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"Mr. Jiang said that you should inform him when you wake up. We should inform him soon."

"Well, I’ll wait for him to let him come over." Lan Jingyi knows that these people can’t be overcome. When Jiang Han comes, Jiang Han will tell her everything. No one knows better than her that Jiang Junyue trusted Jiang Han and gave Jiang Han everything to do.
She is quiet. She needs to think now. If something really happens to Jiang Junyue, she must face this moment. She should be calm, except calm or calm. She has two children, and she should be strong.
Chapter 227 How do you know
It’s not worth it to be knocked unconscious again. She won’t make that mistake again.
If I hadn’t resisted the detention center policewoman last night, I wouldn’t have been knocked unconscious.
But she can also recognize the dumb loss. It is her fault to go to the detention center.
Seeing that she was quiet, the nurse and two plainclothes did not say anything about keeping her eyes quietly. From time to time, she scanned her body for fear that she would rush out again in a second.
Good Jiang Han came quickly, and it took about three minutes to push the door open. At the moment, Lan Jingyi felt that his heart seemed to jump out. "What happened to him?" He must still be alive, isn’t he? "
To be or not to be, she wants the front answer.
Jiang Han stepped forward with a heavy face, which made Lan Jingyi panic again. Suddenly, she was afraid to know the answer. She was so afraid.
Lip slightly peristalsis a final Jiang Han warble way "Jiang always he is still alive"
桑拿按摩"alive?" Lan Jingyi questioned, "Why do you look like this when he is alive? Jiang Han, you lied to me, didn’t you?" I didn’t cry more than I did hysterically. Lan Jingyi was surprisingly calm, and his eyes fell straight into Jiang Han’s face as if he were going to see him.
"Madam, you should be prepared …" Jiang Han said this sentence with a low grind.
"He is still in critical condition, isn’t he?"
"Yes" Jiang Han gritted his teeth. He knew that he could not fool Lanjingyi.
"Where is he?" Take a deep breath and then take a deep breath. Lan Jingyi has prepared for the worst.
"operating room"
"Take me to wait for him. I will wait for him to come out."
"Madam, you wait here and no one knows when General Jiang will come out."
"How long have you been in?" Lan Jingyi turned to look out of the window. When she calculated that the accident happened last night, it should be around eleven o’clock. It’s nearly noon now. She really didn’t fall asleep for so long.
"More than ten hours"
"Take me to wait for him. He will come out. He will." She said lightly that people have gone to bed again. This time, instead of barefoot, she bent over and put on her shoes seriously. She must wait for him to come out and be with him. He is still so young and they still have a lot of youth. She firmly believes that everything will be fine.
"Madam …"
"Let’s go" Lan Jingyi walked to the door. "What floor is Jiang Han on?" She is still a stranger to this hospital and knows nothing. Asking Jiang Han about it is the fastest.
"top floor"
Lan Jingyi walked quickly to the front of the ladder, but never pressed the up button too fast and waited there quietly.
He’ll be fine, she kept telling herself.
As soon as I got out of the ladder, the police told Lan Jingyi that something really happened this time.
There are more than a dozen policemen outside the operating room, and it is like a javelin.
Lan Jingyi was stopped as soon as he appeared. "Other people are not allowed to enter."
"She is general manager Jiang’s fiancee."
"Oh," the police just got out of the way.
Lan Jingyi walked to the front of the operating room and quietly there. She wanted to wait for him here and let him see her as soon as he came out, no matter how long he had to wait.
It’s like a statue in her place, and it flashed in my mind that Jiang Junyue used to laugh and laugh.
"Madam, get something to eat. You haven’t eaten for a day and a night." Last night, the food in the detention center didn’t move much. Jiang Han knew everything. He advised Jiang Junyue that this time, I’m afraid it was really run. The shot hit the heart just right, unless there was a miracle …
"LaCrosse ….." In the hall behind her, she suddenly cried out. He Ling came. She rushed to the front of the operating room and slapped the iron gate. "When will my son come out?"
"Madam may … may not be so fast, please don’t be nervous and sit in the chair for a rest." Jiang Han hasn’t persuaded Lan Jingyi to eat yet, and he Ling is going to be advised here.
"What is she doing here?" He Ling pointed a finger at Lan Jingyi and "kicked her out" as if she had seen a ghost.
Lan Jingyi slowly turned around, although her face was a little pale, but she couldn’t hide her tenacity. "Mrs. He LaCrosse is your son, but she is also the father of my daughter. You have no power to drive me away. I want to wait for him here."
"Don’t let me forbid you to stay here. Jiang Han drove her away."
"Mrs. He, you’re being ridiculous. It’s really me who should make trouble, not you." Lan Jingyi said, and she moved closer to He Ling for two steps. She said, "You pushed my father into the sea. I should sue you, shouldn’t I? Then you will be the murderer. "
"You … how do you know?" He Ling stared at Lan Jingyi and his face was already pale.
"Ha ha, I’m not quite sure yet, but now I’m sure it can be determined by your reaction and tone." I received "I’m sorry I recorded the sound"
"Jiang Han she … she …" He Ling language knot.
LanJingYi tone a turn "but now is not to pursue those times if I want to pursue the royal lady, please be quiet and don’t get in the way of me here waiting for the lacrosse. All I have left is just to see the lacrosse. If something happens to him, I will be the first to spare you." She was so angry at this moment that she couldn’t wait to kill all the people who caused trouble to Jiang LaCrosse, including his mother He Ling.
He Ling just faded and sat down in a chair, panting heavily, and Lan Jingyi had turned her back and never looked at her again, as if she would have nightmares if she looked at her again.
Section 134
Waiting is not only waiting but also waiting.
When it is so tormented.
It’s getting dark and it seems to be dawn again.
An operation has been done for more than twenty hours.
But if the operation is still in progress, it proves that the person on the operating table is alive, he is breathing, he is still warm, and he is still fighting a cruel battle in this world. If he wants to live, he must live.
There is hope alive.
It’s dawn
The sky was a fish-belly grey and brought light to the world. There was silence outside the operating room, which was the longest operation in the hospital’s history.
Lanjingyi still returned the door and never moved a step.
Suddenly there was a very low step in my ear, "Come out, pour him out."
Her voice immediately woke the outsiders waiting for the operating room, and He Ling also opened her dim eyes. She jumped up and rushed to Lan Jingyi’s side. "Where is the LaCrosse?"
"He will be fine when he comes out inside." Originally, she hated He Ling, but at this moment, she thought that there could be one more Jiang Junyue blessing person in this world, one more hope when he was born.
The door was pushed open by the nurse and the bed was pushed out of the way. A nurse pushed the bed and walked out.
"How is he?" White covered his body, and his face was calm and peaceful, as if he were asleep. Lan Jingyi quickly stepped aside to push the bed out, but his mouth was asking the doctor on that side.
"The operation was successful, but he was too badly hurt to wake up and be afraid …"
"That is, there is still the possibility of waking up, isn’t it?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up and his hand fell off the bed. The man was tried to catch his hand by her, but his hand was hidden by her and she was afraid to open the floor. She was afraid that he would be cold from such a cold operating table. He must be very cold.
"It’s hard to be mentally prepared." The doctor thought about it and told the truth. Sometimes he gave his family too much hope. If he couldn’t do it, it would hurt more. The doctor always used to make the illness more serious.