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"Go and be good, I’ll go back as soon as possible." Jiang Junyue hung up, but Cheng Qingyang lied to him and said that he must let him go home before dawn. As a result, he slept until now and looked at it at ten o’clock in the afternoon.

"Which casino did he go to?" Jiang Junyue’s sharp eyes shot at the maid as if she were going to kill her if she didn’t say anything.
"I … I really don’t know Mr. Jiang. Ask someone else." The maid said with trepidation.
"Good, I’ll ask someone else." Angry turned around for a long time before I met Cheng Qingyang, who picked up his collar and asked, "Where’s Cheng Ge?"
"Brother Cheng went to the Blue Mountain Casino last night."
"When are you going?"
"After two o’clock in the morning."
"Not back yet?"
"This ….. this brother, I don’t know about Cheng Ge. We really can’t control it." The younger brother of the boxing gym said carefully. That’s how to explain it. If Jiang Junyue asks, he will answer it in this way. When did Cheng Ge go and where did he go? They really don’t know.
Jiang Junyue mercilessly loosened his younger brother’s collar and strode out of the boxing hall parking lot. His new Land Rover was quietly parked there. His family name was Cheng, and he had a conscience. He didn’t know how to drive his car, took the car key, opened the door and jumped, so he drove straight to the Blue Mountain Casino. Is Cheng Qingyang still playing there in broad daylight?
As soon as Jiang Junyue got on the bus, he rushed in like a whirlwind. The security guard at the door seemed to know that he was coming, and no one stopped him from going in.
After walking into the hall and scanning for a week, the root didn’t turn into a green shadow.
Jiang Junyue casually grabbed a waiter by the collar. "Where is Cheng Qingyang?"
"Cheng … Cheng Ge Tian Zi Box No.1" The waiter stammered and was frightened by his coldness.
"It’s been hours, but he’s the only one who really won." A man next to him severely played a card. "I can’t believe that people in your position always win."
Push Jiang Jun’s hand, the more cheerful he is, and he won "Hu" after playing a game.
"Ya, I want to change the position of Zhuang." The man picked up the color and sprinkled it on the table, but it was his home that could not reach Jiang Junyue.
I played two more hands of Jiang Junyue, and I didn’t even get three hands of Hu. Honestly, no one won the money, but I got up and gave up my position to Cheng Qingyang, who promised Lan Jingyi to go back. He had to go back.
"The more you play, the better your luck."
Jiang Junyue was still angry when he sat down and said "You’re coming", but he knew that Cheng Qingyang had been playing mahjong here last night, and he even won three times. Jiang Junyue was in a good mood and drove to Jiang’s old house, thinking about Lan Jingyi and listening to warm music. For the first time, he found that it was good to be alive.
From the Blue Mountain Casino back to the Jiang Family Mansion, Lanjingyi rushed out with her son in her arms "tilting …"
It’s good that she’s not annoyed.
I walked over and took the son in one hand, then took the Lanjingyi family in the other and walked towards the villa. The master looked at Jiang Junyue with a crutch in front of the door. "The younger you are, do you know how to go home?" He roared loudly, but the LaCrosse was warm in his heart. If he was not worried about his master, he would not be so angry.
"Grandpa, I went to soak with my friends last night and fell asleep. I didn’t hear it ring." The truth is that Cheng Qingyang took it next door because he wanted him to sleep comfortably for one night.
Section 3
He really slept well, which made his family worry for so long.
"Don’t let this happen again after the line. Blue girl waited for you all night last night. You went too far." The master sounded a little harsh
Jiang Junyue carefully examined Lan Jingyi’s small face, dark eyes and a band-aid on his forehead. "What’s the matter?"
"Oh, I went to the kitchen to help and was burned by the oil flower." Lan Jingyi casually said that she didn’t want him to be pushed because of her conflict with her mother. She just thought that He Ling was in a bad mood. When people were in a bad mood, they were easily irritated and blackmailed. Can they be in a good mood? Forget it. She understood.
Jiang Junyue leaned over and kissed her cheek gently. "It’s okay. Even if it’s ruined, I promise I won’t divorce you."
When she heard his voice, she felt very unhappy. When he didn’t come back without news, she was so angry that she couldn’t wait to give him a good pinch as soon as she saw him. But now she really saw that all the anger and resentment disappeared quickly. She gently pulled his skirt and "leaned over to my building. I have something to tell you."
Seeing the little woman’s serious expression, Jiang Junyue was slightly nervous, but the big man sent him to explain and swallowed it. How could a man not socialize? He didn’t go out to play with women. Although he came back two days late, he really didn’t mean to. Lome Wei was there because of sunny and soft, but last night?
For what?
He can’t say it.
Good LanJingYi didn’t force him to ask.
Into the room Lan Jingyi went into the room and then locked the door cautiously. Only then did he hold Xiao Zhuangzhuang and pull Jiang Junyue to sit on the small sofa in the bedroom. "It seems that your father and your mother are sharing things. You’d better come forward to deal with it or they will suffer."
Jiang Junyue is happy and Lan Jingyi wants to get even with himself. Actually, it’s not that he laughs easily. "What happened to my dad and mom?" How do you know? "
Lan Jingyi repeated what he Ling and the man in black met in the coffee shop yesterday and what Jiang Hanyu and he Ling said last night.
The original Jiang Junyue expression still didn’t take it seriously, but his expression became dignified when he listened. When Lan Jingyi described it, his face was already cold and he patted Lan Jingyi on the shoulder. "I’ll handle this matter, so don’t intervene again. Yiyi don’t be obedient."
"Well, I’m reporting to you, right? Otherwise, I would have followed the alley to follow the man in black yesterday."
Jiang Junyue with a pinch her little nose "so good"
桑拿"Will you tell me if you don’t go home after tilting?" After thinking and thinking, she told him again yesterday, but a day later, he made an old mistake again, which made Lan Jingyi feel really uncomfortable.
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
Chapter 147 Brother-in-law diligent
"Uh-huh." Jiang Junyue didn’t continue to be a male chauvinist woman. Besides, it was really his fault that he didn’t sleep so hard last night and owed him another time, which made him don’t know how to explain it to Lan Jingyi. He simply didn’t explain it.
After lunch, the master looks much better, but Jiang Hanyu and He Ling still look like Lan Jingyi owes them a lot of money.
But it’s much more comfortable to have Jiang Junyue Lanjingyi. "Grandpa, can you let me take Xiaoxi home and show it to my mother? Just one afternoon, I promise to send it back early in the morning." Thinking about Lanqing’s longing for Xiaozhuang, Lanjingyi asked again.
"Let my mother come and visit us." The master said the answer didn’t say against it or agree, but Jiang Junyue felt that his home was too lonely.
"Boyle, bring Aunt Sunny here."
"No" hasn’t been said. He Ling suddenly spoke.
"Mom? You give me a reason? " Jiang Junyue was gentle and sharp, and watched He Ling not talk. He said, "Mom, did you pay you back the 500 thousand you lent to your friend last month?"
He Ling’s eyes suddenly flashed. "LaCrosse, I … my son, ask my friend."
"Don’t ask now, I’m just waiting to take the money to open a loan agency." Jiang Junyue said slowly, but Lan Jingyi praised him from the bottom of my heart. Asking for money like this will definitely make He Ling expose her extortion.
"LaCrosse has dinner. Let’s talk about it after dinner."
"Pa!" Jiang Hanyu put chopsticks. "I’m finished." He got up and walked away with a cold face. "LaCrosse ate and you came to Room One."
"No" Jiang Junyue expressed his position simply and directly.
I don’t agree with your marriage to Lan Jingyi. After opposing her marriage to Jiang Junyue again, Jiang Hanyu didn’t go to the room, but turned and left the villa without seeing him. He didn’t go to the room and said coldly, "Even if you are really married, I won’t take part in a marriage that will not be blessed." He Ling also echoed this remark while walking.
"Mom pays back the money" Jiang Junyue ignored it and asked He Ling for money.
Lan Jingyi poked Jiang LaCrosse with his elbow. This is too strong for him, isn’t it? It seems that he is so strong with his parents. It seems that he will be generous and careless. He is overbearing on weekdays.