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Lan Jingyi crustily skin of head to play with several Jiang Junyue buddies. Because it’s not the first time we met, she won’t be so embarrassed. It’s that she is slow to play cards, but the speed of those three men is too fast. When she was alone, she drew an equal sign with three people. It’s really embarrassing that the three of them didn’t say anything.

"Sister-in-law’s birthday is coming soon."
"Yeah, soon." Looking back, it’s really fast.
"Sister-in-law, regardless of the birthday, it’s almost the New Year, and I don’t know if we have a chance to get together with our little niece and nephew. I’ve told Vigo several times that he just doesn’t agree for fear that we will take two little things away."
"Ahem … Ahem …" Meng Junfeng coughed as soon as he spoke. Before that, Xiao Zhuang was stolen by Lome Wei. What pot does not open?
"Sister-in-law is going to celebrate the New Year, and my little niece and nephew didn’t give anything to the little thing at the full moon. I’ll send a pair of pendants to the little thing quietly, but don’t tell Vigo or he will say that we are stingy again." Liu An took out a pair of white jade pendants into his arms and left them in his hand. There was no packaging in his heart, but the natural white jade was flawless and it was valuable at first glance.
Lan Jingyi shook his head. "It’s too expensive."
Section 7
"Uh, sister-in-law, is this because it’s not good for me to send something?" Liu An tone sank to hand brand malicious gas down people also get up "sister-in-law, what do you want me to send my little niece? If it weren’t for the moon in the sun, the water and the sky, I would get it for you.
"Sloppy" Lan Jingyi was amused by Liu An’s expression. She stretched out her hand and took the "just these two pendants. Thanks a lot." Although she didn’t know the goods, she could really feel that this pair of pendants was not unusual.
Seeing that Lan Jingyi accepted Meng Junfeng’s lip curl, "The surname Lu seems to be just like you spoil those two baby bumps. Come on, which day will you bring the child out and let you guys have a good hug?"
"This ….." LanJingYi dim the strong master there she said doesn’t count.
"Sister-in-law, how about today?"
Lan Jingyi shook his head. They should ask Jiang Junyue this sentence.
"Dangdang Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed a symphony of destiny and then pointed to Lan Jingyi in front of the door with a wave of his hand. As he looked at the past, the fog suddenly floated in his eyes. "Zhuang Zhuang?" Is she right?
夜网论坛"What about my gift?" Meng Junfeng smiled more and more brilliantly.
"Zhuang Zhuang ….." Lan Jingyi rushed over and hugged Xiao Zhuang Zhuang’s soft body from the nanny’s arms and immediately stuck it to her. She hugged her tightly. This is not Jiang Gu. This is a commotion. This is not true, is it?
Lan Jingyi’s biting her lip hurts. She’s strong.
Turn head blunt Meng Junfeng way "thank you … thank you …" This gift she likes so much that she has received the best gift in my life.
"Ha ha, I picked up the cheap sister-in-law. This child is not my gift …"
"What … what?"
"This is Brother Yue. Call me. I didn’t call you, but it’s good to see Sister-in-law happy." He waved his hand and said "Dangdang Dangdang … open sesame"
The door opened again. Lan Jingyi looked at it curiously and she was shocked again. Didn’t she come to play mahjong?
Why is there a kindergarten in this box?
Qinqin is here. "Mom …" Lanjingyi rushed over to embrace her daughter with a small strong one.
The two little things immediately embraced and excited’ giggled’ and enjoyed themselves.
Meng Junfeng’s eyebrows blinked again and again. "Brother Yue is really amazing. He is the one who can really steal children. He actually stole the children from his master."
Lan Jingyi is stupid. Is it Meng Junfeng who sent someone to take it? It was Jiang Junyue.
"Dangdang Dangdang …" Meng Junfeng hummed his minor again and the door opened again.
A Santa Claus’ grandfather’ came in, and two bronzing booklets were given to Xiaoqin Qinyi and Xiaozhuang Zhuangzhuang. "Sister-in-law, I bought a premium insurance for each of the two babies, so you don’t have to worry about eating, dressing and learning to read in this generation."
"Meng Junfeng, my daughter eats and drinks Lazar. Why do you want to get involved?" Jiang Junyue pushed the door and glared at Meng Junfeng. Meng Junfeng drooped his head. "It’s no wonder I’m late."
Two white jade pendants sent by Liu An have been hung up separately. When they were hung up, they were a little cold. The little hands of the two little guys were curious to touch the past. At this time, where is the taste of the bar in the box? Because of the appearance of these two children, it seems that it has become another world.
"Bang" a dagger was slapped, and the sharp edge of the mahjong table flashed brightly. Luo Qijiang got up and neon flashed, and everyone’s eyes fell on the dagger. "Brother Luo, what are you doing?" Liu An panicked and stared at the dagger and rushed to Laluoqi River …
Chapter 153 Don’t go to death
In addition to the two little things in the box, Sahuan was playing with the neck pendant, and every adult could no longer take his eyes off the dagger.
Lan Jingyi nervously hugged her arms, and at the same time, she clung to signal Lan Qing that Lan Qing hurriedly hugged Xiao Qinqin. If not, she quickly left and hurt her adult. It’s okay, but she must not hurt her two children. Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang Zhuang are her darling.
Luo Qijiang ignored Liu An and pulled out the dagger from the mahjong table. The sharp knife peak became more and more eye-catching. Lan Jingyi hurriedly pulled Lan Qing and retreated to the door. Jiang Junyue was able to move forward. At this moment, he wanted to protect his wife and children from any harm. "What do you want from Luo?"
"Hehe, what do I want?" Luo Qijiang smiled and took a dagger and threw it with a sudden force, but the direction was not the other person in the box, but his other finger. "I paid you back."
"Pa" A mahjong suddenly hit Luo Qijiang’s wrist. Maybe it was painful and the dagger was about to fall on Luo Qijiang’s finger. Suddenly, it turned around and then fell off a row of mahjong in a free fall to disrupt the row of mahjong. "What are you doing?" Jiang Junyue’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled. He has already found out that Luo Qijiang sent people to Lomevi when he was in France. What did he really do? And this time Lomevi tampered with his car. Luo Qijiang doesn’t know that he has always been a one-two-two, who did it? He never complained about Luo Qijiang’s letting him stir, but he wanted to tell Lomevi that he Jiang Junyue was not easy to provoke and let him educate his sister Lomevi.
As much as he wanted Lomevi dead, he spared Lomevi, didn’t he? He has always felt guilty about his baby.
Just holding the dagger, the hand trembled slightly, and then the original Luo Qijiang wanted to cut off one of his fingers to make amends to Jiang Junyue. After all, my sister really almost killed Jiang Junyue, but she never thought that Jiang Junyue would play mahjong to save her finger. Tears flowed out of her eyes in an instant. He really felt that his sister’s trip made him even embarrassed to see Jiang Junyue. "LaCrosse I …"
"Come on, my daughter is still there. Although the little ones are not afraid at all, I really don’t want the little ones to watch your flying blade performance. Hurry up and get something to eat in mahjong and then play hungry later." Jiang Junyue patted Luo Qijiang’s shoulder for more than 20 years. On weekdays, Xi Xi ha ha is really crazy, but he has never seen Luo Qijiang as serious as he is today.
"Elder brother, you are also a few elder brothers. What do you mean, the elder brother will fight with you seriously? Fool, sit at the table over there and have a meal for a while. "Liu An hurried over to clear Luo Qijiang and sat down at the other table, and the dagger disappeared in a short time and has been put away.
The food will come soon. Lan Jingyi is naturally holding a small strong one. She just doesn’t want to let it go when she is glued to this child. She always wants to return all the maternal love that the child owed for more than a month when he disappeared to him.
Xiao Qin Qin was full before she came, and now she is being played by several big men. The little thing is small, but she is not afraid of being born. Liu An threw her up and down again, and she was not afraid at all, and she was very happy with a Gaga smile.
"Gee, tiger, father, dog, daughter, brother, it seems that I have to work hard quickly and have a baby to marry you. This little girl is really a beautiful little beauty."
"giggle ….." Xiao Qin Qin smiled hard, but at this moment she smiled exceptionally brightly.
A second Liu An bitter face "smelly wenches, you actually … actually peed all over me"
Listening to his voice, all of them were neat and consistent, and their eyes fell on the land. "Gee, it’s really a beautiful map. It seems to be a map of China. Haha." After Meng Junfeng’s "appreciation", he teased and said that it was only toward Xiaoqin that he reached out to "come to Uncle Meng for a hug."
"Give it to me before changing the diaper. If you want to wear it for her again, she won’t wear it. Mr. Lu is really sorry." Lanqing is a little embarrassed, and it is not good-looking after all.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Aunt said that she likes me. It’s a mistake." Liu An shook his pants and calmly sat down in the dining chair so wet. It’s normal for a child to pee. It’s not normal if he doesn’t pee.
The atmosphere at the table is harmonious. Luo Qijiang has been silent all the time, and no matter how Liu An and Meng Junfeng stir up the atmosphere, it seems to be like him.
Lan Jingyi has been holding a little strong to eat, and it’s not honest and naughty at all. Her arms always touch here and there several times, and she almost took the bowl to the dining table. "How about I take him back to the small apartment when it’s late?" She asked Jiang Junyue lightly. This man surprised her again.
"Bad" but I don’t want Jiang Jun to get colder. A response directly gives her hope. It’s cold and cold. I can’t eat any more. I just put chopsticks. "I’m eating well." I’m holding Xiaozhuangzhuang and sitting on the sofa, thinking about how to leave the commotion. At the moment, she wants to stay with her daughter, even for one night. Tonight, she wants to sleep with two little things.
Jiang Junyue also ignored her holding the glass and drinking it with her brothers. Liu An and Meng Junfeng drew their fists. "Two little bees flew into the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"
"surnamed Lu, you lost and drank."
Liu Anduan took the glass and drank it up in one breath. "Two more bees fly to the flowers. Hey, rock, paper, scissors …"