Carrying a child, running on the road

[De Yao Zhonghua] On April 22 this year, Xin’an Medical Development Summit was held in Huangshan, Anhui.On the forum, the national intangible cultural heritage project of the Chinese medicine consultation law (Zhang Yes’s internal medicine therapy) representative inheritors, 88-year-old Zhang Yuhua has been awarded "Xin’an Medical Lifelong Achievement Award".On the rose, the silver-haired old man sitting in a wheelchair took the certificate, and the applause of the peers under the stage ended up, and the new, a lot of new Anne, who was countless, who is Zhang Yuhua?The "National Medicine Master" Li Ji Ren’s wife, the national intangible cultural heritage "Zhang Ye’s internal medicine" passers-byMother of a doctoral tutor.

In November this year, Zhang Yaxi was selected in the 8th National Moral Model. From "filial piety" to "Zhang Yes Post" "Zhang Yes Post" is from the Ming Dynasty to the Town, Anhui Province, Dingtan Township, Dingtan Township, Dingtan Township, Dingtan Township, medical family, due to medical philosophy, internal medicine suspicion, is often a post (1 ) The drug is effective, called "Zhang Yes Post".

When Zhang Yuhua, the only brother was unfortunate.

Father Zhang Gang Gui worried about the family medicine, after the diagnosis, the diagnosis is busy, and the body is bad.

Zhang Yaxi, who is less than 10 years old, became the top pillar in the family, in addition to cooking, laundry, cutting wood, but also take care of parents and sisters. At that year, Zhang Gangui was out of treatment, and Zhang Yuhua was transferred or accompanied. When Zhang Gangui’s body was not able to visit, collect the condition, and the copy was also a matter of Zhang Yaxin.

Due to kind filial, the local folks called her "filial piety".

Zhang Yaxi can’t bear the family medicine adhering to the family medicine, and it will learn the doctor when they are twelve years old.

"For medical treatment, my mother was mistaken as a ‘dumb’.

"Zhang Yuhua daughter Li Yan smiled and told reporters that Xin’an Medical University before the founding of China was imprisoned by the feudal ideology of" passing men and did not pass women ". Therefore, every time Zhang Yaxi closed his father, silently observed. The patient’s symptoms and medications, try to figure out the condition, secretly swearing on the medical statistics, and stealing the fathers of the fathers to pick up the medicine, drug medicine, medication, and many patients think she is a dumb.

After a hard study, Zhang Yaxi not only inherited the "Zhang Yes Post" syndrome differentiation, the use of drugs, the characteristics of the agent, but also formed a unique clinical diagnosis and treatment method. In 1950, Zhang Yaxi, 17-year-old, alone, from Zhejiang, and officially hung.

Due to the exquisite medical skills, Zhang Yaxin has won the trust of the people of 皖,,, is known as "female Zhang Yes". Benewing a child in 1956, Zhang Yaxi and the "Tong Dynasty" Li Ji Ren Xi Nian. In 1958, Li Jien was transferred to the provincial city of Hefei, Zhang Yaxi will continue to stay in Dingtan in the county, continue the mission of "Zhang Yiz Post", which has opened a family of 22 years. Li Yan told reporters that the restrictions on economic conditions and medical knowledge, the 20th centuries, many of the people of the south will be "squatting", when they seek medical treatment, "often has already dragged the small disease into it. Diseases; mild drag into emergency ", even haraily hily.

Zhang Yuhua often visited the diagnosis in the middle of the night and saved the patient between life and death.

"A diot soup, from the time to see the effect is the first two hours, in order to save the patient’s life in order to short time, the mother is in an emergency, ‘Needle drugs’." Li Yan said.

"’Female Zhang Yes’ Come and save my brother!" The night of 1968, Zhang Yuhua came out of the gate, a hurry called the door, and a stunning life called Turogi. When Zhang Yaxi rushed to the Tower home, the patient was like a silk, the abdomen is like a drum, relatives and relaxed beside the next thing.

"It is acute intestinal obstruction!" After a quick diagnosis, Zhang Yaxi said to the patient’s family: "Let me try it again." After Zhang Yaxin’s one night, the medicine, the chicken is divided, the patient is long-lasting, Zhang Weihua Changshu Tone, Turgan finally turned into danger. Zhang Weihua often visited the diagnosis in the middle of the night, and the young children were not cared, she surely was still on the back strap in the breastfeeding child.

Under the moonlight, Zhang Yaxi took the young childhood, hanging the medicine box in the chest, and rushed to the rugged mountain road in the south.

Once, Zhang Yuhua accidentally fell in an emergency road, and the glasses bracket took the right eye. She got up and got her in a hurry to rush.

Due to the injury, the right eye of Zhang Yaxi is near blind. .

Li Yan said.

Due to excessive waiver, Zhang Yaxin is unfortunately stroke at the age of 65, but she is working hard with extraordinary perseverance. Now, she still adheres to the mass clinic of 88 years old, and also takes the accumulation to build a new Anguo Medical Museum. "Do yourself, do something for the society.

"A strong Jixian accent said that Zhang Yaxi said to reporters. The home is inherited, there are words and teachings" filial piety faith, righteousness and shame, self-cultivation, thick morality "- this is the" Zhang Yip in the past " The ancestral training, Zhang Yuhua did this, and it is also like this.

As early as 1958, Li Ji Ren, Zhang Yinhua couple responded to the national call, and the secret of "Zhang Ye Post" ancestral "terminal medicine" is free to the country.

During the practice, Zhang Yaxi has always pays attention to alleviating the economic burden of the patient.

"Mom often says that we have to let the patient have a good illness and also cure it.

Li Yan told the reporter that Zhang Yaxi was in Ding Tan, and the herbal medicine was opened for the patient, and there was no more than five cents.

In 1979, Zhang Yaxian was transferred to the Chinese Medicine Department of China Medical Science, Fujian Hospital, Dingtan Commune Hospital, Wuhu City, and Li Ji Ren. Zhang Yuhua, finally gathered.

Just before the move forward to Wuhu, Zhang Yuhua did intentionally let the second son Li Ting stayed in the county Ding Tan home to continue "suffering".

The second son is emotional, and the mother will lead him. "I used to stay here, now you are here, Ding Tan is the root of ‘Zhang Yes’, the folks need us.

"Listening to the mother of the mother, Li Ting is in Dingtan Township, and Zhang Yaxi still insists on returning every year. In the strict teaching of Zhang Yuhua, her five children have careful, and four people have become Doctoral tutor. In 2016, Li Ji Ren, Zhang Yinhua family selected the first national civilized family. (Our reporter Ma Rongrui Changhe).