands.
Eating that bowl of spaghetti slowly is a little hard to swallow but I have to eat it.
"Bang!" There was a low muffled sound, and then a plate of shredded potatoes was put in front of the spaghetti, and then a plate of sweet and sour cabbage was really attractive. She looked at the saliva consciousness and looked across the street before sitting down. Then she was a little confused. "Liu Wentao, why are you here?"
"Come to eat when you are hungry." He unexpectedly changed into a pair of chopsticks with a change, and then ate the popular food in front of him comfortably. Soon, a plate of salt and pepper spareribs and a steamed fish came.
Lan Jingyi looked down at the spaghetti in her bowl to speed up the meal, thinking about eating it quickly and leaving quickly, otherwise she was afraid that she couldn’t stand the temptation of those four dishes. She wanted to eat it so much that she wanted the taste of home cooking. How long has it been since she felt it?
The tableware in Tu’s hand was taken away, and soon a bowl of white rice was put in front of her. "Eat and pay half the money for me after eating." Liu Wentao said indifferently that it was still the same as before, but there was a little warmth in the words.
"I’ve had enough of these in our country. I don’t like them. Give me my noodles back." Lan Jingyi growled angrily.
Section 39
"You just like noodles?" Liu Wentao picked his eyebrows. "But every time you eat a bowl of noodles for twenty minutes, it’s like eating poison. Don’t worry, there is absolutely no poison in this dish. It’s made by the new China chef here."
"Are there China people here?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up. Once upon a time, I could see Chinese people every day, but now I feel very cordial before I met them.
"Well, if you don’t believe me, go and have a look in the back."
Lan Jingyi really curled her lips and went to the back kitchen and glanced over. There really was a China Han, "What’s your name, sir?" It’s very kind of her to warm up and gather together.
"Oh, is your name Miss Zhang here for dinner?"
"Well, my mother is in the hospital here, and I’m with her." She chuckled for the first time in many days.
"So you’re with the guy who just ordered some Chinese food, right? I hear your accents are similar."
"No, I’m me, he’s him." Lan Jingyi quickly clarified that he didn’t want to talk to Liu Wentao again.
"Oh, I’m so happy to see my fellow villagers. I’ll treat you today. Just say what you want, and I’ll cook it for you."
"No, I’m full. I’ll trouble you another day." Lan Jingyi patted her half-full stomach and really wanted to eat Chinese food, but for one thing, she didn’t want to eat Liu Wentao’s food, and for another, she was reluctant to give up money. She had to spend the blade on her cash.
"Ok, you can come to my side at any time." The feeling of seeing fellow villagers really didn’t say that Lan Jingyi was happy and retired. Liu Wentao in the restaurant outside had already disappeared before eating a little food, so he put it there. Lan Jingyi took a glance and was ready to leave and suddenly stopped her. "This lady, please settle the bill."
"What account?" She paid for the spaghetti first. She has nothing to settle, right?
But I never thought that the novice pointed to the leftovers that Liu Wentao had just eaten. "The gentleman said that he would pay half of the money and you would pay for the leftovers."
Depend on him. Liu Wentao is really annoying
Lan Jingyi stood on tiptoe and looked out of the restaurant, but where was the man?
Well, she paid for it. Lan Jingyi paid for it and didn’t want to go out until she felt right. Now that she paid for it, those dishes belong to her. She didn’t eat them for nothing. She paid for them and sat down to eat them. They were still warm and delicious. Lan Jingyi ate quickly or two little things in her stomach helped her eat.
It’s nice for her to order a Chinese meal for her mother, too.
It was Lan Jingyi’s most full meal. Although it was calculated, it was not unpleasant and forgiving. She and Liu Wentao could not be husband and wife and could not be friends. She hoped not to be enemies.
She doesn’t like to hate someone. No matter how unwilling she feels, she shouldn’t live in hatred. How tired it is.
I woke up early in the morning with a push of the door and a tall figure at the end of the corridor was quietly leaving. She felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think it would come back with hot water. Lan Qing also woke up.
"Yi Yi, why don’t you tell mom what happened to you and LaCrosse?" Lan Qing will come to torment her again early in the morning.
Lanjing Yi Zheng thought about how to prevaricate Lanqing suddenly. She rang at this moment. Lanjingyi touched out and took a look at it. She settled there and didn’t respond.
Still continue to shout
"Who is Yi Yi talking about?" Seeing that she didn’t move, Lan Qing grabbed a string of numbers on the screen and didn’t call her "Yi Yi, who is this?"
"Harassment, mom hung up." She reached for the phone number of Jiang Junyue and hung it up directly. She had deleted it, but subconsciously she remembered his phone number exactly.
At 7 o’clock in the morning in France, it’s just after noon in the city. What’s he calling at this time?
But she just hung up and rang again
Lan Jingyi doesn’t want to pick up a bite, and her hand is going to press the button, but it seems that there is a feeling that she wants a phone, and the bell is broken, followed by a short message.
She won’t answer his words, but there is a message from him, but her heart is itching to see what he wants.
No matter she is, he has a new love as soon as he gets back, and it’s him.
Sms open
"answer the phone"
Shit, three words are still so overbearing
She’ll answer it. No, she won’t. Absolutely not.
So when the words rang again, Lan Jingyi didn’t hear it ringing, so she had to grow up and have a little backbone, or even she would look down on herself.
Words automatically hang up and then a short message came up.
She wanted to watch it, but curiosity drove her to open it again involuntarily.
"I didn’t freeze the card until I got back from France. The first call I made was you. Do you dare to fly directly to France to kill you without picking me up?" Those last three words made Lan Jingyi blush, which means literally understanding the meaning. Every time he asked her, she always said in her ear, "I really want to kill you."