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It’s necessary to meet, and meeting doesn’t change anything. We have to hurt each other again.

Breathing in a gasp, long summer answered him decisively, "Ouyang, I’m sorry I can’t see you, so you should never know me."
Ouyang sneered, "You don’t want to see me, you are afraid, you run away."
Chapter 11 set me free
"Whatever you think, Ouyang, forget me." long summer said in an unusually calm tone and she was going to hang up.
"If you don’t come out to see me, then I will rush in and find you. It’s up to you." Ouyang suddenly threatened her.
"You" are angry and long summer is speechless.
Nai long summer walked out of the theater. Not far from Ouyang Zheng, his figure was long and broad, and his elegant temperament was replaced by his whole body. The eyes of Lan Bing in the Mediterranean seemed to freeze long summer instantly.
"Ouyang Your Face" long summer saw at a glance that Ouyang was red and swollen, and her left face was distressed. She couldn’t help but reach out and want to touch it, but she was thrown off by Ouyang.
Long summer suddenly froze and hung his hand as if it were frozen into ice. It was hard and cold and heavy, and slowly fell down with a bitter smile. She bowed her head and her heart ached.
Cold eyes rise with hatred. Ouyang locks long summer’s eyes. "Su Lixia, pack up your hypocrisy before me."
Long summer smiled indifferently and greeted him with indifference. "Ouyang, just come to me and tell me this. Sorry, sister, I’m too busy to listen to your nonsense. Goodbye."
"Su Lixia you live for me" Angry Ouyang a pull was about to leave long summer.
"You still know that long summer? How did you become like this?" Ouyang clenched long summer’s shoulder and looked at her like a stranger.
Long summer struggled to break free from Ouyang’s bondage. She shouted impatiently at him, "Ouyang Luochen, what are you doing?"
"Why do you want to break up with Enze? Why do you want to marry Uncle Enze? What did you tell me?" Ouyang Renren shook long summer crazily.
"Ouyang, you let me go" long summer cried painfully "You’re hurting me"
Ouyang was furious, regardless of long summer’s feeling that the strength of his hands holding long summer’s shoulder was tighter. "I believe you in vain. Why do you cheat Enze’s feelings? He loves you wholeheartedly. Why do you torture him so cruelly? You cheat."
"Ouyang, are you crazy enough?" In long summer’s unbearable pain, she stepped heavily on Ouyang’s foot and immediately let go of his hand in pain.
Long summer gasped and looked at Ouyang angrily. "I know you hate me. I just don’t love him, so I don’t want to be with him. I love relationships-particularly those founded by men and women.
You come to question me and accuse me, but it still won’t change the fact that I want to be the mayor’s wife. I advise you not to waste your energy and go home quickly. "
Ouyang, I’m sorry, please forgive me and refuse. I’d rather live up to all my sincerity in exchange for your whole life. Even if the world throws dirty water at me, no matter how hypocritical or deceptive it is, I also call it I beg you to be safe and worried.
Eyes flashing with hot and sour crystal long summer tried not to let tears fall. Every time she said something insincere, her heart was cut like a knife.
The narrow corridor echoed with the footsteps of long summer’s hasty departure, and the world became more and more spacious and silent.
"Su Lixia" Ouyang suddenly stopped long summer.
Long summer turned around and the scene in front of her made her suddenly shocked.
See Ouyang slowly straightened up. He was holding a pistol facing long summer’s heart and walked towards her step by step. He was getting closer and closer to her, and the gunman was shaking out of control.
"Su Lixia, I was wrong about you. This is what you forced me to do." Ouyang put the pistol in long summer’s heart, and the painful tears could not help falling. "I will completely forget you if I kill you, and I will get rid of your misery if I let you leave this world."
The calm and beautiful face suddenly burst into an abnormal smile, like a kind of cut off all the world of mortals. Finally, the old things are worried and relieved. long summer stared at Ouyang so firmly. "Ouyang, I am so tired, you can shoot me."
Ouyang was suddenly shocked by long summer’s unexpected behavior, and he began to feel uneasy and confused. He was not afraid of long summer, and she was very much looking forward to his shooting at her and ending her life.
The muzzle blocked long summer’s heart position motionless. Ouyang stared at a face and became hesitant from long summer. He constantly speculated that "long summer is not right. She seems to be hiding something from me. Will she have a last resort?"
"Ouyang, you shoot!" long summer held Ouyang and held the gunman so that the gun was tightly stuck to her heart. She couldn’t wait to urge him to "shoot me right here. I will die. What are you hesitating about? Shoot me quickly and let me out."
"long summer, let go of me quickly."
"Ouyang, if you want to shoot me, you can shoot me. I beg you to shoot me."
"Let go or the gun will really go off."
喝茶约茶"I don’t want to let go. Aren’t you going to shoot me? Come on, Enze, shoot me. Shoot me quickly."
"long summer, are you crazy? Get your hands off me."
The scene suddenly went into chaos. Ouyang and long summer competed for the pistol. He wanted to take it back, but she wanted to pull it back. He didn’t want to shoot, but she forced him to shoot. They were deadlocked.
Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound, and I don’t know who let the gun go. Ouyang’s left palm was unfortunately shot, and the bright red blood suddenly spewed out with a strong fishy and salty smell.
Ouyang turned pale. He still gritted his teeth and held back the pain. His forehead was full of cold sweat and big sweat, one by one.
"Ouyang, your hand is hurt." Seeing that Ouyang’s whole left hand has been covered with blood, long summer rushed over to hold the injured Ouyang. "I’ll take you to the hospital."
When long summer was good, Ouyang was sent to the hospital. The doctor soon took out the bullet that was shot into the palm and carefully bandaged the wound. Fortunately, the bullet didn’t hurt the palm, otherwise his left hand would be really useless.
Long summer sat by the bed and looked at Ouyang wrapped in layers of gauze. Her left hand was thick and swollen. She asked him earnestly, "Does Ouyang’s wound still hurt?"
"My injury doesn’t matter." Ouyang’s mind at the moment is not that he injured his left hand, but long summer. He looked at long summer solemnly. "long summer, are you hiding something from me?"
"Ouyang, I don’t understand what you said." long summer consciously avoided Ouyang’s sharp eyes
Ouyang Qiang held down his desire, and long summer’s blue eyes were full of doubts. "long summer, don’t play dumb with me. Why do you expect me to shoot you so much? What on earth can make you desperate and want to die?"
"Do you have any room to hide?" Although Ouyang is questioning tone, his eyes are unquestionable.