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However, He Ling sent people to spread rumors that Mu Jinshan had been seen abroad, so Lan Qing has been living abroad to find Mu Jinshan for so many years. Now, if it weren’t for two little things that need her care, it is estimated that she would leave the market and go abroad to find Mu Jinshan.

I don’t know if there will be any hope. Lan Qing has been insisting.
Hands trembling slightly.
I read the information in my hand one by one, and finally I fell to my desk with a heavy weight. He rubbed his temples or he felt his temples chugging.
"Jiang always here, you see …"
Jiang Junyue waved "Go out". He wanted to be alone. If his mother really killed Lan Jingyi’s father, how could he marry her?
Xiao Wu left Jiang Junyue and sat in a daze on the big chair table. The information was still so dazzling that he didn’t want to see it, but he would rather he didn’t know it for a generation.
He and Lan Jingyi are no longer possible.
He is her father’s enemy. How could she marry him?
Suddenly I was a little annoyed. Why didn’t you take her to get the certificate yesterday?
If you get it, you will be cooked with uncooked rice, and it is impossible to go back on our word.
Even though Lan Jingyi hates him and complains about her, they are still husband and wife.
But now …
Holding my head in my hand, the sea is full of imagination. He Ling pushes Mu Jinshan into the sea. Mu Jinshan is dead and his mother is going to jail.
He finally knows why mom and dad are so bad, but dad has never divorced.
Hehe, maybe his birth was also an accident, an absolute accident.
He finally knew why mom and dad had to oppose his marriage to Lan Shiyi.
"Bang" with a wave of his hand, the pile of materials floated down in the office one after another, and each face was written with cruelty, which appeared when he decided to get Lan Jingyi’s license.
"What’s the matter with tilting? What’s that noise? Hey, why did you drop all your information? I’ll help you pick it up. "Xiao Wu didn’t close the door when he went out. He didn’t expect Lan Jingyi to come to the company class. He did Jiang Junyue’s secret Xiao Wu, who was not Jiang Han. He was in charge of investigating some special cases, and his knowledge was limited. So he left the door unlocked and sent the landing sound to Lan Jingyi’s ear, so Lan Jingyi walked in without trust.
There seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere in the president’s office. Jiang Junyue is sitting in a big chair, and information is scattered all over the place. Lan Jingyi said as he leaned over to pick it up one by one.
But she just bent over the chair, but the man shot up, and then the arrow came straight to her. "Don’t touch my things." He reached the big hand and pushed her body. Lan Jingyi stumbled and fell down. She hasn’t come to see what the papers around her were written. Jiang Junyue has quickly picked up one after another, which seems to be fast. After he finally picked it up, he panted straight, and Lan Jingyi just sat on the carpet and looked at him all the time. What was he hiding?
Intuition told Lan Jingyi that he didn’t want her to see what had just been scattered.
"What’s that?"
"Go out with you" Jiang Jun is never in a bad mood.
Lan Jingyi struggled to sit up. He just pushed her to hurt her ankle. At this time, the pain became more and more obvious. She really didn’t understand why he suddenly became so violent. Did the man who came in before say something to Jiang Junyue?
Chapter 199 Don’t want you to suffer
She wanted to get up, but it was so hard to try to move.
"Get out. I’ll let you out. Do you hear me?" Jiang Junyue roared like a mad beast, as if she didn’t go out, he would come and tear her up.
After gnashing his teeth, Lan Jingyi finally struggled. "What about after going out?" She smiled slightly. If she doesn’t feel anything for him to treat her like this, then she is not a person or a fairy, but she is an ordinary little woman.
"Go out" he still growled like that. At this time, he didn’t dare to see her at all. Seeing her would make his heart suddenly break into pieces. For the first time, he had broad daylight, but he felt in a dark world. For the first time, he didn’t know how to face her. For the first time, he didn’t know how to deal with him and her. The thought of Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang made him feel that he was going to die.
What should we do?
What should we do?
品茶论坛He is a man, and he is in such pain at the moment. If she knows, she will be more miserable.
But can he send his own mother to prison?
Section 115
But if He Ling doesn’t go to prison, who will pay for Mu Jinshan’s death?
A splitting headache Jiang LaCrosse discovered this day for the first time and he couldn’t solve the problem.
A fast knot is something he can’t untie.
Swing a knife and split it, and everything will be broken.
"Okay, I’ll go out, but Jiang Junyue, one day you have to explain to me what happened today." He is so abnormal, absolutely abnormal, but now she doesn’t want to argue with him.
My ankle hurt when I turned around and went out, but she gritted her teeth and went out without a snort.
Go out and sit in a chair and think about Jiang Junyue’s abnormal performance just now. That’s because she has never seen the other side of Jiang Junyue. He has never yelled at her like this. Even when he was strong, she was gentle with her after she obeyed. Has he ever yelled at her like this?
I really want to ask him something later, but his performance made her afraid.
Just wait until he calms down. If it weren’t for Yin Qing’s softness, she wouldn’t be afraid.
Lan Jingyi gradually calmed down. He let her out. He didn’t say he was going to dismiss her, did he?
Then say that she and he are not over yet, and they still have hope.
Look at her. What are you upset about here?
"Bell … Rinrin …" The desk words rang and Lan Jingyi reached for "Hello, Chiang".
"The president of Blue Secret can’t get through. Go and see if the line is dropped?"
"I …" Can she go into Jiang Junyue’s office?
"What’s the matter? Is it inconvenient? "
"Oh, I’ll try." With that, Lan Jingyi quickly hung up and never dared to say another word.
However, when he took the message to Jiang Junyue, he really couldn’t get through.
Looking back at his office door and thinking of him before yelling at her, she didn’t have the courage to go in and see him again.
I took it out and started to type a text message "Manager An of the dumping finance department said that you couldn’t get through, was it disconnected?"? You check a "
She breathed a sigh of relief after typing the transmission display. Will he check it?
After all, this is the company, he is in the office, no matter what happens, he will maintain the image of the president of his company.
She doesn’t mind if there is no text message coming back. Just think that he is a crazy person. Let’s all be crazy like him. He was a normal man with worldly desires.
Take it easy and pretend that nothing happened. She works hard and waits for him to return to normal.
A minute passed.
Two minutes passed.