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"Thank you, Mr. Jing. Don’t worry, I will definitely send the young master home." Yang Ou smiled and opened the back door and jelly "sou" jumped up, then Gao Xiaobai climbed up and sat down.

Until the car left Jing’ anjiu, he kept waving his little hands there, and his face was full of reluctance at the thought of not meeting for two months.
"People are gone, don’t wave." Jingmuchen said suddenly.
Jing’ anjiu let go and glanced at his father, then walked towards the courtyard without saying a word.
Jingmuchen "…"
This girl is really turning her elbow outward more and more.
A few days later, Gao Xiaobai followed Yu Jinchuan and Gao Zhiqiu to Beijing with a small suitcase.
When we meet again, it’s already autumn and September, when Gao Xiaobai was promoted to the sixth grade of the primary school, and Jing Anjiu and Jing Saixixi were promoted to the third grade.
On the first day of school, Han Shao and Gao Xiaoxiao both came to Sean Chen and brought Xiao Mo together.
Just coming from the car, I heard a familiar cry, "Little ink, little ink …"
Small ink ink heard his name immediately "wow" shouted a look around.
Han Shu felt that the brow bone jumped and he turned around and saw a familiar little figure coming.
Lu Xiaoqian "pants" ran to the front, first gasping for breath for a while, and then excited to raise his little hand and want to hold a small ink hand.
Han Shu can’t even touch her daughter’s feet in a groan.
Lu xiaoqian frowned and began to shout "uncle, aunt, little white brother!" "
Behind them, four old men from Lujia slowly came along.
It was also at this time that I realized that the little guy’s family begged Mrs. Lu for a long time, so she transferred to the second grade of Sean Chen University. Today is the first day to report.
Looking at Liu Xiao Qian smiling, a face of obscene sample Han Shan deeply suspected that smelly little was deliberately transferred.
"What a coincidence! Do you read here? After that, you can take care of my Xiao Qian, "said the old lady Lu with a smile.
"Ha ha"-"Grandma Lu, I’m sorry, Xiao Bai will take the junior high school exam this year"
My family is busy, even if I take care of it, I can take care of it for half a year.
"Ah?" Mrs. Lu doesn’t understand, "Isn’t Xiaobai just old?"
You should be in the third grade. Why are you in junior high school?
Han Shu continued "Hehe" and "My son has just been promoted to the sixth grade this semester"
Old lady Lu "…"
Section 744
I’ve never seen skipping so hard.
Gao Xiaoxiao pulled Han Han’s arm and smiled and said, "Grandma Lu, don’t worry. Xiaobai will take good care of Xiao Qian."
The old lady Lu immediately beamed, "It’s still raining on you."
Han Dong "…"
"Xiao Bai!"
"Uncle Han!"
There are two familiar sounds coming up. When Han Shan smells the original and has some unpleasant faces, he immediately shows a charming smile "jiujiu".
Gao Xiaobai immediately smiled and waved "jiujiu!"
Jing Anjiu was wearing the same style as Gao Xiaobai, but she was wearing a dark blue knee skirt and long black hair tied into a ponytail and jumped back and forth with running. When she arrived, she happily held Gao Xiaobai’s arm. "Xiaobai, when will you come back?"
"Come back the day before yesterday," said Gao Xiaobai, glancing at Jing ‘an Jiu’s wrist.
When I found that she was wearing that red bracelet, I couldn’t help smiling.
"Little white, you’re turning black," said Jing Anjiu suddenly.
Beijing goes to the army with Yu Jinchuan every day and often participates in various exercises.
Gao Xiaobai smiled. "Then have I grown taller?"
Jing’ an nine cocked his little head and observed it carefully for a while. "It seems a little."
When the two children were chatting, Han Shao had already greeted her daughter in her arms.
Jing Muchen responded with a pair of sharp black eyes, but kept looking at his daughter’s direction. When he found that the two little guys actually started holding hands, he couldn’t help it anymore. He directly said, "jiujiu will report with his father first."
"Eldest brother, don’t worry, there’s a long way to go when you report for duty. We’ll talk later." Han Shu said, looking down at her daughter in her arms and coaxed, "Little Mo Mo and Uncle Jing say hello."
Xiao Mo Mo blinked his eyes in black and white, grabbed grandma in his small hand and shouted, "Rat!" "
Jingmuchen pulled her lips at the little milk baby and held her daughter’s arm and walked to the teaching place, throwing a "Yan Yan heel"
Jing Saixixi waved his hand and followed quickly
Just a few steps later, the sound of Han Shu sounded far away. "My wife is idle anyway. Let’s go and see the excitement with my eldest brother."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Jingmuchen "…"
桑拿会所Lu Xiaoqian immediately parrots and shouts, "Great Grandpa, Great Grandma, Grandparents, come on, let’s go and watch the fun!"
Han Dong "…"
So the third grade newspaper was crowded with many people everywhere.
Jing Muchen’s heavy eyebrows and tight knit with a pair of children, while Han Shu, who reported for duty, took Gao Xiaoxiao with her baby daughter and greeted acquaintances from time to time.
"Han, is this your son?" May be watching Xiao Qian Lu has been circling around her leg. Someone asked curiously.
Han Yan looked down at "not a friend’s bear child"
"So that’s it." Before Lu Xiaoqian finished his words, he lifted up his little head and said, "I’m not a bear child, I’m a little Mo Mo boyfriend."
Han Dong "…"