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"Yi Yi, tell mom that the woman outside is the former lover of LaCrosse?" Lan Qing is not stupid. She used to be a very famous social butterfly in social occasions. She knows how to observe the face and observe the color best when she is mixed up.

"It’s good to know." I bowed my head and kissed my little face, but how can I kiss my son as if I were kissing Jiang Junyue? Two men, one big and one small, look so alike. Xiaozhuangzhuang is really Jiang Junyue’s turn, so how can she like it?
"But it’s not right. Mama Yi still supports you. Think back to yesterday morning. Did LaCrosse take you to any different places?" LanQing again remind of the Jiang Junyue to give her LanJingYi identity card and mouth.
Well, there seems to be something wrong with the place where he started going yesterday morning. "What’s wrong with mom?"
"Just talk to mom."
"Oh, I didn’t go directly to the company early in the morning, but I went to Wenyuan Road and then …"
"Wen yuan road? Yiyi, you open the brain network to check whether Wenyuan Road is quite close to the Civil Affairs Bureau? "
"What’s the matter with Mom?" Lanjingyi felt that Lanqing was a little distracted at this moment.
"Quick check let you check your mom is can’t tube you, isn’t it? You don’t listen to a word I say. "
"Oh, well," Lan Jingyi opened her notebook for thirty-six seconds. Her notebook was super good. She turned on the ultra-fast network. The map of Gaode soon found the city map. Sure enough, there was a civil affairs bureau near Wenyuan Road. She looked at the map and the words Civil Affairs Bureau reminded her suddenly. It seemed that Jiang Junyue’s RV suddenly turned around and headed for the company yesterday when it was about to arrive at the Civil Affairs Bureau, and the reason was what he called "spam messages" and "Ma Civil Affairs Bureau was Wenyuan Road"
"I told you, that’s right. Yiyi, you wronged that girl. Yesterday, LaCrosse was going to take you to get a license, but I don’t know what didn’t work out. Alas, things change."
"Get the license? Mom, tell me what’s going on? " Lan Jingyi is getting more and more confused. Can she not be confused? She didn’t tell her mother that she went to Wenyuan Road early yesterday morning, and her mother guessed it herself.
"Well, I’ll tell you the truth. Was I so happy when you left early yesterday?"
It seems that there is such a thing. At that time, she looked at Lan Qing and thought she was strange. "What?"
"When you went to wash your hands and make up yesterday morning, LaCrosse came into the room with me and took your mouth and ID card."
"really?" Lan Jingyi’s eyes lit up yesterday morning when Jiang Junyue went out together, he seemed to be in a happy mood, but the code has changed since he read the so-called "spam message"
"I still can’t lie to you, but he didn’t say what to do with it, so I thought he might be going to get a license with you. He was going to give you a surprise, but the result was not" Lan Qing was very upset ",but I think your reaction seems that he really almost took you to the Civil Affairs Bureau"
"When will mom’s certificate be returned to you?"
"Just came back with that Miss Yin and gave it to me."
"In front of Miss Yin?"
桑拿会所"No, he called me into the bedroom and told me to put it away. Miss Yin didn’t see it."
"Oh, I know." Lan Jingyi couldn’t guess what Jiang Junyue had. It suddenly occurred to him that not long ago he was going to break up with himself. At that time, she was still trying to seduce him regardless of her face. Finally, the man surrendered and joined her again. Was it because of that incident at that time?
What the hell is it?
Lan Jingyi is puzzled, but she is quite sure that Jiang Junyue is hiding something from her.
"Mom, you go to eat. You’re too embarrassed to eat them both."
"Well, after you mention it, I don’t love that Miss Yin. If you eat at the same table, you will lose your appetite."
"Ha ha, mom, when did you become such a lover?" Lan Jingyi laughed. She felt that her mother was getting younger and younger now, and she knew how to look up maps online more than thinking. But she was stupid. She didn’t just remember that Jiang Junyue was going to break up with her.
"Mom went, I won’t go, and if you don’t go, it’s not very bad for LaCrosse?"
"Well, don’t even think about it when you say you want to demonstrate for her mistress." Lanqing said, and she picked up Xiaozhuangzhuang. "Don’t be hungry when I carried the child out. The table and I gave them two noodles to cook. It’s delicious to cut small pieces of meat."
"Well, I’ll go out, too. I’ll feed two little things." Actually, she was hungry, but she just said that she had eaten everything. Even if she went out, she would never eat again. People say that some facts are that the authorities are obsessed with the beholder. Maybe mom can see more clearly than her. After Lan Qing, she felt it necessary for her to let the man say what happened at the beginning. What would he say?
"Aunt Jingyi, it’s delicious to eat some more cooking." Seeing that she and Lan Qing came out with two children in their arms, Yin Qing smiled softly and greeted Lan Jingyi with an anti-guest.
Lan Jingyi didn’t look at her anyway, but she just didn’t like her hypocrisy. She said that the gas couldn’t be turned on. If she didn’t want to be so high, she would cheat. "This is my own house. If I want to eat, I’ll put it aside for a while. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat it again." Which onion can she calculate? Can she come into her house and she will respect her?
No way.
Pleasure feeds Xiao Qin Qin and Xiao Zhuang Zhuang to eat noodles. It’s really a little hectic for her to deal with two little things alone. Well, the two little things are very good and cooperate with her to feed them. They don’t pick and make trouble when they eat.
"Bang" a small iron bowl was waved to the ground by Xiaozhuangzhuang, and the thread was scattered all over the floor. She didn’t blame it. She returned her hand and pinched Xiaozhuangzhuang’s small nose tip. "Naughty, let your father beat you. Come and press him. little ass hit me hard." Naturally, she said it casually, but she realized that she was wrong. She and he are not what they used to be.
A few adults at the dinner table have an ice break, but Xiaozhuangzhuang is not afraid of small hands patting his own small table. It’s not too painful and exciting. Xiaoqinqiu learns to clap his little brother’s sample at the small table. Now he is waiting for Lanjingyi to feed her a mouthful of noodles. "Eat … Eat …" She still wants to eat. She hasn’t eaten enough.
Just when Lan Jing Yi Jiang LaCrosse won’t give his face suddenly, two people will sit opposite each other and bend over toward the small iron bowl at the same time. "I’ll come and cross." Yin Qing said softly and went to pick up the small iron bowl.